Top 10 Foods to Try in Havana | Best Foods of Havana, Cuba

Havana covers the largest amount of beaches in Cuba, but its tropical location also infuses lots of exotic fruits and vegetables that come up as one of the popular foods in Havana that any food lover mustn’t miss. Foods are prepared from the common Cuban techniques but nowadays there are various fusion foods in Havana that beat off even the original recipes. Apart from possessing the freshly caught fish from the ocean, there are far more other varieties of Havana’s food that locals and travellers love to enjoy. Due to mass abundance, you can encounter Lil obstacles in choosing the best food in the city. Hence our travel chums with meticulous travelling experience around the beaches mark all the Cuban cuisines as the best meal to savour upon. Just follow the given below list of top 10 foods to try in Havan and enjoy the vibrant flavours of the city.

List of Foods in Havan

1. Goat Platter

 Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Goat Platter

This dish is also popular with the name of Fricasse de Carnero in Havana. You’ll love this dish if you adore juicy meat stew with tender cooked mead sloping over the steamy bones. This dish is prepared from the tender chunks of stewed goat served on Arroz Moro, with white rice, black beans, yucca and fresh zesty salad as a side dish. You can easily find this popular food in Havana at the local eatery, restaurants and even at the fine dining. If flavours aren’t biased.

2. Pan Con Bistec

 Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Pan Con Bistec

One of the versatile Cuban dishes that you can enjoy either as a satisfying snack or as a great choice of dinner/lunch. This is another meaty guilty pleasure which any meat lover can’t deny from having if they have one look at this cuisine. It’s not an exaggeration, infused with fabulous flavours this dish is also supremely bold and tempting in appearance. Preparation of this mouth-watering cuisine requires fried pork steak, garlic and onions nicely stuffed between two slices of bread. Don’t assume, it’s just a sandwich as the flavours of this spectacular famous food of Havana says otherwise!

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3. Tamal En Cazuela

Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Tamal En Cazuela

Basically a corn porridge that will satisfy your curiosity about Cuban dishes supremely. Upholding the traditional technique of Cuban cooking this top food in Havana is prepared in the pot which is served in its original form: as the hot steamy pot brought onto the tables as a delicious appetizer. You can also find some changes in the recipe in different restaurants as some places cook this with cornmeal dough and tender pork to enhance this short snacky tone into a filling wholesome meal to fill satiate everyone’s hunger.

4. Arroz con Pollo

Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Arroz con Pollo

One of the renowned foods in Havana, Cuba that literally translates to chicken rice. Even after being a traditional Spanish dish, it’s one of the most beloved chicken dishes in Havana. Prepared from juicy tender chicken, oregano, cumin, white pepper and red wine vinegar, partnered with rice this dish accumulates all the best flavours of Cuban cuisines into one. Therefore if you want to try some of the authentic and local foods in Havana then do try Arroz con Pollo. 

5. Sandwich de Huevo

Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Sandwich de Huevo

As the title says, it’s a delicious sandwich which serves as a great instant morning food to eat in Havana.  Being a regular egg sandwich it’s one of the popular breakfast foods which fills your coffee side snack with a wonderful sandwich under very cheap rates. You might need two or three to feel full as they are usually prepared bite-sized, accommodating the characteristic of ‘food in hurry’. But the fun fact they can be gulped over the streets with a good bargain at $0.60 each. Hence, don’t lose your esteem and try to bargain over these fantastic sandwiches in Havana.

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6. Fricassee

Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana


Another great pairing partner of rice. This dish is prepared from numerous vegetables that are cooked with the stewed pork or chicken. It’s one of the best foods in Havana that can satiate your hunger in just one bowl of serving. This wonderful food comprises lots of nutritious veggies such as cabbage, tomato salad, beans and yucca. When this appetizing dish is partnered with rice, you can get (in fact consume!) the literal definition of eternal bliss. Most of the travellers even learn the recipe of this popular cuisine in Havana, so that they can cook back at home.

7. Hamburguesa de Cerdo

 Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Hamburguesa de Cerdo

For the pork lovers, it’s the perfect choice of their street food in Havana. Whereas, what can be more amazing than getting wholesome delicious pork burgers only at $1.50 each! After being so cheap they do serve as a true ‘cheap thrill’ which is filled with juicy flavours of pork and pervaded with various flavourful sauces famous in Cuban cuisine. They’re pretty tasty and turn out more fabulous from the toppings, of pineapple or cream cheese and strawberry marmalade. Such a filling meal can’t be found anywhere but in Havana.

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8. Pizza Hawaiana

 Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Pizza Hawaiana

How many of the people make disgusting visages when they hear about pineapple pizza! Probably many. But there are numerous other unique beings who don’t mind putting pineapple on their pizza, in fact, love their pizza in the same way. Tropical fruits are really a big deal in Cuba especially when it comes to using them in regular foods. Individual Hawaiian pizzas are even sold on street corners for as little as $0.80.So grab your change and find this famous food to eat in Havana over the streets.

9. Frituras de malanga

Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Frituras de malanga

Another incredible snack-cum-food that is prepared from taro( a regional corm vegetable that appears somewhat like a sweet potato but holds very bland taste). Taro is mixed with egg and crushed garlic for deep-frying the dish like any Chinese fried rice recipe to bring out extra smokiness and a ting of garlic in the taro. You’ll be fascinated to know that Taros despite being almost bland serves as a great taste absorber which becomes more delicious when the right amount of flavourful spices are added in the dish.  They’re a tasty escape to consume delicious food to try in Havana while you wander around the local areas.

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10. Pie de Coco

Havana foods, foods to eat in Havana

Pie de Coco

A refined dessert makes the whole food experience more heartfelt and nostalgic. Apart from other top foods to eat in Havana, Pie de Coco is a very simple and sweet dessert that will easily win your heart with its creamy flavours that are topped with shredded coconut baked altogether and coming out of the oven as a crispy flake pervaded over a fluffy tasty dessert. You can get this extremely tasty dessert just at $0.15 getting your way back consuming a quick energy booster.

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Hope you enjoyed this list of top 10  foods in Havana, Cuba that are infused with bold, vibrant flavours coming straight from their tropical fun-loving vibes. Since Havana is most illustrious for its beaches and seafood you can find out more about them visit Top 5 Popular Seafood of Havana. There are lots of foods to try in Havana that I have sincerely added as they constitute among some of the cheapest yet flavourful meat dishes that fills your tummy but not empties your pocket! If you need any more help regarding the travel do ping us in the comments section below or directly call us as through the contact provided. Please share, it will motivate our travel bloggers more to shower you with their closest experiences.

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