5 Best Cities in Micronesia to Visit | Major Cities in Micronesia

The Federated States of Micronesia also known as FSM is consists of 607 islands. This country spread between Indonesia and Hawaii across more than a million square miles of the Pacific Ocean. The cities of Micronesia are worth visiting. Only 65 of the islands are inhabited, and the four states and cities in Micronesia Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae are distinctive in their cultures, scenery and tourist facilities. The main attractions of the major cities in Micronesia for visitors are captivating ancient cultures, world-class dive sites, and beautiful landscapes to explore. Want to more about Micronesia and cities to visit in Micronesia go through this article: 

List of Cities in Micronesia

1. Weno

Best Cities in Micronesia


This best city in Micronesia is situated in the Chuuk Lagoon. Its towns are in the northwest (Sapuk, Penia, Peniesene, Tunnuk, Mechitiw, Iras, Nepukos, Mwan, Neiwe, and Wichap, Epinup) and fill in as the fundamental focus of trade. Weno is the state capital and the second-most crowded island of the FSM, with a populace of 13,856 at the 2010 registration. The most elevated point is Mount Teroken, which rises 364 m. Weno has the main air terminal in the state, Chuuk International Airport. The road system is not well established in some parts of the island. No public transportation exists, but visitors can use a small taxi to cruise around the island. There is one commercial shipyard for cargo ships and passenger voyages. The islanders use speed boats and smaller ships to commute with other lagoon islands and outreach islands.

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2. Kosrae

Best Cities in Micronesia


Kosrae is also known as Kusaie or Strong’s Island and largest cities in Micronesia. The State of Kosrae is one of the four conditions of the Federated States of Micronesia and incorporates the primary island of Kosrae and a couple of close-by islands and islets, the most huge of which are possessed Lelu Island. Kosrae’s land area is 110 square kilometers, sustaining 6,600 people. The tool is the state capital. Mt. Finkol is the highest point at 634 meters.

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3. Yap Island

Best Cities in Micronesia

Yap Island

Yap Proper’s principal island, Yap Island includes the little capital, Colonia, which folds over Chamorro Bay, offering ocean sees most all over the place. It is considered in one of the beautiful cities in Micronesia. Stroll to the stone-cash bank in the close by town of Balaban, or visit the Ethnic Art Village, which works admirably of celebrating and protecting indigenous workmanship. The airport is the old German Cable Station that was built-in 1905, that linked Shanghai through Guam and the Philippines; nearby are two Japanese Zeroes, their wings surprisingly intact. Up north, Bechiyal is a friendly beachside village with Yap’s oldest value (men’s house).

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4. Nema 

Best Cities in Micronesia


Nema, associated with the bigger island of Kosrae by a thoroughfare, is the place a monstrous walled city was worked between the thirteenth and fourteenth hundreds of years for Kosraean eminence. Nema’s vestiges, including internment hills and homes, are taken cover behind thick tropical vegetation, in the sort of secluded setting you may envision trekking hours through the thick wilderness to discover. If you want to visit top cities in Micronesia, just choose this one and explore it. You can even now observe the abode mixes of the high boss, two regal internment hills, a couple of holy mixes and various huge dividers, worked from enormous hexagonal basalt logs stacked like a log lodge. On location signs recount to the full story.

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5. Nan Madol 

Best Cities in Micronesia

Nan Madol

For some explorers, Nan Madol is the feature of their Micronesian odyssey. A significant political, social and strict focus worked during the Saudeleur administration, Nan Madol was a spot for custom action and the homes of eminence and hirelings. It is counted in one of the popular cities in Micronesia. Containing 92 counterfeit islets it’s based on the salt marshes and reef off the southeastern side of Pohnpei. Wide basalt columns, up to 7.5m since quite a while ago, framed normally into hexagonal segments. They were quarried on Pohnpei Island and pulled to the site by pontoon, at that point stacked on a level plane around the islets as holding dividers; the resultant bending channels are known as the ‘Venice of Micronesia’. On the level surfaces were sanctuaries, internment vaults, meeting houses, washing regions, and pools for turtles, fish, and eels. The eastern half, Madol Powe (Upper Town), had ministers and ceremonies; the western half, Madol Pah, was the regulatory segment.
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