Route Guide to Reach Milan Cathedral in Milan

No trip to Milan is complete without taking in this glorious sight and getting to know it more closely and personally. This route guide to reach Milan Cathedral will walk you through everything you need to know before visiting Milan Cathedral, Duomo ticket prices and opening hours, and more. Based on. The Cathedral of Milan, known in Italian as the Duomo di Milano, is a huge Gothic-style cathedral located in the heart of Milan. 157 meters long and 92 meters wide at 302 feet. It can accommodate up to 40,000 people. Milan Cathedral is one of the largest Catholic churches in the world. If you feel you have missed something in this complete travel guide to reach the Duomo di Milano, please write a comment below!

Best Route Guide to Reach Milan Cathedral

About Milan Cathedral

trip to the Milan Cathedral, Complete Route Guide to Visiting the Milan Cathedral,

About Milan Cathedral

The Cathedral of Milan is one of the most important structures of cultural and religious significance in Milan. It is hailed as Italy’s second-largest cathedral and the 3rd largest Catholic church in the world. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan and is dedicated to the birth of St. Mary. The place was the site of intense artistic debates, necessary religious declarations, and movements, and political claims built over seven centuries. Today, it prides itself as a great structure with diverse cultural influences that are reflected in its structure and design. Thousands of visitors come to this site every day to admire its imposing structure.

The Architecture of Milan Cathedral

Its architecture has elements of both classical Gothic and Renaissance styles. The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo is an organization set up in 1386 by its lord in Milan to oversee the construction of the monument. This organization meticulously preserves this cathedral, which is the ultimate example of cultural health. The top of the cathedral offers stunning views of the sunrise. You can walk around the various intricately designed corridors and marvel at the naturally lit corridors and the altar. It is an extremely surreal experience to see the imposing structure that has stood for centuries and you should visit this cathedral when visiting the beautiful city of Milan.

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Best Way to Reach Milan Cathedral

trip to the Milan Cathedral, Complete Route Guide to Visiting the Milan Cathedral,

Best Way to Reach Milan Cathedral

You can reach Milan Cathedral from Milan Malpensa Airport, which is the nearest airport, approx. 50 km road airport. You can take this route by train or route, or even by taxi.

By Train

Malpensa Aeroporto Station is near Milan Malpensa Airport. You have to take the XP1 line from T.1 and go to Milano Cadorna, a 37-minute drive. Landing at Milano Cadorna, you have to take the 70-meter walk to the metro, where you can take train 1 from Cadorna Fn M1 to the Duomo M1. The cathedral is then a 330-meter walk away, which takes about 3-5 minutes.

By Road

Upon arrival at the airport, you can either take a taxi or rent a car yourself. You have to take the SS 336, take the A8 towards Milano before finally turning onto the Autostradale Viale Certosa, and finally reach the Cathedra. It is the shortest road, which is about 51.5 km away.

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Best Time to Visit the Cathedral

The best time to visit the cathedral is in the morning when the crowds are less and you can immerse yourself as much as possible in the attraction of this cathedral. Queues are also much smaller in the morning. This is the best time to absorb the intricacies of design without being distracted by the people around you.

Opening Hours and Ticket Details

Every day: 9am-7pm

Last ticket: 6 pm

Last entry: 6.10pm

Milan Cathedral ticket prices are as follows:  Cathedral – Adults 3€; Concessions 2€ Rooftops via Stairs – Adults 10€; Concessions 5€.

Places to Visit near Milan Cathedral 

Milan Cathedral is in the heart of Milan and is surrounded by several places to visit. Milan is a city of deep historical significance and cultural momentum, which is why a day spent here reveals different elements of Italian and Western European culture.

  1. Il Cenacolo

Leonardo da Vinci’s mural, commonly known as “The Last Supper,” is one of the most famous and acclaimed works of art made by the famous polyhistor. It is currently located in the refectory of the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Association in Milan, Italy.

  1. Castello Sforzesco

Also known as Sforza Castle, it is another structure closely associated with Gian Galeazzo Visconti, who was actively involved in the expansion of the castle. It is home to a number of interesting libraries and museums that tell the history of Milan. Visitors can marvel at the huge collection of sculptures and art forms preserved here.

  1. Teatro Alla Scala

Almost every notable opera artist and talented singer has performed at the Scala at least once. Through the museum’s extensive collection, you can discover the exciting history of the theater and the great artists who have performed here in the past.

  1. Sant’Ambrogio

It is a beautiful church founded by St.Ambrose in 386 and a masterpiece of Romanian architecture. Here you will find the mosaic dome of the Sacello di San Vittore, the main highlight of the church. Visitors will appreciate the Carolingian art and architecture of the church.

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