Heatwave and Fires blaze in the UK resulting in train cancellation

Synopsis: Heatwaves and fires blazing in the UK have broken all the records this year and the country is experiencing 40 degrees celsius temperature for the first time. Runways are melting due to the heatwave and hundreds of trains have been canceled in the UK due to significant damage to signaling equipment caused by excessive heat.

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The temperature passed 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in the UK, and the country is not able to take it anymore. The heatwave and fire blaze increased the temperature due to which chaos has been increasing every day. It is expected that the temperature could reach 40+ degrees in the coming days, posing a risk of serious illness and even death among healthy people.

Due to high temperatures, the runways are melting thus affecting flights. Besides, signaling equipment in railways is also getting damaged due to excessive heat. 

London North Eastern Railway, (LNER), a leading train operator in the UK said, “all railway lines between King’s Cross and Peterborough would remain closed due to urgent repair work”.

”Please refrain from going to or from King’s Cross today.”

A fire near the south of Peterborough station on 20 July caused significant damage to signaling equipment. After the incident railway officials instructed passengers to avoid traveling amid high temperatures. 

Railway officials are working to repair the damages and start the services to or from King’s Cross. They want to restore this as quickly as possible but it seems like the damage is severe and it will take a few more days to restore the services.

While this is going on, there are no trains departing from St. Pancras station in the north, and services on the West Coast main line from Euston will remain severely disrupted.

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