Top 10 Beaches Near Milan Italy | Famous Beaches to Visit Near Milan

Milan is a very fashionable city in the entire world. Lots of celebs are seen endorsing various fashion brands of Milan. But when you have such luxuries how can you spend your harsh sweaty summers inside the boring hotel rooms? Therefore, to enjoy the summers there are some beautiful beaches around Milan Italy that are flourished with crystal clear water and sunny bays. You can enjoy yourself alone or take your loved ones. All the beaches are very distinct and offer different varieties of facilities including delicious seafood and luxurious hotels with seaside-facing rooms. Just follow along these best beaches close to Milan that are perfect for your summer holiday destination in which I have also suggested the best ways to reach these beaches from Milan.

List of Beaches Around Milan

1. AlĂ ssio

 Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

This is one of the top beaches close to Milan that overlooks the green Gallinara Island. For the people who want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and the sound of the water at the well-rated restaurant Graf, this is their jam. You can explore this beautiful place with your family or just stroll along alone. It’s amazing either way.

How to reach: Take the Trenitalia train from Milano Centrale to Alàssio, which takes about three hours. The train runs every hour on an average, and prices range from €12 to €20. Beach is about a 25-minute walk from Alàssio station.

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2. Bergeggi

 Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

This famous beach near Milan is known for its turquoise-blue crystal clear water which signifies it is best for swimming. Along with that if you desire more adventure you can explore the nearby cliffs that are perfect for hiking and skydiving. There are also numerous eatery restaurants that offer fine cuisine overlooking these waters.

How to reach: By car, it takes just about two hours to reach. Drive over the A7 motorway until it joins the A26, leading towards Genova/Savona. Exit from the E80 towards Ventimiglia. Shortly after the Scorrimento Veloce (highway), you will get to SS1 Via Aurelia, where you turn right for leading straight to Bergeggi.

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3. Boccadasse

Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

The beach was an old fishing village before even now you can spot a lot of fishermen with their nets and boats here. Therefore, at this beach around Milan Italy, you are offered the top fresh seafood delicacies, including fried fish in a cone, etc. There are other great places to eat with tonnes of choices in their menus. At dusk, you can enjoy the sunset and colorful skyline of the beach along with your delicious seafood.

How to get there: Reaching this beach by car or train works best; both ways take about two hours. By train, grab a Trenitalia ticket from Milano Centrale to Genova Sturla, and then a bus to the beach. The price range is €9 to €21.

4. Finale Lìgure

Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

This is one of the best Italian beaches near Milan overlooking the Italian Riviera, this beach is known for its white, sandy beaches and the nearby bars, including the popular Vittoria Beach Bar. You will find the best spa therapy during the daytime in this bar whereas at night it becomes the hotspot for all the beach party-goers and cocktail lovers.

How to reach: The car is the fastest way to reach, which takes about two and a half hours. You have to drive over the A7 motorway until it joins the A26, merging towards Genova. Exit onto the E80 towards Savona. Follow the E80 until the Finale Ligure turnoff.

5. Lèvanto

Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

This beach offers both free and paid sections with sunbeds and umbrellas. You can explore whichever beach section according to your needs. This popular beach near Milan Italy in the Cinque Terre is known for its snorkeling, you will explore different species of fish and clear waters at this beach which takes about €20 price of the snorkeling equipment.

How to reach: The fastest way is by car, taking about three hours to reach the destination. Drive over the A7, branching off on the outskirts of Genova onto the A12. Exit the A12 at the Carrodano turn off and take the SP566 dir to the seafront Passeggiata a Mare in Lèvanto.

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6. Monterosso al Mare

Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

You might have heard this name from the locals as this unique beach around Milan is known for its rock formations where visitors can climb or hike around. Monterosso al Mare beach offers many restaurants and shops nearby. Although some areas are given for public relaxation. While most of the pebble-covered beach is private.

How to reach: I say you go by car, taking about three hours. Take the A7, branching off on the outskirts of Genova onto the A12 leave at the A12 Lèvanto turnoff, and follow the SP566dir until Albero d’Oro comes, where you turn off onto the SP38 taking you straight to the Monterosso.

7. Portofino

 Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

You might have seen this beach over tonnes of tourism pics of Milan or Italy where picturesque, multi-colored buildings are settled along the seafront. This famous beach close to Milan, Italy is also known as Baia di Paraggi and has public and private areas. The private areas provide access to the beach over the price range of about €30. Don’t miss out to dive underwater and visit Guido Galletti’s underwater statue of the Christ of the Abyss.

How to get there: Since parking is very expensive here it’s best to travel by train or bus. You have to take a train from Milano Centrale, buy a Trenitalia ticket to S. Margherita Portofino. Then take Bus No.82 from the bus station S. Margherita rail station terminus to Paraggi (takes about 15 stops amidst). The whole journey takes around two hours and forty minutes to reach the beach.

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8. Porto Vènere

 Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

This place was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. It is one of the best beaches near Milan situated in La Spezia province. This place comprises three smaller villages and three islands.  Along with the churches, medieval castles, and beautiful cliffside views this beach offers various other delicious cuisines to explore in distinct forms at its three villages. 

How to get there: You can get here by car, driving over for about three hours. From Milan, follow the Autostrada del Sole A1 as far as the turnoff to La Spezia. Follow the A15 as far as La Spezia leads. Then you can follow the signposting for the SP530 along the winding coast road that takes you directly towards the Porto Vènere.

9. Santa Margherita Ligure

 Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

If you love to explore the hidden secretive places of any city you must go to this small stony beach near Milan Italy. Santa Margherita Lìgure offers a wide range of activities. But you get extra varieties in the paid activities that include water sports such as kayaking and scuba diving. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants, where the local red shrimp are famous as their top cuisine.

How to get there: Hop on a train from Milano Centrale to Santa Margherita Ligure-Portofino. Some trains have one change before stopping at Margherita, which is usually at Genova Piazza Principe. The overall price for this ticket ranges from €15 to €30.

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10. Noli

 Beaches Near Milan, Famous Beaches Near Milan

This famous beach around Milan is known as the popular Fisherman’s Beach. This place was an ancient, former maritime republic that has a great setting with the sea and the fishing boats anchored on its waters. You can also explore the nearby fish market where you crack up a very deal and get delicious fresh food at very cheap prices. The best part about this beach is that it’s free and has a public shower.

How to get there:  Go along over a nice car trip that takes just over two hours. You have to drive onto the A7 motorway until it joins the A26, then merging towards Savona till E80. Drive over towards Ventimiglia. Turn off at the Spotorno exit, follow SP8 until it joins the Via Aurelia SS1 at the coast. It’s just one kilometre along the coastline to Noli.

I hope you liked the above mentioned top 10 famous beaches around Milan that are not only beautiful in providing the best scenic pictures and relaxed vibes but fills you up with the best delicacies that are popular in Milan. So, spend your summers at the best beaches near Milan, Italy, and comment on our blog if you find it helpful and lovely.

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