Top 10 Best Places to Eat in India

Through India’s food scene you may understand that this nation is one of the most climatically, culturally and linguistically diverse countries in the world. Every state or city in this country is known for its unique taste and unique set of cuisines. For a nation that is known as the home of the absolute most outlandish food, It won’t be hard work to search the food stall, coffee shop and a restaurant, in fact, you will spot it in every turn of the city. From south to north and wherever in the middle of it, find the best places to eat in India for foodies.

Where to Eat in India

1. Delhi

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Delhi is popular in all over India whether it is its shopping scene, food scene famous places to visit, etc.. As being the capital of the country it offers a lot to its visitors, Delhi is also known as the food capital of India as here you can try almost every famous food from all different regions in India. Delhi is also famous for its outstanding street food. In every market and corner of the road, you will find many street food stalls serving the mouthwatering dishes and the main thing is at an affordable price. What’s more, In Delhi you will find lots of walled cafes and award-winning restaurants which are serving almost popular cuisine from all over the world and it’s hard to choose where to head for your meal as they are all best. Delhi is one of the top places to eat in India.

2. Kolkata

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


This city is affectionately known as the city of happiness is gastronomically and culturally rich. Kolkata is widely famous for serving delicious Rasgulla, sweetmeats, Sandesh and mainly its fish-based dishes, Additionally, its delicious street nourishment, like,puchkas and spicy jhal muri, are popular all over the nation. There are lots of dishes to try while you’re in Kolkata, as Mughlai food at Shiraz Golden and Arsalan Restaurant, kati rolls at Zeeshan, Bengali dishes at Bhojohori Manna, famous chelo kebabs of Peter Cat Restaurant and Tibetan fare at Tiretta market.

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3. Mumbai

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Mumbai is known for its tremendous collection of avant-garde and traditional eateries, old-school bars, street food, and deli-style cafes. From regional food to dirt-cheap street food like Goan Vindaloo,  Mangalorean seafood, Konkani Coastal, and south Indian meals, Gujarati and Kerala Thalis, Mughlai Kebabs, the Maharashtrian fare also serving some International cuisines like Persian and European, Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Modern American, Mumbai has all of this. In any case, an outing to the City of Dreams is not successful without attempting its trademarks – like vada pav and pav bhaji alongside Masala chai.

4. Lucknow

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Lucknow has separated itself as a settler in Awadhi cooking. Lucknow is widely popular for its famous kababs and at Lucknow, you will get a lot of variety of it like shami, kakori, galouti, seekh, tunday and boti and don’t forget to try its famous biryani and paya ki nihari. Lucknow is like a heaven for meat lovers but you will find here some of the best vegan restaurants also. Known as the land of Nawabs has also some of famous running historic restaurants that have been around for a considerable length of time. Some of them are Naushijaan, Dasterkhwan, Idrees Biryani, and legendary Tunday Kababi. It is one of the unique places to eat in Lucknow.

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5. Goa

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


The cooking and eating scene in Goa is the same amount of a lifestyle as its energetic beach parties and pub culture. What’s more, what makes its sustenance scene so uncommon is the impact of various societies that it came into contact with throughout the hundreds of years, presently present in each dish. One noteworthy impact, notwithstanding, was from Portugal, which leads to the presentation and advancement of new dishes, like, prawn balchao, pork vindaloo and pork feijoada. Goa is also famous for its seafood dishes, alongside the extremely well-known Goan feni, cashew based drink. Goa is one of the smallest states in India yet it incorporates lots of famous international cuisines like Israeli, Italian, European and Mexican.

6. Amritsar

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Amritsar is famous for its places to visit like Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, and Golden Temple, one more thing that puts it on tourists’ rundowns is its lip-smacking nourishment. This beautiful and humble Golden City has the absolute best food to offer, like, Amritsari fish, Amritsari Kulcha, Amritsari chicken and paneer bhurji. In any case, an honorary mention goes to the langar at the famous Golden Temple where visitors can taste vegetarian food like rice, daal, a vegetable dish with roti(bread) and don’t forget to try lassi also known as sweet buttermilk which is the most remarkable drink of Amritsar.

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7. Jaipur

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Jaipur in Rajasthan also called the ‘Pink City’ is famous for its historical residences, colorful culture, vibrant marketplaces, and obviously, it’s mouth-watering Rajasthani cooking. Indeed, it’s a city that is saturated with sustenance culture, which makes it a standout amongst the most exceptionally regarded nourishment spots in India. While its veggie lover nourishment choices are the popular world over, like kachori, gatte ki sabzi and dal bati churma, meat-eaters will also find lots of delicious dishes here. And don’t forget to try the famous classic dessert of this city named ghevar. Jaipur is full of street vendors, bustling bazaars and royal places. Jaipur is one of the famous places to eat in India.

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8. Ahmedabad

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


In spite of the fact that the noteworthy city of Ahmedabad’s distinguishing strength is its particularly mouth-watering Gujarati snacks, like, farsan, dalvada undhiyu, ganthiya, khakhra, thepla, khaman dhokla and khandvi, the city likewise plays host to various top-notch foundations, street vendors and cafes that take into account a scope of various palates. From the south and north Indian cooking to international and regional food, you’ll see everything. For a bona fide Ahmedabad experience, head towards  Rajwadu or Ambika Dalvada and for tasting international food, head to 650-the Global Kitchen or La Feasta.

9. Kochi

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Food is a genuine endeavor in this country, Kochi and Kerala emerge for drawing travelers to attempt the gastronomic pleasures of Kerala. Its cooking is characterized by its multitude of flavors, richness, and simplicity. From traditional thali to seafood-based dishes served on a banana leaf, to snacks, similar to puttu, stew, and idiyappam, you’ll see everything. Kochi is a seaside city, so fresh seafood is found in wealth, which makes it a heaven for seafood lovers. The absolute best places to eat incorporate Fusion Bay or Drawing Room for fish, Saffron for Continental and Indian food and Kashi Art Cafe for solace nourishment.

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10. Pondicherry

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


This rundown would have been deficient without the notice of the French Capital of India, Pondicherry. Pondicherry’s sustenance scene is a blend of flavors that takes notes from French, European, South Indian, European, Continental, and other Western cooking styles. From fine-dining restaurants to beachfront cafes, the gastronomic scene of this ‘Little France of India’ keeps foodies on their toes. Top choices for French fare includes Le Club, Mango Hill and Le Cafe for French charge, Surguru for traditional South Indian food and Cafe des Arts for Continental fare.

11. Gangtok

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


Gangtok is another must-visit place for foodies as it is known for its vibrant and rich food, which is an amalgam of local Nepali, Tibetan, and Sikkimese fare. The most loved dish of Gangtok is momos available in meat or vegetable filling, which is likewise accessible in a couple of states crosswise over India. In any case, there are two dishes that you will never find anywhere else on the planet: dishes are phagshapa and thukpa. Some go-to spots to taste some delicious local food include the Roll House, Taste of Tibet and Golden Dragon Hotel. You can even make a beeline for the curious little bistros found in the district for some best local eats.

12. Udupi

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


If you love to eat south Indian food then this is a place for you to visit as Udupi is a place where you can eat all varieties of south Indian food at one spot. Actually, the popular dosa invented in this Konkani town, and simply this claim to fame makes it an unmissable spot for south Indian food lovers. For the best South Indian experience, head to Konark or Konark Woodlands Restaurant. Udupi is one of the top places to eat in India.

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13. Hyderabad

 where to eat in India, unique places to eat in India


The Hyderabad city also is known as the city of Nizams and is worldwide popular for its biryani, which is served in almost every luxury restaurants and roadside dhabas. This quintessential dish demonstrates the solid impact of Turkish, Mughlai and Andhra cooking. For savoring the best biryani, make sure to don’t miss the stop by the Shadab for chicken and mutton biryani, Bawarchi for mutton biryani and Cafe Bahar for biryani. Other nearby delights not to miss includes paaya, keema samosas, sheer khurma and lukhmi. Hyderabad is one of the famous places to eat in India.

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All of the above-mentioned places are the top 10 places to eat in India where you can satisfy your hunger with traditional Indian food and Some famous International cuisines all of these places are known in all over India for serving it unique regional dishes. Hope the post is useful to you kindly read our other blogs also to know more about India.

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