Top Beaches in Karachi | Beaches to Visit on Summer Vacations in Karachi

Energy is embedded in the building blocks of the city of Karachi. Crowded, chaotic, and echoing. Traffic, buses, rickshaws, motorcycles, and more contribute to the life of this city. However, the summer season will be extremely humid and scorching. To get some relaxation from the heat, Mother Nature showed generosity towards the city of lights in the form of proximity to the sea. The summer beaches of Karachi are blessed by the city and are a great attraction for residents and visitors alike. There is something unique about the beaches of Karachi. The sandy beaches and clear blue sky make you feel calm and younger. It flies almost like a seagull when you are just standing on the shore looking at the crystal blue waters. You may feel lucky to plan a beach trip to the city of lights, as Ktown Rooms has compiled a comprehensive list of the best beaches in Karachi to visit in the summer holidays for you.

List of Beaches in Karachi to see in Summer Vacation

1. Hawke’s Bay

Beaches to See in Karachi

Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay is by far the most popular beach in Karachi to visit in summer holiday. Hawke’s Bay, 20 km southwest of Karachi, is named after the Victorian governor. Clean and calm, the crystal blue waters of this beach are a great place for a fun Sunday hangout. One of the many unique things about this beach is that it is a breeding ground for rare reptile species, the green sea turtle. Female green sea turtles head to this beach during the breeding season and lay eggs. If you want to have an exciting picnic on Karachi’s beach this summer vacation, there’s no better place than Hawke’s Bay. Just throw a few things in the car and hit the beach.

2. Sandspit

Beaches to See in Karachi


Near the famous Hawke’s Bay beach is another beach known as Sandspit. There is something very interesting behind the name “Sandspit”. It’s called a sandspit thanks to the pits that turtles dig into the sand to lay eggs. These pits are easily visible during the winter season. To conserve rare green turtles, the World Wide Fund has established a wetland center at Sandspit. The aim of this initiative is to raise people’s awareness of green turtles and protect them from extinction. There are many marine species on the coast, including crabs and algae. This top beach in Karachi to visit in the summer holiday is the perfect place for a picnic with a group of friends. It is open all year except the monsoon season. Due to the tide, the authorities will close it to the general public during the monsoon.

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3. French Beach

Beaches to See in Karachi

French Beach

French Beach is located between Paradise Point and Sandspit and it is one of the beautiful beaches in Pakistan. French Beach offers a personalized beaching experience, unlike other beaches. It is surrounded by walls and is a select group of people who have huts and property around it. To go there, you have to ask permission from the people who own it, and if you manage to get it, consider yourself lucky. This famous beach to visit in Karachi during summer vacation is slightly rocky, but the fact that it is less crowded is the perfect place to spend Sunday evenings in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It has always been a great attraction in the city of Karachi and is often visited by foreigners as well.

4. Cape Mount

Beaches to See in Karachi

Cape Mount

Located near the famous village of Mubarak, Cape Mount is a stunning beach and one of Karachi’s biggest attractions. This beach marks the boats heading towards the port of Karachi. This beach is a clean, open, and soothing experience for those who visit here. This popular summer beach destination in Karachi offers a variety of exciting activities. Horse riding, camel riding, and beach parties are the fun things you can do here to make your holiday memorable. For the perfect summer holiday experience, visit Cape Mount.

5. Tushan Beach

Beaches to See in Karachi

Tushan Beach

If you don’t like crowded beaches, then Tushan Beach is for you. This beach is perfect if you want to spend time alone. It provides its visitors with the privacy that other beaches usually lack. This perfect beach to visit in Karachi during summer vacation turns into rocks at the foot of the hills. Tushan Beach is also great for organizing extravagant beach parties.

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6. Clifton Beach

Beaches to See in Karachi

Clifton Beach

One of the busiest and most popular beaches in Karachi to visit in summer is Clifton Beach. This beach is crowded with thousands of people all week. People flock in huge numbers to Clifton Beach to escape the heat of the summer season. There are so many interesting activities going on in Clifton Beach. Horseback riding and beach buggies make this place fun. Here you will find dozens of small and large fast-food restaurants where you can go and have fun. A visit to Karachi would be incomplete if you did not visit this ever-famous beach.

Hope you enjoyed the brief list of the top 10 beaches in Karachi that offer umpteen beach sports and fabulous scenic views of the city. There are various famous spots at the mentioned famous beaches of Karachi which deliver unique accommodations to the travelers hence go through the brief delineations of the beaches and do let us know which one is your favorite. For more engaging blogs like these head on to our other blogs and ping us in the comment sections below if you hold any queries regarding the travel destinations.

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