Most Visited Monuments in Tuvalu l Famous Monuments in Tuvalu

If you want to explore the history of Tuvalu through the ages there are a number of historical monuments in Tuvalu including the time-honored buildings, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Tuvalu. The presence of these monuments of Tuvalu will take you on a walk through the city’s rich history. If you are willing to have in-depth historical information about Tuvalu, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical sites in Tuvalu for a great trip:

List of Monuments in Tuvalu

1. Funafuti

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu


If you’ve decided to return to Tuvalu then you’ve got to start out your tour from Funafuti the most important island and capital of this island nation. This island of Funafuti has the sole International Airport in Tuvalu. It also has hotels for visitors to remain. Funafuti and its other tiny islets have most of the popular monuments in Tuvalu. The most important attraction of this place is the lagoon. it’s an 18km long water body that features a width of 14km. you’ve got to go to this massive lagoon of Tuvalu. you’ll enjoy diving within the water if you wish to.

Address: Funafuti, Tuvalu

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2. Fongafale

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu


It is Tuvalu’s biggest and progressing islet in Funafuti, with all the facilities seen during this place and it’s also one among the most important tourist attractions in Tuvalu. It’s the abode to the only airport of Fongafale established by the lagoon created by the Americans during war II. Experience the other-worldly sunset while the sun setting down illustrating the sky sort of a masterpiece. Stroll through to these important landmarks in Tuvalu within the moonlight under the shining stars while you relish the sleepy sea relaxing within the splendor of the night. Watch the Towers of the lighthouse projecting its bright light within the sea. Sample the Palusami (breadfruit with coconut milk, onions, and lime juice) and Pulaka, the specialty and therefore the favorite of the natives themselves. 

Address: Fongafale, Tuvalu

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3. Marine Conservation Park

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu

Marine Conservation Park

Funafuti has some small islands which are considered as islets.  Joining six such small islets, it is a spectacular marine conservation park founded in Funafuti. This important monument in Tuvalu is additionally a must-visit attraction. The blue-green sea surrounding is simply like heaven. you’ll snorkel underwater and see colorful; marine creatures like differing types of fishes, etc.

Address: Marine Conservation Park, Funafuti, Tuvalu

4. Vaiaku Stadium

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu

Vaiaku Stadium

The Vaiaku stadium also known as Tuvalu Sports Ground may be a stadium in Funafuti used for various occasions. it’s now utilized for football and rugby matches. This important landmark in Tuvalu features a capacity of 1,500 people. The stadium is established on a coral surface with river sediment being carried in from Fiji to make a base on which grass will develop.

Address: Vaiaku Stadium, Funafuti, Tuvalu

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5. Nanumanga

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu


Nanumanga is one of the atolls of Tuvalu. Here during skin diving, some caves were discovered in 1986 where remains of old settlements of the island were found. These remains include signs of fireside which wont to be lit on the rocks and coral reefs in ancient times by the inhabitants. For this reason, these historical monuments in Tuvalu which are submerged in seawater are called Fire Caves. Tourists who are habituated to skin diving can access these caves easily in Nanumanga of Tuvalu.

Address: Nanumanga, Tuvalu

6. Funafuti Women’s Craft Center

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu

Funafuti Women’s Craft Center

Don’t miss out on the prospect to urge a glimpse of the affluent culture by many handicrafts, handmade necklaces, artifacts created out of former shells, and quills made by the females of Tuvalu. You’ll like to ask the native women sitting to stitch clothes for you and buy some mementos for Tuvalu’s commemoration to your loved ones.

Address: Funafuti Women’s Craft Center, Tuvalu

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7. WWII Plane Wreckage Sites

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu

WWII Plane Wreckage Sites

During the second world war, this famous monument in Tuvalu was employed by Allied forces to lodge defense and counter attack against enemy forces who occupied the nearby Kiribati island. Within the times, signs of that war are often seen within the sorts of wreckage and remains of several war planes around different islands or atolls of Tuvalu like Nanumea, Motulalo, etc. you’ll visit these if you wish historic attractions. you’ll visit the bunker of Tepuka islet also.

Address: WWII Plane Wreckage Sites, Tuvalu

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8. Funafala

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu


With only a couple of families residing in charming tranquility on the islet, the Funafala may be a heaven on earth and a wonderful and beautiful landmark in Tuvalu. lie and observe the movie a few spheres of fireside gradually radiating its color to the boundless sky while it vanishes within the enchanting blue ocean, creating how for the innumerable twinkling stars with no vision of sunshine around the skyline. Enjoy a douse into the water when the tide is low to relax down the warmth.

Address: Funafala, Tuvalu

9. The Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu

The Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu

You like stamps, you’ve got the hobby of collecting valuable stamps within the world. If so then you’ve got to go to this very interesting attraction in Tuvalu which is in Funafuti. This historical monument in Tuvalu has a tremendous collection of stamps. It’s said that it’s some very rare stamps in its collection too. Stamps that belong to the independent Tuvalu nation also are often found here during this bureau. A philatelist not only can witness this collection but he or she will also buy from here. If you are doing not like stamps, you’ll visit this place while staying in Funafuti.

Address: The Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu, Funafuti, Tuvalu

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10. Vaiaku

Monuments in Tuvalu, Famous Monuments in Tuvalu


This historical landmark in Tuvalu situated on the southern shore of the island of Fongafale, Vaiaku is within the atoll of Funafuti in Tuvalu. There are 516 residences in Vaiaku, consistent with the survey of 2002, out of 4,492 for the entire atoll of Funafuti, which is the formal epicenter of Tuvalu. All the governmental edifices, incorporating the commercial bank of Tuvalu, and therefore the sole hotel of Tuvalu, Vaiaku Langi Hotel, is situated in Vaiaku. It also contains Teone Church, which is the sole church of the Latin Catholic Mission Sui Iuris of Funafuti.

Address: Vaiaku, Tuvalu

So far we have discussed the best monuments in Tuvalu, which contains the proper information regarding all the most visited monuments in Tuvalu. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Tuvalu then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about.

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