Most Visited Monuments in Benin | Famous Monuments in Benin

With magnificent culture and architecture, Benin is fully loaded up. This nation has a lot to offer to its tourists. Situated in the landmass of South Africa, Benin is a little nation. The monuments in Benin are worth visiting. Benin as it is very small in size but trust me Benin won’t let you go back unsatisfied you might think that as a traveler is it worth visiting. Culture, wildlife, and Beaches. So in this article, we will cover up the top monuments in Benin from where you can access all of the attractive places and can know Benin deeply. Mentioned below are our top picks of monuments of Benin which are must-visit.

Monuments to see in Benin

1. Place des Martyrs

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

Who doesn’t know the ‘Place des Martyrs’ would think that it’s possible to make a party there. But personally, I don’t think so. It‘s possible to organize an excursion or something like that. Or simply when you are with tourists explain the story about it and you can show them the statue. Sometimes it could be very interesting and very emotional. But you could have a seat on the stairs. Come with an umbrella, I think is a good place but just a precaution. Otherwise, you couldn’t stay anywhere if it is raining. So don’t ask for comfort, just have fun time over there. It is a very old place and one of the cultural monuments in Benin.

2. Cathedral de Notre Dame

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

 This Catholic cathedral is not just a place of worship with its vibrant red and white stripes, but also home to a small bookshop selling titles by a handful of academic texts as well as regional writers. With sandstone and cream-colored archesThe stripes continue into the inside. This famous monument in Benin is a quiet and cool escape from the bustle of the city beyond its pretty stripes,

3. Centre Songhai

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

In sustainable farming, the Centre Songhai is a major research, teaching, and production center. It is one of the historical monuments in Benin. To visit the plantations and workshops there are one-hour guided tours.  Anything from fresh quail eggs to biscuits and preserves, you can also buy the center’s produce. Every zem knows where it is and Songhai is about 1km north of town.

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4. Etoile Rouge

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

If you come to Cotonou with a car you’ll certainly pass by this Place to go to the City. It is not a simple Traffic Circle sometime you can be stuck for a long period of time. You can ask for the Story about it: just amazing. But if you came with aircraft, it is not the same thing. To pass by this road junction maybe you would not have the opportunity. This Beninian monument is a very good place for Tourists, so, in any case, you can have a conversation while the autos or the motorcycles are going around.

5. Musée d’Histoire de Ouidah

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

Housed in the beautiful Fortaleza São João Batista, Ouidah’s main site is its Musée d’Histoire de Ouidah, a Portuguese fort built-in 1721. This popular monument in Benin explores the links between Benin, Brazil and the Caribbean and retraces the town’s slave-trading history.

6. Zinzou Foundation Museum

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

Housed in a stunning 1920s Afro-Brazilian villa, this old monument in Benin of contemporary African art displays paintings and sculptures as well as light, sound, and video installations. Run by the Zinzou foundation, a respectable organization out of CotonouIt’s a classy affair with a strong history of supporting Beninese artists. At least passable EnglishMost guides speak.

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7. Route des Esclaves

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

The Tree of Forgetfulness, the Route of the Slaves includes the slave auction plaza.  this ancient monument in Benin where slaves were branded with their owners’ symbols to make them forget where they came from and forced to walk around the tree in circles. It is one of the best monuments in Benin. The Tree of Return, with the belief that their souls would return home after death another tree the slaves often circled. With a bas-relief depicting slaves in chains, there is a poignant memorial on the beach, Gate of No Return.

8. Foundation Zinsou

Monuments in Benin, landmarks of Benin

this fantastic exhibition space seeks to promote contemporary African art, named after the family that started it. It is one of the top monuments in Benin among Beninese people through, paintings, sculptures, and photography. It is worth visit beautiful monument in Benin. Beautiful art books and the cafe offers wi-fi access all you can get from the chic boutique sells. From schools to the center in order to promote art appreciation and involvement, the gallery regularly provides shuttles.

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So far we have discussed the best monuments in Benin, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in Benin. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Benin then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Benin.

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