Best Cities, Towns in Albania to Visit | Major Cities in Albania

Albania is a small country however there is a ton to see and do in this energizing best in class area. Slowly Albania is increasingly famous with travelers and it remains amazingly undiscovered, just as totally pristine. We gathered a list of top 10 cities in Albania from the tiny mountain village of Theth to the historic Gjirokastra. In recent years Albania becomes not to miss country in Europe for travelers as the nation offers some of the best places and cities in Albania to visit.

Best Cities in Albania to Visit

1. Gjirokastra

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


This famous city is known for its perfect Ottoman engineering and its wonderful area among the snow-topped pinnacles of south Albania’s Drino Valley. Popular as the ‘City of Stone’, beguiling cobbled avenues wind their way to the city’s most prevailing component; its stronghold. Guests to Gjirokastra will likewise need to stop by Zekate House; a pinnacle house built in the mid-nineteenth century and known as the best case of Ottoman design in the city.

2. Tirana

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


The capital city of Albania, Tirana will be the beginning stage for some, individuals investigating the top cities in Albania. The city is known as home to a couple of must-see traveler areas, yet the eighteenth-century Et’hem Bey mosque is placed not to miss here. Tirana’s kin, similar to by far most of the Albanian local people, are very friendly and the city is especially affordable, with shockingly brilliant drinks and food both modest. Skanderbeg Square is a standout amongst Tirana’s most significant spots and this is the place the National Historical Museum can be found as well.

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3. Lin

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


Settled on a little promontory on the western seaside of Lake Ohrid, the lovely lake that isolates Albania from adjacent Macedonia, the pleasant town of Lin is an absolute necessity see when investigating the southeastern scopes of the nation. Lin’s excellent lakeside area is a noteworthy force, the pretty town with a lot of sandy and stone-strewn shorelines perfect for paddling and picnics.

4. Berat

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


Berat is amidst Albania city and it is known as one of the nation’s most established towns. Berat is mostly known by its moniker – the City of a Thousand Windows – because of its blend of Albanian and Ottoman design. Berat’s primary vacationer site is the 140th-century mansion, Kalaja, which is as yet home to several individuals. Once in the past among the most significant nation cities of the Ottoman Empire, Berat was added to the rundown of Unesco World Heritage locales in 2008. The Famous Church of St. Mary of Blachernae is an absolute necessity see locate for anybody visiting Berat, similar to the Mangalem Quarter.

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5. Kruja

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


Found only around 20 miles northwest of nation’s capital Tirana, the memorable town of Kruja untruths settled in the lower regions of a staggering heap of a similar name. Kruja’s different attractions incorporate its medieval palace, the site of national Albania saint Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg’s incredible fight against the Ottoman Turks, and the Skanderbeg Museum; an establishment devoted to chronicling and respecting his life.

6. Saranda

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


This is one of the hottest places to travel in Albania, with the town has experienced a tremendous measure of improvement over the most recent 20 years. Saranda is known as the home to probably the most remarkable shorelines in Albania, while the Unesco World Heritage site at Butrint is found only outside of Saranda and is certainly justified even notwithstanding a visit as well. Lekursi Castle is a standout amongst the top places to visit in Saranda, with individuals rushing here to appreciate staggering nightfalls. Saranda is found a short excursion over the Ionian Sea from the well-known Greek island of Corfu.

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7. Theth

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


Up in Albania’s northern ranges not a long way from the outskirt with Montenegro is the little mountain town of Theth. Home to only a bunch of occupants and encompassed by the radiant Albanian Alps, Theth is positively disconnected however in no way, shape or form ailing in activities. Inside the town itself, guests will discover the Tower of Nikoll Koçeku, a centuries-old lock-in pinnacle, and in the encompassing Thethi National Park, the dramatic Grunas Canyon and stunning waterfalls anticipate to be found. It is one of the cities to visit in Albania.

8. Shkodra

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


The biggest town in the north of Albania, Shkodra is frequently viewed as the social capital of the nation. This is on the grounds that it has occasioned, like Shkodra Jazz Fest, the Children’s Festival, Lake Day and Carnival, while it is likewise home to an acclaimed notable palace eminent for its significant job during the First Balkan War. Shkodra has a just ravishing lake, while the medieval fortification of Drisht is just a couple of miles away. The celebrated Migjeni theater is in Shkodra also, alongside an export market that is well worth visiting. Shkodra’s Malazeze cooking is maybe Albania’s best as well.

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9. Ksamil

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


Ksamil is one of the unique cities in Albania. The southern part of Saranda near the fringe with Greece lies Ksamil, a delightful waterfront town settled inside the limits of Butrint National Park whose dazzling shoreline area has made it a standout amongst Albania’s most well-known goals. The town itself brags beachside cafés and bars and four little islands off its coast encompassed by completely clear waters are ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

10. Durres

 top cities in Albania, cities to visit in Albania


Albania’s primary port, Durres is likewise one of the country’s oldest cities. Durres is most well known for being home to the greatest amphitheater in the Balkans, while the untainted northern seaside stretch of Lalzit Bay is a standout amongst Albania’s most delightful spots to visit. Vacationers ought to consider removing time from their timetables to visit the Durres Archeological Museum, the Aleksander Moisiu Theater and the Royal Villa of Durres during their time in the second biggest city in Albania. Numerous feastings and cultural events are held in this city consistently, while the city is additionally the origination of Bujar Nishani, the former President of Albania.

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All of these mentioned cities are the Famous cities in Albania which are very famous among travelers as they offer a lot of things to do has several beautiful places to visit which will make your trip successful. Hope you liked our post kindly go through our other blogs also if you want to know more about Albania.

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