Best Cities in Philippines to Visit | Major Top Cities in Philippines

Generally speaking, the world holds the Philippines major cities in high attention: from amazing destinations to warmth and hospitality, the Philippines has been included in honorable lists, explaining the best parts of the country. Though the famous cities in the Philippines have its share of woes, as it can’t be ignored how delightfully friendly locals are, whether facing worriment or not. So have a look at these best cities in the Philippines

List of Cities in the Philippines

1. Davao

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Touted as Mindanao’s star city, it brags as being the largest cities in the Philippines in terms of area. Its recent claim to fame is the birthplace of current Philippine President Duterte, which has long been a destination famous for its beauty, delicious food, warm, and hospitable people. Its an efficient emergency response infrastructure, and it has been called the Safest City in the Philippines.

2. Makati

Philippines major cities,cities in the Philippines

Being one of the top cities in the Philippines it is commonly known as the business capital of the Philippines and is a world-class city where traditional culture and ideas meet the rest of the world. It is home to several multinational companies, numbers of foreigners and expats, and boasts of having the best urban nightlife in the country. Due to its multicultural scene, the city welcomes locals and foreigners from all walks of life. In fact, the city is one of the most desired places of residence by many Filipinos due to its metropolitan setting.

3. Puerto Princesa

Being home to the most wondrous tourist destination, it’s no wonder that the Puerto Princesa is friendly to locals and visitors alike. As it’s part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and is not only regarded as of the Philippines’ profitable destinations, friendly with the local government opening its doors to hundreds of visitors every year. More and more, the local government is providing hope to their constituents to put up businesses, creating growth, and establishing relationships with the world.

4. Dumaguete

Dumaguete is a favorite among travelers for many reasons, As the first one is due to being its accessibility. Despite being far from the capital of the Philippines, Dumaguete is the best cities in the Philippines to visit nevertheless holds many expats, as well as nestling a uniquely upscale economy. It’s a jumping-off point for those who are wishing to travel to Siquijor or Cebu but also it is a wonderful destination on its own.

5. Baguio Philippines

cities in the Philippines, top cities in Philippines

If Mindanao had Davao as its star city, the same way the Visayas has Cebu, particularly Metro Cebu. Over the years, it has as urbanized as Metro Manila. And through which may be both a good and bad thing, this has only created the opportunities for people to interact in the big city. Cebu is Known as the “Gateway to a Thousand Journeys,” as is touted to be one of the most progressive cities in the country.

6. Baguio

Touted as the Summer Capital of the Philippines and is the famous cities in the Philippines, Baguio attracts thousands of visitors each year, especially during February’s Panagbenga Festival. The city attracts more local visitors than foreign ones as Filipinos are trying to escape the unbearable heat in the Philippine lowlands. It is friendly to both locals and visitors, making the decision to call it their permanent residence.

7. Subic Bay

Philippines major cities,cities in the Philippines, top cities in Philippines

Subic Bay being the best cities to visit in the Philippines found its start as a military base for Americans. However, as it grew in size, it welcomes more outsiders and found itself becoming a tourist destination, with many visitors using it as a jumping-off point for nearby destinations like Olongapo, Zambales, and Porac. Previously being an American base, it has several American expats and American-oriented shops and establishments.

8. Iloilo

list of cities in the Philippines, Philippines major cities,cities in the Philippines


Iloilo Known as the City of Love takes its moniker quite seriously. Many Filipinos consider Ilonggos natives of Iloilo as the sweetest among Filipinos. From their terms of fascination with their culture of warmth, it’s quite easy to see why foreigners and even locals flock yearly to Iloilo.

List of cities in the Philippines is letting us know all the best cities in the Philippines to visit as it is providing a brief description of the top cities to visit in the Philippines and some Philippines major cities. Hope this article would be beneficial, as it provides the name of cities to be visited in the Philippines with their brief description and please share your views in and let us know your thoughts.

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