Japan opens its doors to foreign tourists, strictly under certain conditions.

Synopsis: Japan has now opened its doors to foreign tourists from selected countries under strict conditions. Conditions state that it is mandatory to wear masks all the time and visit the country accompanied by a local guide. 

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Here is good news for those who have been planning to visit Japan for a long time. The country has now opened its doors to foreign tourists from selected countries followed by strict conditions. From 10 June 2022, Friday onwards, japan has reopened international tourism followed by the condition that the visitors should be masked and accompanied by a local chaperone. 

In the past two years, in all countries including Japan, tourism was already on pause. And when everything is on track and the situation is coming to normal, Japan has decided to open tourism. While opening international tourism, the Japanese government doesn’t want to compromise with the health of their citizens. Hence they have decided to allow tourists only if they follow the strict conditions followed by them. Visitors can now plan a trip to Japan from Friday onwards but are required to wear a mask and spend their entire stay accompanied by a local guide. 

Until now, Japan’s borders were blocked for international visitors due to which the country had to face heavy losses. Even the economical growth of the country has been on halt in the past two years.

During the pandemic, Individuals obeyed all the restrictions imposed by Japan government without any complaint. They have even purchased private medical insurance to reimburse the expenses that could cause due to infectious viruses. Now, when most countries have already removed the travel restriction, Japan is also intrigued to open the tourism industry to foreigners.

Tourism contributes a significant part to the overall economy of the country and before the upsurge of the pandemic, tourism has been affected badly. Understanding the situation, the Japanese government has announced that foreigners can now visit the country once again, but only if they agree to abide by some strict guidelines. Tourists from 37 countries around the world can now enter Japan, but they need to adhere to a few rules before being allowed to travel here. 

  • Foreigners will not be able to stay in Japan for longer than 90 days at any given time, and they will not be allowed to work.
  • They will also not be permitted to bring their own food or drink into the country.
  • Tourists will also not be allowed to take photographs of military bases or sensitive areas.
  • In the first phase, visitors only with package tours are allowed to enter the japan borders.
  • Travel agencies throughout Japan are informed to instruct visitors to wear masks all the time, especially when they are in a gathering. Authorities also added that abiding by this instruction will be easier for the visitors from the Asian countries as the masks have become a primary element there during the pandemic. But it will be a little difficult for the visitors from the rest of the countries where masks are no longer considered a mandatory part.
  • Tour guides are informed to remind their visitors to take all necessary precautions to prevent infection 

If Foreign visitors and travel agencies act in accordance with the rules then possibly they will increase the frequency of visitors in the coming time. It might also be possible that they will open the tourism industry completely if visitors are found adhering to the rules.

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