Maldives is building a floating city to accommodate 20000 people

Synopsis: To cope with the rising sea levels, Maldives is all set to start a new project “World’s first floating city”. The project will accommodate 20000 people and will be completed by 2027.

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The Maldives located in the heart of the Indian ocean is a gorgeous beach destination. It is quite popular among luxury seekers, honeymooners, and sea lovers. 

Recently, Maldives has partnered with a Netherlands-based architectural firm to design the world’s first floating city in the Maldives. The City will be designed in a 2 sq km area on a lagoon with 5,000 floating buildings, stores, and schools. The lagoon will be located 10 minutes away by boat from the capital city Male. The city will be designed in hexagonal-shaped floating structures with the space to accommodate 20,000 people. 

Maldives Floating City is a revolutionary approach to cope with the rising sea level. Everyone is aware of the fact that global warming and rapid climatic changes are increasing the sea level and all islands including the Maldives will entirely go under the water by 2100.

The Maldives is an archipelago comprising in excess of 1100 coral islands. 80% of the islands sit less than one meter (three feet) above sea level and most of them will become uninhabitable by 2050 if global warming keeps increasing at the same pace. 

To cope with this climate threat, Maldives has planned to construct a floating city by 2027 that will not be affected by the increased water level of the sea. The construction of this city will start by the end of 2022 and by 2024 residents will start shifting into their new homes.

Dutch Docklands International, the development firm, states that it is a completely new approach and no other country has attempted to do anything like this before. The price for a studio apartment will start from $150,000 and goes up to $250,000 for a seafront residential space that will be constructed in a 100-square-meters area. Residents have to board a jetty to reach the seafront residence on the lagoon. 

The health of the marine ecosystem will remain untouched while the development of this project. Artificial coral banks will be designed on the bottom of the city that stimulates the natural growth of the coral.

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