Best Cities in Myanmar to Visit | Major Cities in Myanmar 

Myanmar is a country rich in culture, tradition, and history. It’s midway between undergoing urbanization so that when you visit, you see an incredible mix of modern and old. The cities of Myanmar are so beautiful that any travelers loved to spend time here. You will see here the Pagodas scattered across the landscape and nowhere is this more apparent than in Bagan. They even grace balancing rocks and the center of cities to visit in Myanmar. The top cities in Myanmar also boast stunning natural landscapes and tourist-friendly beaches while pagodas are some of the biggest attractions here.  Check out our list of best cities in Myanmar to visit for a look at what this land in Southeast Asia has to offer.

List of Cities in Myanmar

1. Yangon

Best Cities in Myanmar


In the days of British rule, Yangon found glory rising with the rise of the Raj and becoming a patchwork of elegant and Georgian builds and Victorian townhouses. Much of that side of this major city in Myanmar remains intact too. To see the likes of St Mary’s Cathedral and its Anglo spires, today you can navigate the tuk-tuk-packed roadways. However, the real piece de resistance has to be the Shwedagon Pagoda. This marks the sacred spot where the holy lotus buds once appeared to signal the coming of Gautama Buddha and guide the learned to Nirvana. Don’t miss to visit this most popular site and wonder and the glimmering gold construction, the prayer rooms, and the exquisitely carved pavilions for pilgrims.

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2. Bagan

Best Cities in Myanmar


The city of Bagan is perhaps one of the most interesting places and ancient cities in Myanmar. Over 2,000 Buddhist monuments dot the Bagan Archeological Zone that’s spread across 26 square miles. The best way to take in the entirety of this breathtaking city is to hop into a hot air balloon and fly over it. The rides take place in the wee hours of the morning. Carry a good camera so you can take photos of the monuments from above. This city is famous for its history as well as hot air ballooning.

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3. Mandalay

Best Cities in Myanmar


Mandalay is one of those best cities in Myanmar that is known around the world for its heritage owing and rich culture to the contributions made by some of the dynasties that existed back then. The place highlights the doings of the mighty Shwenandaw Monastery and all in all is considered around for its plethora of not just prose but poetry pieces too. When it comes to the rich history and literature of the place around this temple has been considered to be one of the most important influencing factors. This is the second-largest city in Myanmar and best for pilgrimage and people who love visiting temples and amazing picturesque destinations around. Maha Myat Muni, otherwise known as the Royal Palace is also one of the most visited sites of a pilgrimage around here.

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4. Mawlamyine

Best Cities in Myanmar


Mawlamyine can be quite a good change in those terms if you are done with the rustic countryside and small towns. It provides you with a break from the same and does contribute to your city’s demands. This important city of Myanmar is situated in the deep territory of Mon, very close to the borders of Thailand and is known and appreciated around for its amazing cultural forefront.  Apart from all of that, you can also visit the Uzina Paya stupa which is one of the most popular sites for the pilgrims. If you want to explore more, charter a boat and visit the mysterious Shampoo Island t get to know the place even better and witness the Buddhist shrines with your own eyes. This amazing city is ideal for Pagodas and Shampoo island.

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5. Mergui

Best Cities in Myanmar


The Mergui city is so popular for its pool of the destinations. The Myeik Archipelago and the Pashu Islands are some of its scattered parts around in the Andaman Islands. It is one of the best cities to visit in Myanmar. Each one of these places has a unique character of its own which is what sets it apart from the others. The beautiful sand that glistens under the direct rays of the sun and gives you a feel of the silver surface and increases the beauty of this place. Apart from relaxing day in there, you can enjoy a good chunk of the activities around here which includes amazing sailing expeditions. To have an even better time on this piece of land more and more people are relegating to the yachts. This city is known for sailing and relaxing day.

6. Naypyidaw

Best Cities in Myanmar


Next on the list of the most famous cities in Myanmar includes the authority and delegates it as the capital of the place owing to the mesmerizing beauty of the place around. It is not a city for amazing destinations like every other one that you will come across. By the Burmese military leader Than Shwe back in 2005, the city was announced as the capital of Myanmar. Because of the littered presence of a wide range of government buildings and nationalist monuments decision was made rightfully. If you are visiting this city make sure that you visit the parliament complexes along with the infamous Uppatasanti Pagoda. These all will give you a vivid experience. If you want to visit the Government Buildings and landmarks this city welcomes you.

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7. Mrauk U

Best Cities in Myanmar

Mrauk U

Something of a more off-the-beaten-track alternative to much-trodden Bagan, Mrauk U can be found between the dust-caked hills of Rakhine State, located in the far western reaches of the country.  With countless stupas and temple spires, this tourist city in Myanmar offers an interesting glimpse of the age-old school of Arakanese religious building. It’s also said that Mrauk U grew into a powerful merchant center in the late Middle Ages. This city boats drifting across the Bay of Bengal from trading partners like Portugal and Europe, and even India and Persia.

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8. Bago

Best Cities in Myanmar


Bago is formerly known as Pegu. It was once the capital of the Mon Kingdom. This city is packed full of history and authentic everyday culture while it doesn’t top many modern guidebooks already published. If you are visiting this beautiful city in Myanmar don’t miss to see the ruins of the ancient palace, you can also admire the many nearby pagodas, or witness the traditions of the rice-making industry. You should go now before the city is overrun by tourists as a new airport is set to open in the region in 2022. The rare thing about this place is you will find only a few hotels licensed to welcome foreigners, and the restaurants offer a truly local experience with typical Burmese dishes and traditional curries. The local market is also a great spot to soak up the sights and sounds of everyday life in Bago. Shwethalyaung, an enormous reclining statue of Buddha, and Shwemawdaw Pagoda, the ‘Golden God Temple’ are some other attractions you don’t want to miss here in this popular city in Myanmar. The appeal of this famous city in Myanmar is its authentic, non-touristy feel.

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The land of lost cities, mesmerizing sites, and the best cities to visit in Myanmar are waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Plan your vacation to Myanmar and discover this peaceful, peace-loving and cities to visit in Myanmar country.

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