6 Famous Haunted Places in Amsterdam | Mysterious Places in Amsterdam

With a bloody past, it’s quite unsurprising that Amsterdam’s archaic pavements and monuments are said to be wandered by a few restless spirits and the city is definitely filled with some scariest places in Amsterdam. The natives in Amsterdam claim that agitated spirits usually visits the hoary headstones in the city. Though most of the citizens in the city may disagree that they do not believe in the existence of ghosts, but they still like to talk about the illusions and scary stories with each other. Tourists on Amsterdam tours usually cover most of the famous tourist spots in the city in a few days and try something rare and audacious on the other days.  If you visit one of the aged pubs in the capital on a murky night, you may be able to observe muttered tales about some of the most prominent specters in Amsterdam. If you are one among them and if you are ready to explore some of the spooky spots in Amsterdam, then you are at the right place.

List of Famous Haunted Places in Amsterdam 

1. Bloedstraat

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The blood street that connects the Nieuwmarkt to one of the most aged canals of the city is said to be one of Amsterdam’s most haunted spots. The name of the street comes from the blood of executed detainees exhausting down to the canal from Nieuwmarkt. Many claims that the spirits of those accused of being apostate and finally killed and they are still wandering this street. Another legend has it that ghost detections are linked to the Franciscan monastery that was situated on this site in the 16th century. 

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2. Dam Square

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The significant Dam square, which is situated in the center of Amsterdam, is extra popular among tourists as a lively hub for both tour and shopping.  Only a few people are mindful of the fact that the Dam Square of Amsterdam has a dreadful past. In fact, more than thousands of doubtful heretics and witches were burnt alive during the Inquisition at the very same spot. You might be shocked to hear that the Dam Square was once used as a site for public executions There are lots of tourists taking pictures and creative street artists trying to earn a bit of money. At night, however, this historic square has a different vibe to it. Many believe that some tortured souls still haunt this place in the heart of Amsterdam. They remind visitors as well as locals of its gruesome past


3.  Spooksteeg

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Spooksteeg is one of the scariest places in Amsterdam to visit, it is the oldest part of Amsterdam in the Red Light District. Here one of the city’s most aged ghosts is said to reside. It’s the spirit of a lady called Helena who along with her sister Dina and her father lived here in the 18th century. One of the popular ghost stories that you will get to know from Amsterdamians will be this Story. Helena became anxious when a handsome sailor fell in love with her sister and she killed her sister to marry the young and charming sailor. It is said that at her deathbed, she confessed that she killed her sister and pleaded for mercy from her husband, But he cursed her. Natives believe that the screams of Helena’s ghost can still be heard.

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4. Spinhuis

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It is a famous hotel but back then condemned women were kept there and enforced to sew garments. The most popular story surrounding this place is that of the priest and the young girl, who was not allowed to meet after falling in love. The priest was wrecked and committed suicide and the girl had to spend the rest of her life at the Spinhuis. It is thought that one of the hotel rooms is haunted by the priest’s ghost. Even staff members are frightened by this and refuse to enter it. It is an old spinning house. It began in 1597


5. Montelbaan Tower

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The Montelbaan Tower was boosted in the early 1500s and is among the mysterious places in Amsterdam as a protection tower protecting the city from attacks. It’s supposed that a complete family was killed while escaping to the safety of the tower, and every year on the same date the spirits of the wrecked family are said to come back, commemorating their last awful moments before departing at the top of the tower stairs. 

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6. Black Matthew’s Spirit on the Streets

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You might be thinking to have a drink in one of the pubs in Amsterdam but you need to be careful because the flagrant spirit of Black Matthew might be waiting for you in one of the lanes. The locals believe that the ghost of Black Matthew haunts the whole city. This terrifying spirit tales date back to the early 13th Century. There was a magician named Matthew who made a contract with the devil. This shady character is one of Amsterdam’s most prominent spirits, and definitely not someone you want to bump into on your way home from the pub. His spirit is supposed to wander throughout the city to threaten locals and tourists 

So we have discussed the most haunted places in Amsterdam, which contain the proper information regarding all the haunted places in Amsterdam. I hope you will love reading this content and if want to get more information then kindly read our other articles.

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