Top 10 Hill Stations in Spain to Visit

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe, but the most popular destinations in Spain are not necessarily the only beaches. The hill stations in Spain are also famous worldwide. As well as discovering the best hill station to visit in Spain and the tried-and-tested mountains of it, you can explore a little further to uncover some hidden gems as hills of Spain.

Best Hill Stations in Spain

1. Asturias

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Asturias is a self-sufficient network in north-west Spain. It is coextensive with the province of Asturias and consists of a number of the territory that was a part of the bigger Kingdom of Asturias inside the Middle Ages and known to be as a top hill station in Spain. Divided into eight comarcas, the self-reliant network of Asturias is bordered via Cantabria to the east, by means of Castile and Leon to the south, by using Galicia to the west, and with the aid of the Bay of Biscay to the north. The maximum important towns are the communal capital, Oviedo, the seaport and biggest metropolis Gijon, and the economic metropolis of Aviles.

In the Mesolithic period, a native way of life evolved, that of the Asturiense, and later, with the creation of the Bronze Age, megaliths and tumuli were constructed. You can come here and explore this city.

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2. Durango

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Durango is 29 kilometers from Bilbao. One of the beautiful hill stations in Spain gives you the opportunity to appreciate nature, with Urkiola Nature Park only 10 kilometers away. There are courses you can take after on horseback, by walking or by cycling. It’s additionally the ideal setting for honing different games, for example, climbing, buckling or paragliding.

For those keen on workmanship and culture, Durango has an exceptionally changed momentous legacy. The Arch of Santa Ana, the Basilica of Santa María de Uribarri, the Kurutziaga Cross, and the Church of Santa Ana are some imperative illustrations you’ll run over on a peaceful walk around the boules of the town.

3. Malaga

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A noteworthy number of exhibition halls and landmarks, including the eleventh century Alcazaba stronghold and Museu Picasso Malaga, give a lot of preoccupations to the individuals who select not to invest all their energy in the drift’s celebrated around the world shorelines and in their going with bars. The old city clamors with bars and bistros. Malaga is considered Aas famous hill station in Spain. The archeological remains and landmarks from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian periods make the notable focal point of the city an “open exhibition hall”, showing its history of almost 3,000 years.

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4. Guadarrama

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Guadarrama is a town, municipality in the Cuenca del Guadarrama district, in the Community of Madrid and the most famous hill station in Spain. Its population is 13,032; the population swells to about 60,000 in the summer season. Founded by using Arabs, its name comes from the Uadi-er-Rameil river. Guadarrama completed the repute of “villa” underneath Fernando V of Castile on November 22, 1504. Fernando VI ordered the constructing of an avenue to A Coruna Thru the Guadarrama Pass, through which passed the Grande Armee with Napoleon searching For John Moore ‘s Army in 1808.

5. Cantabria

hill station in Spain, top hill station in Spain

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Cantabria is placed in Spain. It is bordered on the east by way of the Basque Autonomous Community, at the south with the aid of Castile and Leon, at the west through the Principality of Asturias, and at the north by way of the Cantabrian Sea. Cantabria is the most beautiful hill station in Spain. Cantabria belongs to Green Spain, the name given to the strip of land between the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Mountains, so-called because of it’s in particular lush plants, because of the moist and slight oceanic weather. The weather is strongly motivated by means of Atlantic Ocean winds trapped by the mountains; the common annual precipitation is set 1,200 mm. Cantabria has archaeological sites from the Upper Paleolithic period, despite the fact that the primary signs and symptoms of human career date from the Lower Paleolithic.

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6. Bejar

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Bejar is a town and region in the territory of Salamanca, western Spain, some portion of the self-ruling network of Castile and Leon. It had a populace of 15,016 starting in 2017. The main occupants of what is presently Bejar were the Vettones who settled a region toward the south of the city currently known as La Antigua around 400 BC. The city shaped piece of Roman Hispania at the start of the first century BC. In AD 713, the city was taken by Muslim Berbers Moors from the Visigoths and in the 11th century, it was vanquished by King Alfonso VI of Castile. Following this, the dividers, some portion of which still stands, are built to repulse visit Arab invasions that occurred until the complete victory. This exotic hill station in Spain was later the focal point of the Duchy of Bejar administered by the amazing House of Zuniga.

7. Toledo

hill station in Spain, top hill station in Spain

Toledo is an old city and the famous hill station in Spain set on a slope over the fields of Castilla-La Mancha. The capital of the locale, it’s known for the medieval Arab, Jewish and Christian landmarks in its walled old city. It was likewise the previous home of Mannerist painter El Greco. The Moorish Bisagra Gate and the Sol Gate, in Mudéjar style, open into the old quarter, where the Plaza de Zocodover is an energetic gathering place. Toledo is known as the “Majestic City” for having been the principal setting of the court of Charles V, It was likewise the capital of the antiquated Visigothic kingdom of Hispania, which took after the fall of the Roman Empire, and the area of memorable occasions, for example, the Visigothic Councils of Toledo. Toledo has a long history in the generation of bladed weapons, which are presently prevalent gifts of the city, you can visit these monuments in Spain.

8. Alcala la Real 

hill station in Spain, top hill station in Spain

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Alcala la Real is a city in the area of Jaen, Spain. As indicated by the 2006 registration INE, the city has a populace of 22,129 occupants, get Spain Facts and Information. Alcala la Real is arranged 71 kilometers from the commonplace capital, Jaen, and 53 kilometers from Granada, on the slants of La Mota, a slope in the Sierra Sur. The town is ruled by a huge Moorish stronghold around which, a few centuries back, the settlement developed.  This popular hill station in Spain stayed under the marquises of Villena until the mid 16th  century, when the centralism presented by the Catholic Monarchs began to lessen the intensity of the noblemen, in spite of the fact that the marquisate stayed in presence until the 19th century. 

9. Leganes

hill station in Spain, top hill station in Spain

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Leganes is a city and most popular hill station in Spain. Part of the greater Madrid conurbation – specifically a satellite city for pc-city with a population of 186,066 it’s far positioned about 11 km southwest of the city middle. Leganes houses a department of Carlos III University, based in 1989, specifically the Higher Polytechnic School which gives Telecommunications Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering, amongst many other degrees. Carlos III University is diagnosed as quality in studies and coaching amongst different universities in Spain. The different campuses of Carlos III University are located in Getafe and Colmenarejo, however, the one positioned in Leganes is the simplest one which has the middle of a sport.

10. Cartagena

hill station in Spain, top hill station in Spain

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Cartagena is a Spanish city and an essential ocean station masterminded in the Region of Murcia, by the Mediterranean buoy, south-eastern Spain. As of January 2011, it has a people of 218,210 tenants. being the Region’s second most prominent zone and the nation’s sixth non-Province capital city. It is counted in the top 10 hill station in Spain.

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