Top 10 Things to Buy in Switzerland | What Souvenir to Buy in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for a lot of things but as the country earns a lot from tourism they have a close watch over the top things to buy in Switzerland that you can take back as memories and even return to have even some more. You must be fascinated with their meticulous skills close to perfection in every little item they sell to tourists. In fact, the fact of making the best watches in the world represent their fine craftsmanship that builds precise details to make clockwork in the best possible ways along with making them super classy and adorable. Therefore, all the famous souvenirs to buy-in Switzerland are perfected hence you can enjoy them for longer periods of time. It’s just like marketing your tourism through your perfected local items where the customer or the traveller always gets the best products. Here I have curated a list of top 10 things to buy in Switzerland that you can enjoy on every budget range.

List of Things to Buy in Switzerland

1. Cheese Fondue Set

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Cheese Fondue Set

Fondue is a very local cuisine in Switzerland that you can enjoy anywhere in Switzerland’s restaurants. Although you can taste the best flavours only when it’s made with fresh Swiss cheeses like Gruyere and Emmental, in its homeland where they combined it with white wine, garlic and brandy. Such an incredible dish also has some specific set of cutlery to add more charms to its whole representation therefore you must buy Cheese Fondue Set to experience every ritual. For all the food lovers this is one of the best things to buy in Switzerland and don’t forget to serve the cubes of crusty bread along with a fabulous dish. 

2. Swiss Chocolate

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Swiss Chocolate

By far you might have heard a thousand times how amazing Swiss chocolates are? But if you wonder what to buy from Switzerland? That might not be overly expensive yet incredible in taste then you must head on to Zurich which houses many different chocolatiers who produce incredibly fresh treats on a weekly basis. You can bring a box of the world’s famous truffles from Sprungli, which is one of Zurich’s very first chocolate companies. This company has three branches in Zurich’s. The main branch is at the train station, and the other two at Bahnhofstrasse. Such delicacies are not just for kids but you can have customised flavours for yourself too.

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3. Swiss Watches

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Swiss watches

Swiss people have been perfecting the art of timekeeping for a very long time. From their incredible skills and craftsmanship, they create one of the best souvenirs to buy in Switzerland that has an elegant design and a classy touch. Swiss watch brands are obviously world-famous with their fabulous marketing and designs. So what better place in the world to pick up a funky new Rolex, or invest some extra money to have in a lifelong companionship of these classy accessories.

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4. Heidi Books

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Heidi Books

This is one of the superstars from children’s tales. Heidi is a fictional character of a girl whose alpine adventures have been read to children since the 17th century. You can take these special children’s tales as a very good gift for their upcoming years in life. Young Heidi adapts to life with her grandfather, secluded in the Swiss Alps can teach a lot to your kids besides there are more new toys inspired from her stories that your kids will love to play with. These things to buy in Switzerland are one of the most beautiful memories you can take back home.

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5. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

You might have seen these tools where one set has many small distinct tools attached in an intricate fashion. Similarly, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife comprises many tools that are no longer just for woodsmen and campers but you can have them for your daily lives. Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss army knife, now make product lines entitled “Elegant Pocket Tools” and “Victorinox USB” now that you can take back as a very useful souvenir to buy from Switzerland. Such tools with the addition of small pliers and a multi-head screwdriver are very handy for IT professionals, engineers, and other computer geeks.

6. Music Boxes

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Music box

Along with intricate works of watches, it’s evident that the swiss people know very well the art of making vintage items more modern and tempting. In fact, the first music box factories opened in Switzerland in the early 19th century and at one time the industry even let out the watchmaking markets of Switzerland. Therefore, whenever you wonder what to buy in Switzerland? then try out some miniature music boxes which still feature the same old vintage songs like “Edelweiss” and the “Happy Wanderer” via metal cylinders and pins then it’s your perfect take away from this country. 

7. Army Blanket Products

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Army Blanket Products

Swiss army blankets were made with high-quality Swiss wool and bear the iconic Swiss cross symbols to keep the soldiers warm in the snowy forests of the Alps. Today, all such amazing fabric is discarded by the army they are being transformed into other weather-hearty products, many still including their issuing number. Hence there’s a workshop on the mountainside, who use this warm and waterproof material and turn them into fashionable messenger bags and purses. Isn’t it interesting especially for those who still wanna carry the soldier spirit alive inside such renovated items? These are definitely the must-buy things in Switzerland that you must never miss. From myriad slippers to pencil bags, book covers, and i-pod holders you can get anything made from such fabrics.

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8. Appenzeller Dog Collar

What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Appenzeller Dog Collar

For all the dog lovers don’t you wanna take back something good for your dog as well? This is your chance to get the best things to buy in Switzerland that is a special identity of your pet. These collars and leashes can be found in either traditional red and golden pattern or being moulded into more modern versions of the original design. You can have either of these high-quality Swiss leather collars adorned with detailed medal Alpine figures to let your dog be happy this time when you return home.

9. Trychel CowBell

 What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Trychel CowBell

Since the mountain lands have always been the major zone for Alpine farmers. Therefore, their main asset cows had cowbells. But the special feature about this was besides being a music of the Alps Swiss people made these bells out of pressed sheet metal, called a Trychel which had a distinct clank and it was also lighter and more comfortable for the animal to wear. Therefore now they sell it as a very popular thing to buy in Switzerland that most of the foreigners buy due to their colourful bands and decorations. 

10. Raclette Maker

 What to Buy in Switzerland, Things to Buy in Switzerland

Raclette Maker

As Switzerland is heavily famous not only for its Swiss cheese but many other varieties of cheese. Therefore you get a lot of cheesy dishes that are just super creamy and stretchy. Raclette is one of the famous Swiss cheese-based cuisines that has been served in Switzerland for over 700 years. It originated from the farmers working on the mountains who cooked their meal on an open fire. But now since you have Raclette Maker you don’t have to wait for hours. It is one of the top things to buy in Switzerland due to which the cheese melts into a fantastic creamy texture, never separating or becoming oily, allowing it to blanket the tiny potatoes below it for creating a perfect instant dish.

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Hope you enjoyed these top 10 things to buy in Switzerland that are not only classy but you can use a lot of them in your day to day life. Along with these, you get some amazing ideas for what souvenirs to buy in Switzerland? that you can either give a gift to your loved ones or just take it for your own. There are a lot of things we initially buy for someone else but then our greedy choices don’t allow us to leave them so it’s fine it happens with a lot of people you can keep them with you, after all, you travelled so far to get them and you followed this whole pickup list by our blog(didn’t you!) so your deserve good stuff don’t worry. Byway there’s one more good stuff waiting for you, we have launched our Adequate travel app that you can get on play store so do check it out.

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