Top 10 Beaches Near Paris | Best Beaches Close to Paris, France

Paris is the ‘Queen of Poise and Fashion’ that has enveloped thousands of legendary tales and epic artistry from the ancient as well as modern histories. But besides its iconic lineages, they have instigated their natural gifts to empower the city’s tourism with popular beaches near Paris that are tremendously beautiful and adventurous for any visitor touring the city. Therefore, to explore some of the famous destinations in this city besides Eiffel tower, you must visit the top beaches around Prais, France experiencing all of their adventurous beach sports and scenic views by the typical beaches nearby the city. Hence follow this below-mentioned list of 10 best beaches near Paris that not only soothe your day with the cooling sandy shores but have some weird and interesting activities waiting to surprise your deepest senses.

List of Beaches Near Paris

1. Paris Plages

Famous Beaches Close to Paris

Paris Plages

This beach was launched in 2002 as a free summer event that transforms several spots in Paris into full-fledged, pop-up beaches, each with their own distinctive themes. Now you can enjoy sunning in the sand, swimming in pools suspended over the Seine through these famous beaches in Paris that own various adventurous activities such as kayaking, enjoying free evening concerts, and other beach sports. Paris Plage offers the best activities that everyone will enjoy and is especially ideal if you’re visiting Paris with kids. Such a family-friendly vacation ride is the featured element that attracts a lot of tourists to this famous destination in the city.

2. Honfleur

Famous Beaches Close to Paris


This beach lies 125 miles away from Paris. This beach was a former refuge for the Impressionists and ranks among the most famous seaside resorts of Calvados. You will love the authentic vibe of this beach which gives your original touch of living and traditions followed in the city. Yet, this fabulous beach near Paris, France can suffice every wish you desire to spend on your beach vacations but there are also two other beaches located just outside the center of this charming little sea town which is still imbued from the traces of its olden fishing village which can be a superb idea to explore the place initially after all.

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3. Deauville

Famous Beaches Close to Paris


This beach just lies 10 miles away from Honfleur and is one of the most mythical seaside resorts of Calvados that was once renowned supremely among the top french beaches near Paris. This beach is even easily accessible from Paris via a 2hr 30min train ride that runs often between the stations due to incoming of numerous travelers. Deauville beach is characterized by planked walkways, Art Deco cabins, colorful beach umbrellas, and a romantic atmosphere. Therefore, you will be regretting this wholesome package of a great time in Paris if you don’t visit this beach.

4. Etretat

Famous Beaches Close to Paris


If you are not a sunbathing person and you prefer more to take a calm evening walk on the promenade at the beaches then this well-known beach close to Paris is the best choice as instead of sandy shoreline they have pebbled beaches, that head to the rocky beach at the foot of the fascinating cliffs of Etretat. In addition, while swimming in the adjoining Channel, you can enjoy France’s most beautiful landscapes that must be captured so don’t forget your best camera lenses. Along with that, the essential sunscreen tube and a water bottle are the default baggage that you must carry on every beach. During low tide, some hidden caves are also revealed so do explore such a one-time event at this wonderful beach.

5. Barcelona

Famous Beaches Close to Paris

Barcelona Beach

Nope, not the football team club this is a full-fledged beach in the Catalan capital, where you can spend holidays taking in the culture, entertainment, and gastronomy of Parisian and French traditions without having to forsake the beach. In fact, many of Barcelona’s beaches are accessible by car, bus, and even subway or tram so travel around the city and take a quick route to the beach for enjoying the best sunset at the Barceloneta, which is Barcelona’s closest and most popular beach, just a 20-minute walk from the city center.

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6. Hammamet

Famous Beaches Close to Paris


Hammamet is a seaside beach resort near Paris, France situated in the southern Tunis with many other chains of sandy beaches offering great water sports otherwise just relax on a lounger after a day exploring the nearby medina. If you don’t prefer spending consecutive days on the beach then you can stroll the medina’s narrow streets, haggle in the souks, roam around the charming Muslim cemetery, and climb to the top of the Kasbah’s ramparts where to enjoy a superb panoramic view of the city.

7. Ajaccio

Famous Beaches Close to Paris


All of the best beaches near Paris don’t leave any traveler indifferent, and you won’t find dissatisfied visitors at Ajaccio as well. Nestled between the ramparts of the citadel, this beach is the perfect ride to prefer wilder beaches or for those who like to surf over the rampant waves. Don’t miss captivating Capo di Feno to visit if you are staying for more than one day at this exciting place.

8. Prado Beach – Marseille

Famous Beaches Close to Paris

Prado Beach

Prado beach is another adventurous top beaches near Paris, France that accounting as one of the favorite spots for all the water sports lovers in the region. This is quite an ideal place for a vacation with family and friends. By the shore, a long stretch of land called “Parc Balneaire,”  is opened for people where they can just sit and relax. This is one of the best places for a family-friendly vacation encompassing all sorts of activities for every age group.

9. Les Calanques De Cassis

Famous Beaches Close to Paris

Les Calanques De Cassis

This is an adorable slice of nature that must be seen to explore the real beauty of the Parisian atmosphere and natural gifts. This beach lies tucked in fjords between the city of Marseille and Cassis showcasing beautiful bays. The bays have marvelous surroundings and blue jewel crystal clear waters, ranking it as one of the best Paris beaches in France. Hiking in Calanques National park, kayaking, boating, and swimming are some of the renounced activities that are heavily practiced by various travelers coming to the city.

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10. Plage De La Côte Des Basques

Famous Beaches Close to Paris

Plage De La Côte Des Basques

This is one of the best stunning sea beaches near Paris which is as picturesque as any other scenic beauty of original classy Paris. The wild surroundings, crashing high tides, and scenic boulders define the aesthetics of this place, therefore, after a loud heavenly fun you are looking for a quiet and serene beach then this is one of the perfect options to choose. You find the best accommodations infused with refined beach quality and the lesser crowd filling all the checkboxes for a perfect beach to visit near Paris.

Hope you enjoyed the suggested list of top 10 beaches near Paris. France that you should explore and acquire the best experiences of all the top cuisines that you can follow up form our other engaging blogs about Paris form the Adequate Travel website. Apart from rich historical landmarks, this city offers great luxurious destinations out of which the famous beaches near Paris mentioned above are one of the crucial factors for attracting young tourists. You can discover more about this city or just ping us in the comment section below about your valuable views or any further queries regarding travel. We will be happy to help!

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