Top 5 inexpensive and beautiful places to travel in 2023

Synopsis: Economists are predicting that within two months recession will hit the world. This will also affect the tourism sector hugely and if you are planning a long tour then budget-friendly destinations will be the right choice. 

The predictions of recessions and economic crises in 2023 have worried the countries. Over the past two years, the world is facing crises that have led to economic crises.  However, no worries because there are several budget-friendly destinations in the world where you can plan a long trip. 

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So, if you planning a long trip in 2023 but are worried about economic crises then our list of the top 5 best destinations to travel to will help you give you clarity. 

List of the top 5 destinations to travel in 2023

  • Thailand

Thailand is one of the prime places for most nomads to enjoy good weather and have a fun time with friends and family. Traveling enthusiasts prefer Thailand if they want to have a fun vacation on the beach. This is a truly incredible country and super affordable. 

Hotel cost: $25-35

Food: $1

  • Cambodia

Cambodia is another ancient and diverse country in Southeast Asia. If you want to learn about the ancient culture and civilization in Southeast Asia then Combodia is the apt place. Not only this, Cambodia is super cheap to travel to. 

Hotel cost: $25

Food: $2-5

  • China

China is a fascinating country and is surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes and natural beauty. Another inexpensive Asian country on this list, China is the best country to witness the perfect blend of ancient and modern culture.  

Hotel cost: Less than $20 USD

Food: $2-5

  • Central America

Want to explore historic sites, go on jungle treks, go surfing, and eat delicious food while there aren’t many other tourists around? Consider El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala as smaller Central American nations to visit.

Hotel cost: $15-30

Food: $5

  • India

India is a budget backpacking country with a fascinating cultural history, delectable cuisine, helpful and inquisitive locals, astounding regional diversity, excellent tea, and plenty to do.

Hotel cost: $30

Food: $15-20

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