Arc De Triomphe Facts – Interesting Facts, History of Arc De Triomphe

As Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe is the most iconic monument in the French capital, Paris.  It’s like an older brother of the “iron lady”, Eiffel tower. Napoleon, after the celebration of an important victory during the Battle of the Three Emperors, wanted to pay homage to the victories he had won by him next to the soldiers of the Grand Armee. In 1806, he ordered the construction of the monument that celebrated their return from battle. This monument was the Arc de Triomphe, which represents a  promise Napoleon made to the army that they’d be welcomed home by triumphal arches.

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Here is a great fact about that Arc de Triomphe was meant to be an elephant. Since the final result was not so fantastic, but the Arc de Triomphe became one of the main examples of French architecture.

Some Interesting Facts, Infomation About Arc De Triomphe

  • There is four support on each of its pillars.
  • That four support pillar represents the values and virtues of the French armed forces: “Triumph”, “Peace”, “Resistance” and “the Departure of the Volunteers”.
  • On the inner walls of pillars, you can find engraved the names of the battles won by Napoleon and those of the soldiers who fought for France.

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  • At the foot of the monument, there is a Grave of Unknown Soldiers, which was added in honor of the memory of those who died in the First World War, particularly those whose bodies were never identified and who went missing. In their honor, a type of candlelight was lit and it’s never supposed to be put out.
  • The Arc de Triomphe was incomplete until 1836, 15 years after Napoleon’s death, therefore, he never had the chance to see the final product. When he married his second wife “Marie Louise of Austria”,  he had a wooden replica of the Arc so the two of them could pass through it as they entered Paris as a married couple.

Cleaning this Landmark is not so easy task.  It was fully cleaned in 2011, which was its first cleaning in almost 50 years.

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