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Bulgaria is still dotted with the grand monuments typical of that era as a former communist country. As a symbol of the industrialized country, concrete and metal were the main materials, and the size was one of the most important features of monuments in Bulgaria worth seeing. A common characteristic of all the soviet monuments in Bulgaria is their gigantic dimensions. Here’s a guide on historical monuments in Bulgaria where to go and what to see if you want to delve deeper into this period’s art: 

List of Monuments in Bulgaria

1. National Palace of Culture

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

Known simply as NDK, the National Palace of Culture is one of the main architectural landmarks and monuments of Bulgaria in Sofia. When Bulgaria celebrated its 1,300th anniversary Its inauguration was in 1981  with a host of preposterous events showcasing the greatness of the communist state. The National Palace of Culture has eight levels above the ground and three levels underground, with rumors that underground tunnels once connected it to other government buildings in the capital.

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2. Alyosha Monument

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

Across the ancient Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, this gigantic 36-foot statue of a Russian soldier can be seen. It stands as monuments in Sofia Bulgaria to the Red Army’s “liberation” of the city during World War II, erected in  1957. The towering memorial overlooking the city sits atop one the few hills in Plovdiv. Alyosha, from a common nickname for Russian soldiers,  the monument’s name comes and during Bulgaria’s Soviet period, it is also the title of Plovdiv’s official anthem.

3. The Bells Monument  

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

At the base of the Vitosha mountain, the Bells Monument is situated in a park outside of Sofia’s city center. At the monument’s base reads, an inscription, “ Fiery call of immortality – Unity, Children of the future accept the eternal, Creativity, Beauty.”  In 1979, the UN declared the Year of the Child. Lyudmila Zhivkova, from that nomination, daughter of the former communist head of state, conceived to construct a monument. The Bells Monument was built in a mere 30 days with the participation of the UNESCO Banner of Peace children’s movement. Now it is known as one of the UNESCO monuments in Bulgaria.

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4. Asen Tsars

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

Asen Tsars ruled from Veliko Tarnovo in Sofia and it is the capital of modern-day Bulgaria.  After the Asen brothers proclaimed Veliko the capital, a monument to the Asen dynasty in the center of the city marked 800 years.  On to the Yantra river and the old town, the monument Veliko Tarnovo looks down. The famous monuments in Bulgaria depict the first four Asen rules; Asen II, Ivan, Peter, and Kaloyan.  On its hind legs, each Tsar flails a sword on a horse reared up. Pointing up to the sky, they circle a huge sword. 

5. Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

Near the town of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria, the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak is a vaulted-brickwork “beehive” tomb. The tomb comprises a narrow corridor, a round burial chamber and it is part of a large Thracian necropolis.  At a ritual funeral feastBoth decorated with murals representing a Thracian couple. Since 1979 this ancient monument in Bulgaria has been on the UNESCO protected World Heritage Site list dates back to the 4th century BCE.  For a gesture of farewell in which the seated couple grasp each other’s wrists in a moment of tenderness and equality, the murals are memorable for the splendid horses. From the Hellenistic period, the paintings are Bulgaria’s best-preserved artistic masterpieces.

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6. Sveta Sofia 

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

Sveta Sofia stands tall, arms outstretched, golden-skinned and black-eyed, erected in 2000 to replace a statue of Lenin removed 10 years prior, over Bulgaria’s representative center. Though this iconic monument in Bulgaria bears the name Sveta Sofia, a combination of figure the statue does not depict one individual, per se. Sofia and Athena are the two most commonly attributed and both of Hellenistic origins. Both symbolize “Holy Wisdom”,  the crown, the laurel wreath, and the owl and the statue contains ancient vestiges of that concept.

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7. The Guardians of Stara Zagora Monument

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

Above the city of Stara Zagora in 1977, this 50-meter (165-foot) tall monument was built to commemorate the fights of the Bulgarians. That fight was against the Ottoman Empire that eventually led to the Bulgarian liberation from its rule. To look like, the communist monument in Bulgaria was designed with the flag of the Bulgarian revolutionaries.  Stairs lead to the monument are one hundred.

8. Bulgarian State Monument

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

The earth was inhabited by a race of giants named the Ispolini, well before the appearance of human beings, in Bulgarian mythology. While walking the site of the Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument in north-eastern Bulgaria It is difficult not to invoke these mysterious figureheads. This huge and popular monument in Bulgaria commemorates more than 1300 years of Bulgarian history perched on the heights of the town of Shumen since 1981. It looms almost 1,500 ft. above sea level, visible from as far as 18 miles away,  over the city of Shumen, a gloomy overlord hovering.

9. Monument to the Soviet Army

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

To honor the Soviet soldiers who died in Bulgarian efforts during World War II,  the most famous monuments in Bulgaria to the Soviet Army in Sofia built-in 1954. Now it has become a popular site for protest and into pop culture icons vandalism involving turning its figures. Although the huge monument is meant to be a stirring salute to those who aided Bulgaria during World War II Russian military forces, the statues and their surrounding park for young people and counter-culture radicals, have become a popular hangout.

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10. Buzludzha Monument

Monuments in Bulgaria, landmarks of Bulgaria

In the mountains of Bulgaria, on the remote Buzludzha peak stands an unusual abandoned monument. The Turks in 1868, the peak itself was the site of a battle between the Bulgarians. A group of socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev in 1891 met on the peak to plan for Bulgaria’s socialist future. To celebrate these events during the height of SovietThe government in power influence decided to erect a monument commemorating socialist communism. Now it has become one of the old monuments in Bulgaria.

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