Top 12 Souvenirs to Buy in Barcelona | Best Things to Buy in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the hub of classic wines and fashion, therefore, you will find lots of famous celebs posting their expensive clothing coming straight from the branded stores of Barcelona or Spain. There are lots of famous things to buy in Barcelona but walking completely out of ideas over the shopping streets in Spain is lethal, as you will end up buying something super expensive that you don’t have any use in future as there are very skilled sellers and very glittery things that can tempt you in a single look. Therefore, I have curated a list of things to buy from Barcelona, Spain that is definitely super classy but you have to lose the rope of money as some things are going to be expensive but they, worth the money for sure.

List of Things to Buy in Barcelona

1. Cheese

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona


Visiting Barcelona and coming empty-handed especially not bringing, one of the top souvenirs to buy in Barcelona, i.e. Cheese would be a real ‘walk of shame’! One super famous variety of Pyrenees cheese that is acquired from the milk of sheep reared at Pyrenees mountains situated just a  short drive away in the northern region of Barcelona. Whereas you can also try other versions like ´Tupi,´ a fermented goat cheese with strong flavours that goes best for the after-dinner cheese and biscuits snack times. You can purchase the cheese in Barcelona’s famous market, La Boqueria to get the best quality at reasonable prices.

2. Catalan Sauces

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Catalan Sauces

If you have been savouring over delicious Spanish cuisines in Barcelona then you might have realised the significance of various sauces in their foods. Catalonia produces myriad sauces designed to be eaten with fresh vegetables, fish and meats. This is one of the famous things to buy in Barcelona which you can easily take away with you while travelling back to your cities. Romesco is one of popular Catalonia’s best-known gourmet products, who prepare their sauces from crunchy roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, almonds and garlic. For trying more flavours, Xato is another top close variant, which is designed to be eaten with an anchovy. The prices vary, depending on the preparation and origin, but usually range from €3 to €8.
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3. Jewellery

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona


If you are on a shopping spree in Barcelona and want something impressionable then gift your loved partners Spanish Jewellery which is influenced by Mediterranean culture and traditional Catalan arts yielding a popular souvenir to buy in Barcelona. Jewellery making has been an integral part of Catalonian culture from hundreds of years which is immaculately displayed in their contemporary styles of jewellery, perfectly suited to current fashions. You can find a large range of accessories starting from stone-embedded rings, till spectacular necklaces produced in the workshops of ancient jewel shops. One of the venerated sellers in this industry is Bagues, located in emblematic Casa Ametller offering some of the best designs of jewellery in Barcelona.

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4. Porcelain Figures

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Porcelain Figures

For those who always have an eye for decorating their homes with imported beautiful handicrafts, this is the best thing to buy in Barcelona which can suit your taste and style embellishing your homes with its surreal glory. With a long history dating back to the time of Arabic occupation in the 14th Century, porcelain handicraft has been passed down from generations to generations. Such evolved skills and performance give away one of the most iconic porcelain art figurines that are made from a hard-paste Porcelain and the glaze finish. Two most popular Porcelain figures in Spain- Nadal and Lladro are the majorly sold items in the city. Nadal specializes in figures of children performing activities such as fishing, playing football, etc. Prices can range from small figures at around €30 to large pieces at €3000 to €4000.

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5. Biscuits

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona


To celebrate holy and festive days in Barcelona biscuits are the main featured desserts of Catalonian culture that begins the celebrations. You can also bring back these festive items for your kids back at home. There are many variations of these biscuits, including flavours like chestnuts and sweet potatoes that anyone can enjoy as an early evening snack. Such incredibly popular things to buy in Barcelona are usually accompanied by sweet wine by the locals here. Going through a variety of shapes and colours which are often prepared from marzipan, pine nuts and varnished egg whites these biscuits are truly delicious and wholesome. The artisanal biscuits are also packed up in their assorted gift boxes to make it more special costing €7 per piece.

6. Perfumes

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona


Barcelona owns its perfumeries, amalgamating small brands produced by expert perfumers till illustrious brands that are sold globally. Ramon Monegal is a small boutique perfumery situated at Carrer Calvet, which combines some of the best fragrances together to offer a custom made odour that flows like a fresh air happy with vital dew-soaked floral and non-floral aromas. Such perfumers claim that they will keep you, deadly and aromatic through the day with their endless combinations of perfumes, ironically a famous Hollywood film  “Perfume: Story of a Murderer” is also filmed in Barcelona.

7. Penedès Wine

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Penedès Wine

This popular wine comes from the region of Penedès close to Barcelona city. Penedes extends from the Serralada Prelitoral mountain range to the Mediterranean Sea being famous for its production of exclusive wine since the 9th century it is the best place for cultivating some of Spain’s most interesting wines. Wines are always the best souvenirs to buy-in Barcelona which a lot of travellers adore. Some of the most famous brands of Atrium line featuring are white Chardonnay at €9, red Cabinet Sauvignon at €11 and red Merlot, at around €8. You can also try a wine named after Juan Carlos, the king of Spain- The Reserva Real, priced at around €123(king’s wine will be a bit expensive after all!) whose oak barrels are imported from France.

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8. Wine Porron

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Wine Porron

A wine connoisseur will instantly know what this utensil is? But for those who want a more traditional style of drinking wine- wine Porron is a drinking vessel from the olden days of Catalonian culture, designed to minimize contact of wine with air that sustains the original flavour of the beverage immaculately. This is one of the perfect ideas about what to buy from Barcelona? For your wine-loving friends back at home. Porron is a funnel with a spout where the liquid is poured from and it also used to store olive oil today. So don’t miss out this versatile utensil that looks classy and works wonders to save your liquids from any fungal attack. The prices start from €35 and depend on the maker i.e. whether the vessel has been hand-blown by artisan glassmakers or factory-made.

9. Artisanal Chocolates

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Artisanal Chocolates

What can be a better souvenir to buy in Barcelona, Spain than the handmade chocolates that are prepared by the famous chocolatiers holding a strong history of artisanal handmade chocolate making in their lineages? The museum next to the school, El Museu de la Xocolata, is well known for its iconic chocolate sculptures comprising Barcelona’s best-known architectures, including a model of Sagrada Familia. Famous traditional chocolatier of Barcelona, Escriba is regarded as one of the pillars of Barcelona’s artisanal chocolate tradition. With 3 popular branches in the city. You’ll be served with the adorable Gift boxes featuring this assortment of various designs and flavours starting from merely €10.

10. Handmade Leather Shoes

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Handmade Leather Shoes

Shoes are an essential styling partner for many men and women. Finding handmade leather shoe-makers in Barcelona who are in such business from centuries makes this one of the famous things to buy from Barcelona. One of the famous- The Espadrille shoe is an ecological hit which was manufactured from the natural materials like vegetable fibre, hemp, jute and esparto along with cotton or linen for the instep attracting every tourist with its beauty. There are several Barcelona-based shoe companies that are located at Portal del Angel 42 making comfort-orientated shoes concomitant with the current fashion trends.

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11. Barcelona Football Club Merchandise

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Barcelona Football Club Merchandise

Barcelona is the most successful football club in the world who has won 4 UEFA Champions Leagues and football lovers might picture all the players as someone calls out even the initials of Barcelona. Whereas, face-off with rivals Madrid is the most heated day in the city as people really get into brutal fights just for supporting their football teams. There are various outlets throughout the city where you can buy these popular things to buy from Barcelona. A famous place titled- Nou Camp Stadium shop offers a wide range of Barcelona’s merchandise, ranging from replica T-shirts, at around €135, to boots, around €90 and scarves, at around €14.

12. Olive Oil 

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Olive Oil

You might have been entailed with the same stereotype that Italy is the renowned producer of Olive oils but with over 200 varieties of Spanish olives, Spain is actually the largest producer of world’s olive production.  Hence why not bring such a delight like a beautifully packaged bottle of cold-pressed EVOO at home? Olive is a staple to Spanish and Catalan cooking surely! You can hover over the markets trying endless varieties of these famous souvenirs to buy from Barcelona yet couldn’t choose one! Therefore, try out the Arbequina olive oil from Catalonia, which is fruity and supremely aromatic whereas for trying a subtle peppery flavour look for Hojiblanca olives from southern Spain. Some generous oil shop owners also suggest you their own recommendations so choose preferably.

Hope you enjoyed these top 12 things to buy in Barcelona which carry the authentic essence of this city and delivers some of the quality prone products that make you remember this city after your transit. There are lots of best souvenirs to buy in Barcelona which you can choose for your loved ones without any doubt. Yet the aforementioned list will surely aid you in every step whether it’s about what to buy from Barcelona? Or where to buy such products at the best cost and quality? You can follow our other blogs for more engaging information like this. Do tell us your valuable views in the comment section below and keep our creative travel bloggers motivated.

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