Best Cities, Towns to Visit in Sri Lanka | Major Cities in Sri Lanka

In a few years, the travel industry in this nation has truly taken off. Never again cursed by civil war, the island country’s great shorelines, plenty of mind-blowing archeological destinations, scrumptious food and beautiful towns in Sri Lanka have been drawing more and more tourists per year. The cities of Sri Lanka are very friendly with visitors, while their intricate architectural wonders, provincial time fortresses, and ancient temples are some of the places of attractions to visit. So in this article, we covered up the top 10 cities in Sri Lanka for you where you can visit on your trip to this nation.

List of Cities to Visit in Sri Lanka

1. Galle

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Situated right on the shores of Sri Lanka’s southwestern region, Galle is famous for its noteworthy, excellent Old Town, initially worked by Portuguese pioneers in the late sixteenth century, before being broadly strengthened during the seventeenth century by Dutch colonialists. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and outstanding amongst other protected ocean posts in South Asia. Head towards the highest point of the Old Town’s eighteenth-century Clock Tower for all-encompassing beautiful vistas of the Indian Ocean and other nearby milestones like the dazzling Galle Lighthouse, worked in the year 1939.

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2. Anuradhapura

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Settled around 900 B.C, Anuradhapura is known as home to the absolute amazing ruins in Srilanka. Thusly, there are lots of astonishing archeological destinations for you to investigate. Notwithstanding the astonishing exhibit of royal residences, sanctuaries and antiquated structures, the city itself is a laid back place, with a few neighborhood markets to look at. The Archeology Museum is certainly justified regardless of a visit to see its intriguing gathering of nearby relics. The previous capital of the Sinhalese is likewise home to one of Buddhism’s most consecrated destinations as the Bodhi Tree Temple. It is one of the best cities in Sri Lanka.

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3. Haputale

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


A truly flawless tea-developing towns, Haputale is the area of the Dambatenne Tea Estate, one of the nation’s longest-running tea ranches and home to Lipton’s Seat, a beautiful spot with dazzling vistas over the hills and encompassing mountains that was the favored post for its estate founder and namesake, the Scottish tea nobleman Sir Thomas Lipton. Other nearby focal points incorporate the delightful nineteenth-century Adisham Bungalow, worked in the Tudor style and settled inside the limits of the Thangamale Bird Sanctuary, while around an hour’s drive westbound of town dwells the dazzling Bambarakanda Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls of this nation. 

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4. Ella

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Situated in a delightful setting with picturesque tea plantations, sweeping valleys, and forest-covered hills, Ella is a stunning spot to invest energy and is one of the most mainstream Hill Country towns. Because of its ongoing flood in notoriety, the vast majority of Ella’s restaurants, bars and hotels are currently aimed for visitors. It very well may be very elusive the legitimate side to the town, in spite of the fact that it is unquestionably there on the off chance that you look hard enough. Regardless, the encompassing field and beautiful landscape are what a great many people seek; don’t forget to climb to a portion of the temples and closeby waterfalls, just as to the highest point of Ella Rock for fantastic views of the Hill Country.

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5. Negombo

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


In spite of the fact that it doesn’t have much in the method for sights, Negombo is a wonderful shoreline town that is the ideal spot for you to head in the event that you want to simply relax on golden sands. Before, Negombo was battled about by the British, Portuguese and Dutch, who just wanted to control cinnamon manors. The old quarter is as yet home to Dutch canal and colonial-era fort. Lying just toward the north of Colombo, the city has heaps of bars, restaurants and settlement choices. Its tropical atmosphere is perfect for relaxing on the shoreline. It is one of the most famous cities in Sri Lanka.

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6. Tangalle

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


With four kilometers of beautiful, sandy coastline, it’s no big surprise that the shorelines of Tangalle are regularly hailed as the best on Sri Lanka’s southeastern shores. In spite of the fact that Tangalle’s unspoiled coastline is no uncertainty ideal for unwinding, the more brave guest can investigate the neighborhood waters through a scuba jumping outing or witness marine turtles settling at Rekawa Beach. For archaeology buffs and history, an outing to Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara, an old Buddhist sanctuary roosted high on a stone northwards of the town, is an unquestionable requirement see.

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7. Colombo

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Colombo is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka. In past known as ‘the nursery city of the East’ because of its verdant and pleasant appearance, the country’s biggest city still holds huge numbers of its landscaped gardens and leafy boulevards, regardless of its urban spread and quick development. The business focal point of Sri Lanka flawlessly blends current shopping centers and high rises with delightful provincial structures. Scope of engineering styles can be found in the city, with the Murugan Hindu sanctuary being truly outstanding.

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8. Kandy

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Considered by numerous individuals to be the social capital of the nation, Kandy is a beautiful spot to visit for every traveler. Splendidly shaded houses spot the woodland secured slopes, and at the focal point of the town, glorious structures can be found circumscribing a flashing lake. As the previous capital of Sri Lanka’s antiquated rulers, there is heaps of history to eat up, just as bunches of fabulous pilgrim period engineering. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic – one of the most significant Buddhist locales on the planet – shows some delightful Kandyan design that dates to the sixteenth century. Notwithstanding astounding royal residences and sanctuaries, Kandy additionally has the yearly Esala Perahera celebration, which exhibits the rich Kenyan culture in the entirety of its wonder.

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9. Kataragama

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Considered among the most blessed of all Sri Lankan destinations to visit, Kataragama is home to the Maha Devala sanctuary, a multi-religious hallowed site visited by Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims alike, and the yearly Kataragama Perahera celebration which pulls in a large number of travelers every year, regularly from as far away from home as Jaffna in the nation’s northernmost ranges. For nature lover’s, the hallowed city makes an incredible base for investigating the neighboring Yala National Park, a safe house of wildlife home to leopards, elephants and several types of fowls. 

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10. Dambulla

top 10 cities in Srilanka, Major cities in Srilanka.


Dambulla is well-known for its unimaginable cavern temple complex which is brimming with wonderful statues of Buddha, just as awesome paintings. While the complex unquestionably is amazing and is a must place to visit, it is as a glaring difference to Dambulla, a turbulent, traffic-filled spot. Notwithstanding the cavern temples, the adjacent Ibbankatuwa internment site is the main other sights on offer; it makes them premium tombs for you to investigate. Dambulla is one of the popular cities in Sri Lanka.

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All of the above-mentioned cities and towns are the top cities in Sri Lanka which are must visit on your trip to this nation. All of these cities offer a lot to its visitors as there are a lot of things to do and see. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about this nation.

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