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For most foreigners, Taipei 101 skyscraper is the first thing that comes into their minds. However, there is more to do and many best cities to visit in Taiwan’s tallest landmark. So What do you think of when one mentions cities in Taiwan? it feels so amazing right. Taiwan is the favorite Asian country and the island-country, famous for its inviting hot springs, impressive mountains, and panicky night markets. From Chiayi, Hualien, Taipei to Tainan, here are 5 Best Cities In Taiwan to Visit whose highlights you must not miss.

List of Best Cities in Taiwan

1. Taipei

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The capital city is where you’ll land first. Taipei feels quintessentially Asian while having a personality all of its own is one of the popular cities in Taiwan. The heavy populated city is a dogfight of skyscrapers, buzzing scooters, night markets, and many more. There’s always something taking places in Taipei, no matter the time of day.

Despite its desperately modern appearance and infrastructure, Taipei is a place to engage with Taiwan’s proud culture and history. Get a taste for the country’s unprecedented street food scene by visiting Shilin night market, Taipei’s largest, soup dumplings, and bubble tea. Here you can eat for a week and hardly scratch the surface.

2. Kaohsiung

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The second-largest of Taiwan’s cities is every bit as spectacular and modern as Taipei. Although Kaohsiung is the largest port in the country, it sacrifices its manufacturing reputation of trendy cafes, beaches, and beautifully-tended parks. You should spend your time between urban attractions like Kaohsiung Dream Mall, Tuntex Sky Tower, and numerous night markets, and natural attractions like Shoushan mountain, where you might spot the rare Formosan rock macaque, picturesque Love River, and Yushan National Park.

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3. Chiayi

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Small but beautifully formed, Chiayi in western Taiwan is a quieter city and best city in Taiwan that offers a little caesura from the metropolises on this list. Most visit for a day or two on their way to the Alishan National Scenic Area. Spend your day wending through Chiayi Botanical Gardens to praise the native plant life and ornamental ponds home to koi, turtles, and frogs. During the evening, head to Wenhua Road night market to eat the local specialty of turkey rice, meat soaked in savory sauce and served on rice.

Chiayi is a famed example of smaller cities in Taiwan. Also, it’s an easy reach of Alishan National Scenic Area, nature preserve home to amazing mountain landscapes, waterfalls, traditional villages, and high altitude tea plantations.

4. Tainan

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The oldest and the ex-capital city of Taiwan has the best reputation with locals. It’s here you can get to clasp with Taiwanese culture at its most traditional, from visiting temples and art sites to sampling more delicious food.

In fact, the city is full of history which is almost impossible to see in a single visit. The most visited temple is the Taiwan Confucian Temple,  which was built in 1665, still, it is observing regular Confucian ceremonies. Fort Provintia is even older, built by the Dutch in 1653 during their settlement of the island.

We’ve mentioned already, that Tainan is possibly the best of Taiwan cities for food, offering signature dishes famous across the country. Don’t leave without trying danzai noodles, a local perfected over 130 years.

5. Taichung

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Taichung is home to the best museums in the country, including the National Museum of Fine Arts and Natural Science. Visit them alongside the National Taichung Theatre and the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra once of high culture. If that’s a too rich for your budget, there are numerous Japanese-style temples to visit, historic Taichung Park, and the Lin Family Gardens, a huge complex of traditional mansions, gardens, paintings, and more.


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Wulai is a small city and many people come here to wallow in the warm waters, learn more about the rich indigenous culture and explore the surrounding nature. With loads of outdoor activities on offer, you can go hiking in the forests, go fishing in the river and also camp amongst the wild while enjoying the delightful scenery. Tourists can also buy some of the indigenous arts and crafts on sale and try some of the local food. The undoubted highlight of any visit to Wulai is wallowing in the hot springs which are so abundant and the town’s mountainous setting only makes sitting back and taking in the view all the more magical.

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7. Lukang

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The second oldest town on the island is a mesmerizing place to visit, and it is particularly renowned for its delicious local cuisine and stunning architecture. Located in the northwest of the country, it was once an important seaport and trading center, although its standing has long since declined. There is a wide range of architectural styles on the show.

8. Pingxi

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Pingxi is a small city just a short train ride from the many sights of Taipei City. Pingxi is small but holds one of the most popular events in the Taiwanese calendar. Locals encourage tourists to visit this scenic to this small city to release sky lanterns into the night air, each Lunar New Year. It’s an incredible spectacle made all the more special by the beautiful natural scenery.

9. Anping

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Anping is formerly known as Dayuan, It is the old name for Taiwan. Anping is a small part of Tainan city that holds a very important place in the region’s history. Here tourists will find the most famous buildings of the Dutch occupation such as the Zeelandia Fort. This beautiful small city is a history buff’s dream with so many historic sites in such a small area.

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10. Ruifang

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The scenic town of Ruifang was once nothing more than a stop on the line to the more popular destinations of Jiufen and Pingxi. In recent years this lively, quaint little city of Taiwan developed around the station. It’s a well-known stop for hikers that take the many trails that wind their way through spectacular natural landscapes.

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Here we have collected the list of some highly recommended cities in Taiwan to visit which describes the proper information about the top cities in Taiwan to visit. If you require further more information about the travel tips and need to know some best vacation spots then kindly head on to other articles. I hope you might have loved reading the articles, so don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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