Best Cities to Visit in Italy- Where to Go in Italy

Since the cities of Italy are stunning and you might be wondering where to go to Italy. Their skylines are marked with curved cathedrals and pointed spires. Narrow cobbled streets going to vast piazzas and hidden treasures.  No matter if it is your first or fortieth visit to Italy, no doubt you will pass through some most beautiful city in Italy. Each city is unique and worthy of discovery. And if you return away from the most famous cities, you will find these cities that stay embedded in your travel memories forever. To help you decide where to spend your time, here we provide you the list of best cities to visit in Italy.

List of all the Most Beautiful City in Italy

1. Rome

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“A fool is the one who admires other cities without visiting Rome.”

Of course, you should visit Rome at least once because it is the best cities to visit in Italy. The Eternal City is the greatest on earth and there is something for every kind of traveler. This chaotic, beautiful metropolis will capture your heart. Admire the Colosseum and other incredible leftovers of Roman times in the Forum and beyond.

Then soak up the atmosphere of Rome’s old town from Piazza Navona to the Spanish steps around every corner, there are cascading fountains and aristocratic statues collected over thousands of years. Make sure to discover soaring domed ceilings and incredible mosaics. If your travel style is meandering and watching the world go by then visit the Trastevere neighborhood. Get lost in its winding streets that take you to the perfect wine bar or trattoria. Here you will find the city’s best food and no doubt, over your meal, you will plot your next visit to Rome.

2. Venice

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Venice, a city built on water, is nothing short of magical. There is no experience like your first trip down the Grand Canal. I guarantee there will be a smile on your face as you roam down Venice’s main thoroughfare passing gondolas and stunning palazzi on your way. Before you reach Piazza San Marco, you will pass under the famous Rialto bridge and close to the fish market of the same name. Watch out for the beautiful Ponte dell’Accademia along, the canal. A little further, you will see the iconic Bridge of Sighs. This beautiful city attracts large crowds so if you want a more comfortable Venetian experience, head away from the main attractions to the side canals and camp.

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3. Florence

 best cities to visit in Italy, cities to visit in Italy, where to go to Italy,  the most beautiful city in Italy

Florence is a city with a charming past, amazing architecture and a thriving food scene, sitting on the banks of the River Arno. Florence is about art, history, and culture and they flow from every brick in every building. At its heart, you will find the incredible 13th century Duomo and its bell tower famed for its dome and colorful marble facade. These buildings were constructed during the Renaissance period when the state of Florence was at its peak. To learn more about the city during this time visit the Palazzo Vecchio from where Florence was ruled by the Medici family. A secret passageway leads you to the Uffizi Gallery which is home to some of the world’s most priceless artworks. Cross the Arno via Ponte Vecchio and stroll up the hill to Palazzo Pitti, home to more art and the beautiful Boboli Gardens from where you can gaze back down over Florence in wonder. There are uncountable restaurants in Florence. For a quick bite, we recommend you to visit the impressive gourmet food hall on the first floor of the San Lorenzo market before heading off to explore more of the city.

4. Milan

best cities to visit in Italy, cities to visit in Italy, where to go to Italy

Milan is definitely one of the best city to visit in Italy. The cultural scene is second to none,  there are numbers of theatres and places to listen to live music, as well as museums and galleries, organize interesting exhibitions. Milan is also great when it comes to bars and restaurants because there are new restaurants opening each week, and in summer the city becomes a great street food destination. Two of visitors favorite parts of Milan are Isola, a  working-class neighborhood turned into a hipster hotspot and Chinatown, which is home to Milan’s Chinese community since the mid-19th century. If you’re visiting Milan, being based in one of these neighborhoods will give you a more authentic experience compared to sticking to the city center.

5. Naples

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Nobody likes Naples at first. This city is almost never headed the top 5, not even the top 10, of the most beautiful or impressive cities in Italy because many people judge Naples even without knowing it. Fortunately, today I am defending it. Naples is a city to visit in Italy, with its narrow streets with clothes hanging outside the windows, its scratched cars and its people with southern Italian character. Do not forget to stroll or walk along the sea and sit in one of its squares for a coffee. It won’t disappoint you.


Italy’s northern cities are differing and exciting. This area is also known to be the heart of Italian food. Parma is famous for prosciutto (cured ham) and Parmigiano Reggiano (known as parmesan) which are  Italy’s most famous cheese.

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6. Verona – City of Love

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Verona is very popular for being the setting of Romeo and Juliet and as the city of love. One of the most unique things which you can do there is,  visiting Club di Giulietta, the Juliet’s Club. However, the romantic experience doesn’t stop there as you can stay at right opposite to the famous Juliet Balcony at the Relais de Charme Il Sogno di Giulietta.

Verona is home to the second largest Roman Amphitheater, which still hosts concerts and gigs with the annual Opera Festival in September. There is no shortage of good food. One of people favorite restaurants is the Locanda Navona in Piazza Navona, with its ambiance and delicious menu.

7. Bologna- The Gastronomic Capital

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Bologna is a wonderful city to visit in Italy. Travelers will fall in love with the slower pace, young feeling, the excellent food, and many towers around the city. History lovers will surely love strolling down the medieval streets of Bologna. Although many medieval towers have been destroyed, still you can see the two distinctive leaning towers that can be seen from many points in the city. It’s possible to climb the towers for a stunning view of the city.

8. Bolzano- The German City

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Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol and known to most German-speakers as Bozen. Today, 25% of the city’s speaks German which makes it unique in the Italian landscape. The importance of the mountains reflects in the city’s most popular tourist attractions, such as the Mountain Museum and the Museum of Archeology. The Museum of Archeology is home to Iceman Ötzi, an extraordinarily well-preserved mummy of a man and is believed to have lived approximately 5000 years ago and an invaluable source of information on pre-historic societies. Bolzano makes a perfect base to explore some of the castles located in the area, such as Maretsch Castle. If you can, come in December and visit Bolzano’s famous Christmas Market and try some traditional Bozner Zelten which is a soft fruit bread.

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9. Genoa- Coastal City on The Italian Riviera

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Genoa is visitor’s favorite Italian cities. From its rough neighborhoods to its historic streets there are much to see and do in Genoa. Genoa’s mainly include two castles, the Albertis Castle and the Castle Mackenzie, the family-friendly Genoa Aquarium, the Genoa Cathedral, and Via Garibaldi.

But if you’re looking for hidden gems and awesome views then there are two great locations. First is Villetta Di Negro, a park in the center of town, with winding paths going via artificial caves, and around a beautiful waterfall. And from the top, you’ll be awarded 360-degree views of the city.
For another great view and neighborhood, visit Castelletto.

10. Turm- Jewel of The North

It is known for being a manufacturing hub, it is the home of Italy’s car industry and many people assume that Turin is made up of factories and industrial estates. Although Turin is industrious but doesn’t feel like an industrious city. The city is made up of several beautiful streets lined with trees, mansions, and coffee shops. The Alps, just an hour and a half from the city, provides a constant and beautiful backdrop wherever you look.

The cloak of Turin is probably the city’s most famous attraction, but definitely not it is only one. There’s The Egyptian Museum of Turin which has the world’s best collections of Egyptian artifacts, and Turin is the home of Italy’s chocolate-making industry and the slow food movement.

In the peak summer months, Turin is considered to be quieter than many other Italian cities and this can definitely be a selling point.

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Those were the recommended best cities to visit in Italy which contains some history and proper detailed information about those most beautiful cities in Italy. Hope you loved reading this article and gather some appropriate information about where to go to Italy. Kindly read on our other articles as well which provides proper information related to tours and travel, accommodation facility and all.

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