Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway

Tourism in New Zealand is an important sector that contributes a lot to building the economy of the country. In 2020, prior to the outbreak of covid-19, the tourism sector has itself gathered NZ$16.2 billion which is 5.8% of the country’s overall GDP. Doesn’t it sound huge amount? Yes, it is., that is why it is important to know about some charming places in New Zealand to embark on your adventurous journey, and in this blog, we are introducing you to the Fiordland National park, Milford, Routeburn, and a few other attractions there.

List of Top attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway 

1. Fiordland National park

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Fiordland National park

Fiordland in New Zealand is a famous tourist destination known for its lush wilderness among the fjords. Let me tell you first that Fiordland is for hikers and venturesome, so, if you love pristine places then it is not for you. This place is a famous hiking destination for adventure enthusiasts and the calm and composed scenery is the best go-to place for serene lovers. No matter whether you are an adventurous soul or the timid one, Fiordland has everything to complete your desires. In this blog, we are going to bring to your notice the Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway. These places are best for a short vacation away from your home when you are literally looking forward to spending some time in the lap of nature.

There could be multiple tourist locations in Fiordland to visit, but the beauty of Fiordland National park is unexpressible. The undisturbed wilderness of this part includes spectacular mountains, pristine lakes, fascinating forests, and enchanting wildlife. All of this offers visitors many opportunities to challenge their fears and emerge as stronger people than ever before.

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2. Manapouri Lake and hiking track

So, the very first location exclusively for the swashbuckler readers is Manapouri Track. This is an 8.5-kilometer adventurous trek with a lot of gradient slopes that bring out the best among the trekkers and cyclists. It is located near Te Anau town in South Island, New Zealand. It is most sought to be a location with lush green forest and a wonderful lake for tranquil lovers. 

Brave souls can trek the mountain to reach the top for implicit view and the mellower one choose to sit on the lakeside and appraise the view. Both of which are the best thing to do in Manapouri Town. 

3. Stirling Falls, Fiordland National Park

charming places in New Zealand,Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway

Stirling Falls

Stirling Falls is another charming location in Fiordland where people came often for vacation. The stupendous 495 feet tall (i.e three times the height of Niagara Falls). It is also ranked as the second-highest waterfall in Milford Sound where the famous Wolverine movie was shooted. The stiff cliff of the Stirling Falls is for adventurous tourists and you should definitely include this in your to-do this for your next vacation. 

Location: Fiordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand.

4. Glowworm Caves at Te Anau

charming location in Fiordland,best places in Fiordland for a vacation

Glowworm Caves

We all have seen glowworms in our childhood flying nearby lush herbage. Also, many times a thought strikes our mind what will happen if we collect thousand of these glowworms in a transparent jar? Glowworm Caves in Te Anau, New Zealand will give you a fair opportunity to turn this desire into reality. It is one of the best places in Fiordland for a vacation with kids and family. The cave has an abundance of  Arachnocampa Luminosa that glows like a star and forms a web on the ceiling of the cave to trap their enemies. You can join the organized tours from a boat that takes you inside the cave just below the place with a massive number of glowworms on the ceiling. The only thing I can assure you is that you will be spellbound with the stupified view. These glowworms look like millions of stars are continuously sparking in the sky.

Address: 39 Waitomo Village Road, Waitomo Caves 3977, New Zealand

Timings: Mon-Wed: 10 am – 3:30 pm | Thurs-Sat: 10 am – 3:45 pm | Sun: 9:30 am – 3:45 pm

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5. Milford Sound fjord (Piopiotahi)

Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway,charming location in Fiordland,best places in Fiordland for a vacation

Milford Sound fjord

Milford Sound is an absolutely gorgeous fjord in New Zealand sprawling in an area of 25 square kilometers and possessing a height of 1,695 meters. The deepwater of this fjord offers you numerous opportunities to loosen your soul and try underwater scuba diving here. The chilled and crystal clear water of the fjord is home to uncountable underwater species that you will barely find anywhere else. On the coastline, there are multiple camps of scuba professionals. You can choose one among them to make your scuba experience safer and better. 

Apart from scuba, you can also join the boat tour groups and overnight stay at cruise to make your trip memorable and add unique experiences to your life.  

Location: Fiordland, New Zealand

6. Sutherland Falls

charming places in New Zealand,Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway,charming location in Fiordland

Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls in Fiordland, New Zealand is a marvelous waterfall in the country that accumulates a huge crowd of tourists throughout the year. It is located near the Milford Sound, in Fiordland. Travel enthusiasts can trek the mountain to reach the top from where the view is implicit. The 1900 feet high waterfall is definitely not for fearful travelers. They can instead stay at the foot and admire the view from there. This multi-day hike path gives you opportunities to click amazing pictures including natural elements in it to make it more captivating. 

Address: Southland 9679, New Zealand

Total height: 581 m

7. Kepler Track

charming places in New Zealand,Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway,charming location in Fiordland

Kepler Track

Kepler Track in Fiordland National Park, Southland, New Zealand is another adventurous location for hikers and runners named after  Johannes Kepler (famous German astronomer). If you are getting bored of visiting plateau mountain then here is the stiff one for daredevils. The overall track is just a foot broad that hardly allows passing 2 visitors at a time in the opposite direction. Due to this extreme thickness of the track, timid often avoid visiting this place. But once you cross the track and reach the Highest point i.e. Luxmore Saddle at the height of the view is surprisingly stunning. The length of the complete track is 60 km (i.e.37 mi) which goes in a circle and offers views of mossy forest, lakes, deep gorges, rivers, and wetlands. These locations are best for capturing Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Address: Fiordland National Park, Southland, New Zealand

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8. Doubtful Sound (Patea )

Top Attractions in Fiordland for a perfect getaway,charming location in Fiordland,best places in Fiordland for a vacation

Doubtful Sound

It is another beautiful place in New Zealand for tourists coming to the town across the globe. Doubtful Sound holds the second position in beauty when we are counting upon the deepest fjord in the country. Of course, the first and the deepest one is the Milford Sound with an appreciable height of 1,695 meters. Like Milford, Doubtful Sound also witnesses huge rainfall in the seasons due to which the fjords get overpowered and flow down like a waterfall. So, the rainy season may be the right time to visit Doubtful Sound in New Zealand but you might miss other attractions during this time. The main source of Doubtful Sound is the Elizabeth River and it is a part of the famous Tasman Sea.

9. Te Anau

charming location in Fiordland,best places in Fiordland for a vacation

Te Anau

Last but not the least, Te Anau is a beautiful town in New Zealand encompassing unvarnished natural vistas and wildlife. This area has more than enough wild species, including birds, reptiles, and birds that people often get to watch in the city. Pristine lovers simply head to this town interact with local people to soak up with their surroundings. Moreover, the view of the charming Te Anau town is the best in entire new Zealand.

Best Time To Visit Fiordland 

As you already have enough knowledge in your travel book about Fiordland, now the most baffling question arises? Which is the suitable time to visit Fiordland? or when can you visit Fiordland to witness its marvelous side?. As we are here to provide you a complete guide for Fiordland vacation then why skip the best time to visit Fiordland?

Fiordland has the best of both and it completely depends on the personal choice of visitors what they actually want to witness there. If you love reflecting fjords, sunny skies, and spectacular views from the top then it’s best for you to visit Fiordland in summer.

Whereas, if you are more of an ice lover then you should visit Filroland in winters when the entire place gets covered with a thick sheet of ice. During this time, you can challenge yourself to try skiing,  

Also, some people choose to visit Fiordland in the spring season instead of summers or winters. During spring, the lazy winter winds are started fading away, and it’s time for nature to bloom again. You will get a spectacular view of lush wilderness at Fiordland during this time. 

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