Dubai: A $5 billion worth of moon-shaped resort may open soon

Summary: Dubai plans to build a $5 billion, 735-foot-tall moon-shaped destination resort in the city. This amazing masterpiece will be designed by a Canadian architectural company, Moon World Resorts Inc., in 48 months.

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Dubai always surprises us with its enormous architecture, which is quite the pride of the city. But this time Dubai has planned to do something unique and breathtaking. 

Moon World Resorts Inc., a Canadian architectural firm, may be launching a $5 billion worth and 735-foot-tall moon-shaped destination resort in Dubai. This moon-shaped architecture is one of its types in the world, and no other country has ever thought of developing such a masterpiece before. 

We all find Dubai very fascinating, not just because of the sky-scraping buildings but also for the most amazing facts for which Dubai is actually famous among technocrats.

Earlier this month, Dubai announced plans to design a smart urban technology park in Dubai, and now the idea to construct a moon-lookalike resort is winning everyone’s heart. This moon-shaped destination resort, which rises to a height of 735 feet, is planned to be constructed in less than 48 months and is anticipated to host 2.5 million guests annually.

This moon-shaped resort is planned to boost the Emirate’s economy in a number of ways, including through a wellness center, nightclub, space tourism, hospitality, technology, and more, all while being surrounded by what is planned to be the lunar surface. The 10-acre surface, which includes a real “lunar colony,” is intended for people looking for a convenient way to learn about space tourism.

Apart from serving as an attraction to the city, this moon resort will also serve as a hub for space agencies and their astronauts. It will 

Additionally, 300 privately owned residential units called “Sky Villas” will be offered for sale at the destination. Additionally, the owners will join a prestigious private club at the hotel.

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