5 Best Cities in Nauru to Visit | Major Cities in Nauru

Can you imagine a country without capital? Yes, Naura is here. If you talk about the cities of Nauru, they quite beautiful having amazing beaches. Some countries such as Bolivia has two since the country’s parliament meets in La Paz while its  Supreme Court meets in Sucre. Nauru is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, and it is the world’s second-smallest republic. As we tell you Nauru does not have any official capital city. Its government offices are located in the Yaren Cities. All the world’s nations except for Monaco and the Vatican City, the country Of Naura covers an area smaller than. Here the top 5 major cities in Nauru.

 List of Cities in Nauru

1. Yaren

Best Cities to Visit in Naura


Yaren is the largest city in Nauru and constituency of the Pacific nation of Nauru. Although the country has no official capital it is known as de facto capital of Nauru. Yaren covers an area of 1.5 sq km, and a population of 1,100 in 2003,  is located in the south of the island. To the north of Yaren is Buada, to the east is Mining and to the west is Boe. Yaren has formerly known as Aiwo, is usually listed as the capital of Nauru though this is incorrect,  the republic does not have cities or an official capital. United Nations has accepted as the “main district”. Yaren constitutes a political constituency and returns two members to the Parliament of Nauru.

2. Buada

Best Cities to Visit in Naura


Buada is a district and the best city in Nauru in the Pacific ocean. It is the part of Buada Constituency too. It is known as the only landlocked district in Nauru. The southwestern part of the island covers the central Buada Lagoon. Mostly wet and tropical due to the mass vegetation Buada is a fertile piece in Nauru.  It makes it among the largest. Having a population of 980, Buada has retained more vegetation than other districts. Because of mining, much vegetation has been lost. Ruben Kun represented Buada in the Parliament of Nauru and also served as President of Nauru from 1996 to 1997. This top city in Nauru spread in the area of 2.6 km², which in comparison with other of Nauru’s districts.

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3. Anibare

Best Cities to Visit in Naura


Anibare is considered in one of the best cities to visit in Nauru.  It’s a part of the Anabar Constituency. With a population of 160, it is the least populous of Nauru’s districts, although it is larger than any other district by area. In the western part of the district is where the phosphate stockpile is located. It is located in the east of the island, and covers an area of 1 sq mi and has a population of 250. Anibare city covers Nauru’s largest in the area among the smallest in population. Since it refers principally to the average areas and populations of districts other than Anibare, Nauru’s reputation for being densely populated is thus somewhat nuanced. 

4. Baiti

Best Cities to Visit in Naura


Baiti is formerly known as Baisti or Beidi. It is one of the cities to visit in Nauru. It belongs to Ubenide Constituency. Baiti is located in the northwest of the Naura. It spread across an area of 1.2 km square. In this city, you will find the best beaches. The beaches have white coral sand and the best place on the island to surf or to swim. The beaches of this city is the only bigger attraction of the whole island. Near it, there are a couple of hotels to host you.

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5. Menen

Best Cities to Visit in Naura


Menen is also known as Meneng. It is a city located in the Meneng Constituency in the country of Nauru. The constituency of Menen elects 2 members to the Parliament of Nauru that is located in Yaren. Covering an area of 3.1 km square the city is located in the southeast of the island. Having a population of 1,400, Meneng has 18 villages. It is most of any district in Nauru. Local features of this city in Nauru you can find here like, The Menen Hotel, one of the island’s two hotels. There is the wireless station, the State House (presidential residence; recently burned down), the Government Printing Office, the Meneng Stadium. Australian Nauru Detention Centre. 

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The land of lost cities, mesmerizing sites, and the most visited cities in Nauru are waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Plan your vacation to Nauru and discover this peaceful, peace-loving and cities to visit in Nauru country.

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