Top 10 Things to Buy in Tokyo, Japan | What Souvenirs to Buy in Tokyo

Japanese culture is well known among the entire world for their packaged food items and incredible weird things. Tokyo is the hub of finding such fabulous things that you might have never seen. There are little cute famous souvenirs to buy in Tokyo that you can take back for your loved ones. Along with extraordinary and classy products, you won’t even have to pay extra for buying these items in Tokyo. In fact, a lot of things you buy in Tokyo are not as expensive as in other tourist countries. There are a lot of best things to buy in Tokyo such as Kanzashi accessories and lots of small sweet treats and yeah don’t miss out the extraordinary flavours of Kit-Kats. Just like these, there are far cheaper and better things to buy in Tokyo which you can easily look out through our given below guide and find out your favourite item that you can take back home finally. Here I have curated a list of top 10 items to buy in Tokyo that is super awesome and affordable. 

List of  Things to Buy in Tokyo

1. Ukiyo-e Edo Uchiwa

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Ukiyo-e Edo Uchiwa

Ukiyo-e Edo Uchiwa was a type of folk art that was very famous during the Edo period. But now in Tokyo, it has been accepted as one of the traditional types of Japanese art where their most prized possession the Uchiwa fans serve a symbol of this art and every Edo fan wants to have it. This is one of the best things to buy in Tokyo that you can show off back home. Uchiwa fans are usually hand printed with designs of real ukiyo-e woodblock prints. If you buy one and use it overseas, the extraordinary colour combination with elegant designs will definitely catch people’s eyes.

2. Kabuki Face mask

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Kabuki Face mask

Japanese cosmetics are already ruling the beauty products all over the world but their extra nutritious face mask is worth buying. In fact, not only do they make this popular souvenir to buy in Tokyo healthy but provide them looks of famous characters just like the Kumadori makeup that is specific to Japan’s traditional theatre art, Kabuki. This face mask can be the best and healthiest thing you can give your friends. The moisturizing essences of the face masks that soak rapidly into your skin and makes it soft and glowing remarking it as a very useful skincare product you must carry during travelling.

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3. Kiriko glass

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Kiriko glass

For all the cutlery collectors know that these glasses are a unique representation of a craft that was beloved by the famous kings in the Edo period in Japan and it remains lovely even today. Their extraordinary characteristic of cool-to-the-touch texture is what everyone aspires to have in their cutlery. You must not be confused now about what to buy in Tokyo? When you can have the best deals for these amazing pieces of art. These glasses are normally used to serve Japanese liquor by the locals but it’s on you what you prefer to drink in it.

4. Limited-edition Tokyo Kit Kats 

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Limited-edition Tokyo Kit Kats

The abundance of regionally-limited flavours in Kit-Kat is what you can find only in Japanese cities. In fact, every city owns signature flavours that you might not find in the rest of the world so don’t forget to get these top souvenirs to buy in Tokyo especially try out the Rum Raisin flavour sold in Tokyo which is packaged in the style of a refined, stylish snack. If you’re travelling around different cities in Japan just take each flavour from distinct cities giving you a list of different local flavours in entire Japan.

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5. Mamegui

 What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo


This is a Japanese-style miscellaneous goods store like Mini-SO. If you have tried their products, trust me they are super amazing. Mamgui is the best place to shop for your kids before you go up to Tokyo Skytree. At this store, you can find many brightly coloured items using Japanese designs and colour themes which are usually light pastel colours, and there are many products perfect as cute souvenirs that you can take back for your kids and the adults who act like kids as well! Mamegui is the perfect spot for top things to buy in Tokyo that are in current trends.

6. Tokyo Banana

 What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Tokyo Banana

These are rich and creamy banana-shaped treats filled with banana-flavoured cream that you must try in Tokyo and they are packaged so perfectly that you can easily carry it anywhere you like. These treats no matter kids or adults makes people with sweet teeth always very happy. So buy them for your small snack times.

7. Retro Osuimono

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Retro Osuimono

This is one of the instant packaged meal I would suggest you must take back home. This dish has been eaten as the soup course in Japanese-style meals for centuries. When you can’t figure out what to buy from Tokyo? That person will love to have back at home just buy different favours of  Retro Osuimono it will bring a smile on their face that they can also experience the city and its flavours even without travelling. The most famous Osuimono ingredients, such as matsutake or fish, outside of a restaurant are the best you can taste in these instant packaged deals.

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8. Funawa Imo Youkan

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Funawa Imo Youkan

Imo Yokan is a popular Japanese dessert that is made with sweet potato and sugar and it is usually served in rectangular bite-sized slices that is one of the popular treats tempting people of all ages. You can take it as one of the incredible souvenirs to buy in Tokyo for all those who love sweets. Some say to bake it before eating it, and you might find a whole new texture to enjoy. Along with that, you can get this on your way while exploring the city and eat it on your way while holding it in its typical packs. 

9. Edo Tsumami Kanzashi

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Edo Tsumami Kanzashi

These are some of the most unique accessories you will find in Tokyo that is made with thin pieces of silk and is handcrafted to mould them into flowers or birds that are later worn as hair accessories. For all those, what souvenirs to buy in Tokyo? that can impress your female partners just have these. Their elegant beauty is known throughout the world as they are frequently used by the maiko and geisha for enhancing their beauty. There are lots of craftsmen who still make high-class versions by hand that will last you a lifetime than the local ones of course.

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10. Asakusa Kaminarimon Goods 

What to Buy in Tokyo, Things to Buy in Tokyo

Asakusa Kaminarimon Goods

These are the small mémoire from the must-see landmarks in Tokyo that are Asakusa’s Kaminarimon. You can find these famous things to buy from Tokyo with Kaminarimon designs in very distinct forms ranging from lanterns, figures, tote bags, socks, to other items. If you walk down Nakamise-door past all the souvenir shops you will easily find these items at a very reasonable cost so don’t miss out on bringing such a legendary miniature version of lantern back at home. definitely stop in to look for some.

I hope you enjoyed these top 10 things to buy in Tokyo that are fully affordable as whenever you wonder what is cheapest to buy in Tokyo? You can easily follow up as a par list which will provide you with intricate items from every section ranging from food till home decor you can find anything with complete beautiful designs that are super classy and cheap as well. Tokyo can get you a lot of small souvenirs in just some little amount of money so don’t waste your money over large expensive things, because you can get lots of treats and small accessories in that same amount of money for every member of your family or friends back at home. Follow our other blogs for more engaging info like these and don’t forget to comment in our sections below about what more you would like us to write about?

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