Tourist pass is mandatory to visit pretty towns in France to control over-tourism

Synopsis: Europe has been dealing with over-tourism for the past many years and beautiful towns there are getting crowded every day. To control tourism in the country, these beautiful French towns have taken their stand to implement a reservation system for tourists coming to visit popular tourist sites in the country. 

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The pandemic situation in countries has been hitting the tourism sector hardly for the past 2 years. But nowadays, when the situation is getting back to normal, countries are experiencing a surge of tourists across the globe. The excessive number of tourists in some countries leads to over-tourism. It’s high time that countries need to take strong decisions to control crowds at famous spots in their country to protect them from damage. 

These days France, especially, has been dealing with over-tourism and many picturesque towns there is facing the situation of overcrowding. To deal with this situation wisely, several beautiful towns in France have decided to make an effective reservation system for tourists. Under this system, a new rule will be implemented in which the tourist will be issued a pass to visit pretty towns and famous tourist destinations in France. The reservation systems will be proven to be an effective way to deal with over-tourism, save the popular attractions from damage and stop worsening the condition. Many famous spots in France have been damaged due to overcrowding.

Marseille, the oldest city in France, has introduced a special quota and reservation system for tourists to visit the famous Calanque de Sugiton. Calanque de Sugiton is a famous attraction in the city that sees over 3000 tourists daily before the implementation of this tourist quota. However, after the implementation of the quota, only 500 people are allowed to visit the place in a day.

According to the statement released by the tourist officer, Calanques had become the victim of overcrowding in the summer of 2020, especially in July and August. After which, damage to flora and fauna had been witnessed. To control the over-tourism and crowds at Calanques and other busy spots in Marseille several trained workers will be deployed to manage the flow of people.

Likewise, another famous Region in France, Provence-Alps-French Riviera; also known as Région Sud has taken the help of modern technology to control over-tourism. They have teamed up with an app to control traffic during the busiest travel season.

Another stunning French island, Corsica has implemented daily quotas and capped the number of visitors in order to safeguard the local environment. Visitors must make a reservation in advance to visit the Lavezzi Islands, Restonica Valley, and Bavella Needles in Corsica.

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