Tourists can now explore the majestic beauty of Ladakh in a helicopter

Synopsis: Tourists can now discover the beauty of Ladakh through the chopper service and make their trip more exciting. Lately, Helicopter services are made available for tourists in Ladakh to travel across the Territory. 

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Here is happy news for tourists coming to visit Ladakh through private transport. They can now explore the beauty of Ladakh through the chopper service. 

Roads in Ladakh are extremely difficult to traverse hence helicopter service became the most cherished one among tourists. If you are planning to visit Ladakh soon then you will be really delighted to know that the fascinating valley of Ladakh can now be discovered on a helicopter too. 

Helicopters have been used for tourism in Ladakh since the early 1990s as they provide better access to remote areas that would not be accessible through other public transport. Helicopter tours are quite popular among travelers visiting Ladakh who want to experience the beauty of this region.

Presently, the helicopter service is provided for the Leh, Kargil, Padum, Drass, Lingshed, Nyerak, and Zanskar regions but the service providers are planning to expand soon. So, you will probably get to explore other parts of Ladakh by helicopter by the end of the year. 

Ladakh is always known for its difficult roads that make it harder for travelers to access remote locations. But since the start of the chopper service, visitors will now be able to explore the hidden gems more easily.

At present, two choppers have been assigned for this service one of which is a five-seater B-3 chopper. The second one is a  Mi-172 chopper that has the capacity to carry 26 passengers at once. 

The availability of chopper tickets completely depends on the ongoing travel restrictions at the time of operation, the number of passengers willing to take the trip, and most importantly, the weather conditions. Also, the success rate of the trip depends on the weather conditions at that time. 

Things to remember while planning for the Ladakh trip through chopper.

  • People willing to opt for the service have to book their tickets before arriving in Ladakh. You can visit the official website to book your seats.
  • Passengers need to carry a valid photo ID proof at the time of boarding the chopper.
  • No modification in passengers’ names is allowed once PNR is generated.
  • Passengers need to follow the weight restrictions for a safe flight.
  • Visitors are requested to not travel to high-altitude areas like Khardongla, Pangong Lake, Changla, Tsomoriri, Penzela, etc before 48 hours of arrival at Leh. This will help the visitors to acclimatize well to the climate of Ladakh.

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