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CA is one of the best regions in the country for surfing and can oblige surfers at all stages — novices, halfway and progressed. Get together your companions, collaborators or relatives and go “Surfing USA.” Known as the capital of surfing in the USA, CA is the origination of surf culture. This stretch of coastline is home to a portion of the world’s most renowned waves and surf towns.

CA is the third biggest state in the US. Every little thing about it is huge, from the national parks to the surf. From great guide breaks toward amazing reefs and shoreline breaks, there are a larger number of waves than you can envision, and the vast majority of them can be surfed lasting through the year. In this list we will cover up the best surfing beaches in California.

Finding the ‘perfect’ wave has been a lifelong mission for many dedicated souls. While we can’t promise you’ll ever find that pristine barrel with offshore winds in 75-degree water with a perfect sunset backdrop, we can point you in the right direction. When it comes to California, there’s no shortage of amazing waves, and we’ve taken the time to compile the best of the bunch. Here are the top surf spots in California. Enjoy!

List of Top Surf Spots in California

1. Black’s Beach, San Diego

Best Surf Spots in California, top 10 surf spots in California

Starting from the south, San Diego’s Black’s Beach is the region’s most sought-after and feared beach break. The wave is fast, hollow, and unforgiving. When the swells roll in, most experienced shortboarders head to Blacks. Besides the waves, the only other potential dangers are the descent down to the beach which is a narrow and winding dirt ‘trail’ that leads you down wooden planks and other objects more suited for obstacle courses and the potential long-term trauma of getting a glimpse of the old souls who still use this patch of sand as a nudist beach. Other than that, the waves are incredible.

2. Lower Trestles, San Clemente

est Surf Spots in California, top 10 surf spots in California

Trestles are one of the few California breaks that made it onto the classic “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer” video game (along with international standouts like Hawaii’s Pipeline and Tahiti’s Teahupo’o), so you know it’s legit. Located in San Clemente, just between the counties of San Diego and Orange, Lower Trestles (it’s a long beach with an ‘Upper’ section as well) is a common stop on the ASP World Tour. However, don’t be surprised if you see 200 people jostling for waves on a Monday morning. Work comes second to surf in these parts. It is one of the top ten surf spots in California.

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3. Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

Known for its cold water and big waves, Steamer Lane is the most iconic spot in the Santa Cruz area. As the legend goes, it’s the place Jack O’Neill (founder of the world-famous O’Neill surf company) once called home and designed the first modern wetsuit. It gets crowded but the crowd tends to thin out once the bigger waves come in. If it gets too heavy, one of the best parts of Steamer Lane is just spectating from the rock that juts out into the break. Come wrapped up with a sweater and feel free to spend a few hours here. Once you get too cold, snuggle up in one of these Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals. It is one of the best surfing areas in California.

4. Rincon, Santa Barbara

Best Surf Spots in California, top 10 surf spots in California

Rincon signifies “corner, place or spot” in Spanish, and in Santa Barbara, it is the main spot for surfing. Different surfing legends obtained their abilities by riding Rincon’s waves, and its notoriety is across the board. It’s additionally an incredible spot for surfing when winter waves swell in from the West and Northeast. Seeing how the Beach Boys gave Rincon a shoutout in ‘Surfin Safari,’ it definitely deserves a spot on the list of California’s best places to surf. Located just south of Santa Barbara, Rincon is a beautiful spot that wraps around a quiet neighborhood. While it looks calm and pretty from the parking lot above, it’s a place where you need to be aggressive to get a beautiful wave, while also knowing the etiquette. Rincon is a place that is highly affected by tides, so, if possible, bring your entire quiver and hang out for the day. As the waves change, use the most fitting board. It is one of the best surf spots in california for beginners.

5. Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Those willing to paddle out in San Francisco are brave souls, and they’re truly a breed separate from the rest of us in Southern California. Before the sun even rises, you’ll find San Francisco executives gearing up and paddling out at Ocean Beach to clear their heads before a day of work. Ocean Beach is a classic wave just south of the Golden Gate Bridge, and with a good swell it can easily get up to 20-foot waves barreling towards the shore.

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6. Malibu, Los Angeles

Best Surf Spots in California, top 10 surf spots in California

For those who are relatively new to the surfing game, Malibu’s Surfrider Beach is a place the whole family can enjoy. Malibu has perfect waves for longboarders and short boarders. You’ll discover individuals of any age alongside apprentices and exceptionally experienced surfers here. This notable shoreline bears the name of “Surfrider Beach,” where the motion picture Gidget was recorded. Truth be told, Malibu has in excess of 30 shorelines, which have been settings for various motion pictures like Grease, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Karate Kid, to give some examples. Here you’ll find smaller waves perfect for longboarding that doesn’t require a daunting paddle-out. There’s a great stretch of beach for sprawling and sunbathing once you get tired, and you may even have the opportunity to spot some celebrities. For tips on where to stay from hostels and couches to 5-star resorts and beach bungalows, check out vacation rentals in Malibu.

7. The Wedge, Newport

Not for beginners, only experienced surfers can ride waves at The Wedge, which is notable for its enormous waves and erratic surf. At the point when two separate waves join, a wave bigger than either rise, taking after a wedge, and the wave framed is constantly one of a kind, which makes the limit eccentric. The pop-punk band All Time Low alludes to The Wedge in their tune “Let it, Roll.” Located in beautiful Newport Beach at the extreme east of the Balboa Peninsula, the Wedge is a powerful wave more popular with bodyboarders than surfers due to its shallowness. Falls that smack you on the ocean floor can be unforgiving, so only head to the wedge if you consider yourself at least intermediate.

8. Swami’s, Encinitas

top surf spots in California, Surf Beaches in California

North County San Diego is home to a seven-mile stretch of unimpeded beach that has dozens of perfect beach breaks. Much like Malibu, these beaches are mostly calm and excellent for learners. Paddle out on a longboard, a mid-sized fun board, a stand-up paddleboard, or a shortboard. The people are friendly, and 101 is filled with old-timey diners, cafes, restaurants, and burrito joints that make for perfect post-session refueling.

9. Mavericks, Half Moon Bay

Surf Beaches in California, best surf beaches in california

For about 99% of people, Mavericks is a spectator spot. Widely known as have the largest waves in the world, we recommend visiting this Northern California gem to witness what human beings are capable of — from a distance. Depending on the swell, waves here can get up to 70 feet. For reference, seven feet is considered large for most surfers. Be safe and have fun!

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10. Venice Beach, Los Angeles

best surf spots in southern California

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is famous among surfers for its smooth waves that are proper for starting surfers. Prepared surfers, who need greater swells, go to Venice Breakwater, situated among Venice and Santa Monica Piers. You’ll appreciate the particular, diverse environment of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, which is brimming with shops and eateries, and the shoreline has biking, volleyball and rollerblading regions.

11. Huntington Beach

best surf spots in southern California

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is the ideal spot for all year surfing. Found 35 miles south of L.A. what’s more, around 95 miles from San Diego, it’s formally “Surf City USA” and the site where the U.S Open of Surfing occurs. The Annual World Surfing Championships have additionally brought Huntington Beach world eminence. The International Surfing Museum is situated there.

12. Doheny State Beach in Dana Point

best surf spots in southern California

Doheny State Beach

Famous Doheny State Beach, popular for being referenced by The Beach Boys in “Surfin’ the USA” and “Surfin’ Safari,” is probably the best spot to figure out how to surf in SoCal, and is seemingly a standout amongst other longboard breaks around. The rough base gives splendidly molded waves while the harbor breakwater obstructs the greater swells, taking into consideration unending fun any day of the year at California’s first State Beach.

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13.  Pismo Beach Pier

best surf spots in southern California

Pismo Beach

An exemplary shoreline town needs a great wave and in Pismo Beach, you’ll discover extraordinary surfing on the two sides of the milestone dock. A significant part of the time the waves here are appropriate for fledglings but on the other hand, are sufficiently high in quality to have the World Surf League Qualifying Series Pismo Beach Open in October. It is one of the good surfing spots in California.

14. Manhattan Beach

best surf spots in southern California

Manhattan Beach

For a definitive Southern California experience, maybe no other shoreline can rival this famous Manhattan Beach — found just at the southwest of LA. This shoreline and surf town of a similar name is known for its spotless, enormous, and sand shorelines, and guests from everywhere throughout the world come here to do everything from bicycle and shop to surf and bodyboard. Due to the breaks at Manhattan Beach, there is a touch of something for all aptitude levels, guaranteeing that any individual who oars out to get a wave will have a decent time and surfing in Manhattan Beach is unquestionably a greater amount of a general encounter that exemplifies quite a lot more past the water.

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15. Laguna Beach

best surf spots in southern California

Laguna Beach

Not far south of Laguna Beach itself, after the memorable city of exhibitions and expressions and artworks cabins offers an approach to beachfront houses, a nearly shrouded staircase begins the Pacific Coast Highway, inverse ninth Street, to a segregated shoreline referred to local people as Thousand Steps. When the water here is flatter, skimboarders and bodyboarders rush here. Head-stature barrels come in the correct conditions when just specialists ought to apply.  Laguna Beach is one of the best surfing places in California.

16. Trestles Beach

best surf spots in southern California

Trestles Beach

Situated on the fringe of San Diego County and Orange County, Trestles is a world-celebrated stream mouth break. Taking in the swells at Trestles isn’t for the swoon of heart, as it requires a huge climb to the shoreline and a focused lineup, which frequently comprises of specialists and even proficient surfers. Yet, when the swell is at the highest point of its game, there is nothing that can contrast with getting a wave at this lovely area. With three distinct segments of a break, the Lower Trestles area is regularly viewed as the best spot to get epic waves. For those seeming to be shoreline sitting observers, Trestles is the ideal spot to observe probably the best work out new moves and methodologies.

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17. La Jolla Shores

best surf spots in southern California

La Jolla Shores

While Blacks Beach offers extraordinary surfing all year and a little taste of a naturalist way of life, neighboring La Jolla Shores isn’t deficient in fabulous surf, and the entrance is significantly more feasible for surfers everything being equal and inspirations for surfing. Actually, La Jolla Shores is hailed as one of San Diego’s ideal and unquestionably most well-known shorelines, and when you’re hoping to calibrate or even practice or become familiar with the specialty of surfing, this shoreline and its assurance from the breeze is the ideal spot.

18.  Monterey Bay

best surf spots in southern California

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bays is one of the best surf spots in southern California. At the point when the waves are great, a genuine network of surfers assembles around Lover’s Point, at the southern part of the arrangement immense breadth. Winter brings the best ride when the waves – and local people – are not to be disturbed by everything except rather the gnarliest boards. Be that as it may, in the overall haven of Carmel, only south of Monterey itself, conditions can support even the tenderfoot surfer. Whatever the water is doing, the Monterey Peninsula and its narrows brimming with enormous sea untamed life is one of the most surprising sights in the state. The city is a commendable stop on the CA vacationer trail as well, not least for its noteworthy quarter, where Mr. John Steinbeck deified the old sardine canning industry, and its aquarium, one of the world’s popular.

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So far we have discussed well the best surf spot in California, which clearly mentioned all the tops surf spots in California, also we have been provided some articles related to California as per visitors requirements, all of the above-mentioned lists is the top surfing spots to visit in California  which are must to visit and we must tell you that don’t miss to share your views as in the comment section.

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