Rajasthan will introduce its double-decker cruise service in March

Synopsis: The cruise will start transporting tourists on Ajmer's Ana Sagar Lake, a popular tourist place in Rajasthan. This double-decker cruise can carry a maximum of 150 passengers at a time and also has a multicuisine restaurant to host small gatherings.

If everything goes according to plan, Rajasthan's first cruise will probably begin transporting tourists on Ajmer's Ana Sagar Lake in March. This will add another point of interest for tourists. Ajmer is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan, with plenty of popular places including the Brahma temple and Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s shrine.

In addition to taking a trip on the double-decker cruise, passengers will also have the opportunity to use it as a venue for intimate gatherings and parties.

If reports are accurate, the cruise can accommodate up to 150 people. A knowledgeable official says that the cruise service in Rajasthan will probably start in the first week of March. The work tender for this project was handed over to the construction company last year in February, and a 15-month timeframe was given to make the cruise. It is anticipated that it will be ready by the end of February this year. According to the reports, the corporation stands to make an annual profit of 66.5 lakh Indian rupees (INR) thanks to the provision of the service.

Ravindra Saini, an assistant engineer for the corporation, mentioned that the route that the cruise will take on the lake will be unique in comparison to the routes that other boats use to ferry passengers. The prices of the tickets have not been determined yet; this step will be taken by the contractor once the corporation has given its approval.

Some reports say that the cruise will have a restaurant and that passengers will be able to book the space for private parties and small events.

The area around the lake has also been improved with things like paths, restaurants, and more, and there are already a lot of tourists there.