Russia’s Estonian Schengen Visa holders are banned in Estonia

Synopsis: Starting from August 18, Estonian-issued Schengen visa holders will not be allowed to enter the Estonian nation. According to the latest news, the Foreign Affairs minister made an announcement that the country would also stop issuing visas to Russian citizens.

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Estonia, an island country in Europe, is encircled by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. There are plenty of islands in Estonia that are quite popular among tourists, even if they are from Russia. But according to the recent announcement made by the Foreign Affairs minister, no Russian citizen with a Schengen Visa issued by Estonia is allowed to enter the borders. Also, no visas would be issued to Russian citizens. Tourists from other countries should read the latest Covid regulation to enter European borders. 

According to, Travel Restrictions in Estonia announced last week that it would not allow Russian nationals with valid visas to enter the country. This decision was made in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to the Ministry, all Russians who apply for a Schengen visa in Estonia for travel will reportedly have their requests denied. 

Urmas Reinslau, Estonia’s foreign minister, commented on the government’s choice and suggested that it was only fair because by imposing sanctions, Estonia wanted to deny Russians the chance to carry on with their normal lives.

“The possibility of having a large number of Russian citizens travel to Estonia or enter Europe via Estonia is at odds with the goal of the sanctions we have imposed. According to Reinsalu last week, Estonia wanted to impose sanctions so that the aggressor nation would not be able to carry on with its citizens’ normal level of international life.

Previously, millions of tourists from Russia visited Estonia to visit famous cities and learn about European culture. However, the Ministry emphasized that there are some exceptions. Russian nationals with an Estonian residence permit, Russian diplomats stationed there and their families, individuals working in the international cargo and passenger transportation industry, and Russian nationals with a right of free movement under EU law are all still permitted to enter Estonia.

Additionally, Estonia has made exceptions for Russian students. Last week, the Estonian government declared that the Schengen visa ban does not apply to Russian students studying in Estonia.

Russian students who are still enrolled in school can extend their residence permit for an additional year. After it was determined that the Russian students had encountered an unexpected circumstance, it was decided to extend their residence permit. It was also mentioned that they wouldn’t be able to complete their studies if they were sent back to Russia.

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