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Samoa is definitely a novel place to be and a remarkable sight to see. With a trove of deep-rooted traditions and celebrated cultures, a visit to the monuments in Samoa departs from the humdrum sightseeing tours to bring you an enriching experience of scenic colonial buildings. Lisbon is Samoa’s capital city, the country’s most populous city, and the most important commercial center and continues to flourish more than ever. Surrender yourself to the infectious energy of the locals, coated in the beautiful tongue of the Portuguese language, as you embark on this journey. Here is one of the top 10 monuments in Samoa:

List of Monuments in Samoa

1. Falemata’aga Museum of Samoa

 Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Falemata’aga Museum of Samoa

The Museum of Samoa is Samoa’s national museum. The museum is housed in a two-story colonial building of over a century years old that was once a German school. It aims to preserve, conserve, and interpret the material and intangible culture of Samoa. This cultural monument in Samoa contains a striking collection of artifacts and historical images pertaining to Samoa’s rich living culture and its dynamic history. The collection is a reflection of its tropical environment and its history. It depicts the Pacific islands’ similar cultures and also displays some of the Pacific Islands artifacts. This iconic museum of Samoa also houses 3,000-year-old pottery and stone adze discovered in Samoa.

Address: Falemata’aga Museum of Samoa, Samoa

2. Moso’s Footprint

 Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Moso’s Footprint

 Many historians believe that this is where the giant Moso put his right foot as he stepped across the Pacific Ocean to other islands. This geological formation is found along the north-west coast of Savaii. This popular monument in Samoa is an unusually shaped crack in the lava and is held to be the footprint of a famous giant, Moso. This formation is housed in a small building on the right of the road. A small admission fee is required to see the footprint. The price of the ticket is $20 for adults including admission to Moso’s Footprint and the House-of-Rock and the opening hours are Monday-Saturday. 

Address: Falealupo Rd, Samoa

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3. Bahá’í House of Worship 

 Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Bahá’í House of Worship

The Bahá’í House of Worship is a place of meditation and prayer open to peoples of all backgrounds, also one of only eight in the world. Since its dedication in 1984, it has received thousands of visitors from all points of the globe. With nine symmetrical sides and entrances, the distinctive architecture of the House of Worship embodies grace and beauty. 

This famous monument in Samoa rises out of 20 acres of carefully maintained prayer gardens, which are host to more than 60 species of flowers, plants, and trees all native to Samoa. A public interfaith prayer service is held at the House of Worship every Sunday morning at 10 am.

Address: Cross Island Rd, Apia, Samoa

4. Vailima National Reserve

Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Vailima National Reserve

The Vailima National Reserve and Robert Louis Stevenson Museum are about 5 km from Apia. You can enjoy a stroll through the Vailima Botanical Gardens and can also visit the Information Centre and learn about the biodiversity of the Reserve. This historical landmark in Samoa encompasses about 30 acres and protects a variety of species – native introduced, and naturalized – representative of the flora of the archipelago and the Pacific basin. To relax and enjoy nature and its tranquilities, it is an excellent place for a day visit. The walk to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Tomb atop Mt Vega takes about 30mins going the short way through the terrain is quite steep and can be very slippery when wet. 

Address: Robert Louis Stevenson Rd, Apia, Samoa

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5. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum (RLS Museum)

Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum (RLS Museum)

The majestic and magnificent Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, an important monument in Samoa where famous Scottish poet and author fell in love. The museum is the former home of the author which has been perfectly restored back to its glorious day with some of the author’s work and family memorabilia.  He was known to the Samoans as the man with great ‘manas’ originally from Scotland. He became very popular and also a well-respected figure to the locals that knew him due to his many positive interactions with the local community. He passed away on December 3, 1894, at the age of 44.  The museum is well kept and all its facilities are in good condition. The museum also has a gift shop available for the visitors and there is a signed book at the front of the gift shop which visitors can use to note where they are from and more significantly feedback of their experiences with the site.

Address: Cross Island Rd, Apia, Samoa

6. Paia Dwarfs Cave

 Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Paia Dwarfs Cave

This fascinating Paia Dwarfs Cave is over a kilometer long and can take a whole day to explore. These caves are the ancient monuments in Samoa that are found in the northern part of Savai’i Island in the village of Paia, not far from Manase.  The Local believe that the dwarfs still inhabit this intriguing lava tube cave and their footprints can still be seen today. Exploring this landmark can take up an entire day. Taking a guide from the village of Paia is strongly recommended and visitors should come prepared with good shoes, water, and a torch. Access to the site is on a dirt road which is about 15 minutes drive from the village entrance.

Address: Paia Dwarfs Cave, Samoa

7. Saleaula Lava Field

 Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Saleaula Lava Field

Saleaula Lava Field is one of the most popular historical sites in Samoa. The main features of the lava field include the Virgin’s grave, the LMS Church, and stretches of lava rocks which are evidence of the destructive eruption in 1905. Trom 1905-1911, the Molten lava of Mt Matavanu eruption buried 5 villages under this wide barren lava flow. Half buried churches, a virgin grave, and lava mounds can still be found as you walk over this fascinating geological expanse. The ticket prices for adults; $5,  kids: $3, and groups: $50.

Address: Sale’aula, Samoa

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8. House of Rock

Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

House of Rock

This historical building in Samoa is found along the north-western coast of Savai’i. Many historians say that a competition was held between the men and women of the village to determine who could bring a house in the least amount of time. The women won since they had completed the construction first forgoing their night’s sleep and the men never completed theirs. The ticket prices of this place for adults are $20 which also includes admission to Moso’s Footprint.

Address: Falealupo Rd, Samoa

9. Mt Tulimanuiva Star Mound

Monuments in Samoa, Famous Monuments in Samoa

Mt Tulimanuiva Star Mound

At the top of beautiful Manono Island, you would love to see an ancient 12-pointed star mound. One of around 300 recorded mounds in Samoa and the Pacific, this most visited historical place in Samoa is located on the flat peak of 110m-high Mt Tulimanuiva. Constructed of earth and stones, it is thought the mounds were built around 900-1000 years ago when Tonga occupied areas of Samoa. Theories behind their use vary from pigeon catching, religious reasons, rituals, and a relationship between the people and the stars. Whatever their use, most of the star mounds are hidden between the lush jungles of the Pacific, making this beautiful Island worth the trip to find one for yourself.

Address: Mt Tulimanuiva Star Mound, Samoa

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