Top 10 Things to Buy in New York | Best Souvenirs to Buy in New York

There are lots of adorable items that people love to take away from New York especially those T-shirts with ‘I love NY’ printed on it. But now you can find them in any state hence it might have loosened its popularity but there are far more other famous things to buy in New York that you might not know about being an outsider. Hence these here I have curated some top souvenirs to buy in New York with the assistance of our travel chums who explore the places deeply and come out with some amazing things that are loved by locals and are super nostalgic to make you remember all the best memories from NYC forever. Let’s follow up on the given below list of top 10 things to buy in New York that are affordable and prove to be the best takeaways from New York.

List of Things to Buy in New York

1. Books

 What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York


A great book always wins someone’s heart who loves to explore the world within books. In fact, New York in itself has housed some of the great romantic stories that are even made into blockbuster movies. There are a lot of great places to shop in New York for getting the best souvenirs to buy in New York. But the king of all the city’s bookstores is the Strand. This book store has a lot of big collections of old and classic books that have been run by the same family since 1927 and famously have 18 miles of books. You can find from rare leather-bound editions to the latest bestsellers in books.

2. Model Water Tower Kit

 What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Model Water Tower Kit

Since New York is a port city at the end of the day, therefore, you must explore its heritage under the popular things to buy in New York where a perfect souvenir accounts for the model water tower kits by Boundless Brooklyn, which pay homage to the city’s humble yet ubiquitous water towers. There are also some 100% recycled materials, in which each kit comes with step-by-step instructions to build your own miniature versions. These items are usually sold at dozens of stores around the city, including the museum shops at the New Museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

3. Tabletop Decor

 What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Tabletop Decor

There are a lot of cutlery items that are famous from different cities but New York offers a lot of odd items that you might not find in any other state. Therefore, don’t forget to look out for their tabletop decors that are available in a lot of cities in decoupage plates, platters, bowls, and other tabletop covers. You can get various customized designs also from some super popular shops. These are the famous souvenirs to buy in New York that every home lover loves to accept for embellishing their homes with refined products. You try out the designs of John Derian whose shop has been very popular among New Yorkers of the town since 1989.

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4. Vintage Clothes

 What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Vintage Clothes

New York is usually the trendsetter in all of the fashion Hollywood industry and accounts for various platforms that are very appreciated among people for their choices and products. But the vintage fashion never goes out of trend in this city as a dark matte red lipstick with vintage attire is the signature for an ‘NYC girl’ that you can spot easily over the streets.  But the best can only be found in Brooklyn hence to get your hands over these best-known things to buy in New York try Beacon’s Closet, which gets swarmed every year with hipsters especially on the weekends or go with the expensive Amarcord, which specializes in high-end designers like Gucci, Prada, Missoni, and Pucci to serve you with the chicest designs that are obviously very expensive.

5. Vinyl Records

What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Vinyl Records

Along with vintage clothes if you are one of the ‘old schools’ or one with ‘an old soul and young body’ you must explore the collection of vinyl records in NYC. There are a lot of London-based stores that sell LPs, CDs, and books in a space outfitted with recycled shipping containers. This is one of the best factors about NYC that not only the things to buy in New York are amazing and extraordinary but their marketing skills and strategy are also tempting so that you find it hard to roll over. Their episode also hosts concerts, signings, and other events so if you also love to catch up such gatherings do keep track of these stores.

6. Perfume

What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York


There are some souvenirs that never go out of time but to find the perfect fragrance that isn’t too nosy and tangential are always a hard choice. Therefore if you are also struggling with the thoughts of what to buy in New York? That can be just perfect for your partner then go for the perfumes. It can be a cosmic desert town of Marfa or the heat and spice of Bombay you’ll get it all at the famous shop in Bed-Stuy or at Barneys New York. Whereas, for those connoisseurs who are interested in creating their own scent, visit The Fragrance Shop that has a range of customizable oils and perfumes which you can mix according to your preferences.

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7. Special Tea

What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Special Tea

Tea is not the growing ground of New York, still, their extravagant sources and exporting facilities make a great collection of tea that you can take back to your home. There are a lot of top souvenirs to buy in New York that always include the fine collection of tea in NYC. You can try out the matcha and rare teas from the Himalayas, as well as more standard black, green, white, and herbal teas from India, China, and Japan. These teas are also packaged in beautiful yellow canisters, therefore these teas also make for excellent gifts if you are thinking of giving it to someone.

8. Chocolate Treats

What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Chocolate Treats

How can you not try out the finest of treats? New York is usually known as the city of migrants where people come and go frequently but the traditions they bring in are always cherished and stay for longer durations. Such skills keep on getting refined like a bottle of aged wine. Therefore, all the souvenirs to buy in New York you explore are the result of constant addition and improvement in the products that came into the city long years ago. The cocoa beans in the stores are meticulously transformed into truffles, ganaches and caramels that are just mouth-watering from their appearances. There are some boutiques in-store that exclusively sell cashew caramel bark which is thin chocolate topped with cashew caramel crumbles with a dusting of fleur de sel. You can also try chocolate-covered North Fork Potato Chips from Brooklyn’s Nunu Chocolates.

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9. Pressed Pennies

 What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York

Pressed Pennies

For all the coin collectors this is one of the must-buy things in New York that are constructed with machines and are usually found in popular attractions like the Central Park Zoo, FAO Schwarz, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the Statue of Liberty. You can get your customized stamp and make desirable pressed pennies but they might be more expensive than buying the already designed ones. But if you are touring anywhere near the Yankee Stadium, then don’t miss the two machines offering collectable Yankee-themed pennies at very affordable rates.

1o. Jewellery

 What to Buy in New York, Things to Buy in New York


There are a lot of accessory stores in NYC that are very active with their offerings as the culture of fashion in New York is very random and keeps on changing frequently. Along with that, the monthly fashion magazines are also provident in maintaining the trends that just boost the sales of such random jewellery shops. Out of which Catbird is especially known for its thin, stackable rings, but also makes engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets using ethically sourced diamonds, opals, and other gems. Along  with that, you can look out for their in-house studio, which stocks items by other local designers. If all of these things to buy in New York are too expensive for you then you can hit the streets for getting some great replicas or street accessories at very reasonable rates.

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I hope you liked the above-mentioned list of top 10 things to buy in New York that are classy and affordable. Since New York in itself is a very expensive state after London then you have to be prepared for some extra cash expenditure but don’t worry as par mentioned popular souvenirs to buy in New York are covering all types of budgets, therefore, you can preferably choose products according to your needs. 

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