Top 10 Beautiful National Parks in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Those ravishing water canals are what come to mind when we think about the Netherlands. And the capital, Amsterdam, is consistently known as the Venice of the North for its embellished canal system. Popular for its tulips, biking ability and the fascinating fragment of art and architecture, the country is home to some of the most dazzling views in the world. The national parks in the Netherlands are recognizable and full of changing geography and geology, which makes for exotic trips around the country. Contrasting species of plants, birds, and animals flock these parks and most of them are open for hiking or biking. Amsterdam bundles considerable natural variety into quite a small space, and national parks have been cropping up around the city since the 1930s. 

List of famous National Parks in Amsterdam

1. Hoge veluwe national park

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Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe is situated in the Gelderland territory. It takes an hour’s time to reach Parks from Amsterdam. Once in the park, you will get to see the enormous assortments of landscapes and freely wandering animals. The park wildlife consists of foxes, wild boars, deer, badgers, and mouflons. As long as you’re watching with concentration, you will see enough of wildlife. The park acquires about 5% of the Veluwe, the largest lowland natural terrain. There you can borrow a white bicycle for free and coast along more than 40 kilometers of trails.

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2. Maasduinen National Park

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Situated in Limburg, this gorgeous national park is quite near to the Netherlands and Germany borders and is most visited national parks in Amsterdam. Extended along the river, the park is home to contrasting species of plants and animals. You can find a number of different reptiles, hordes of birds along with a lot of butterflies and trees. The area in this park De Hamert is also famous among tourists. The river here has the longest extent of dunes in the Netherlands, which is why you won’t find seafood here


3. Lauwersmeer national park

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The national park was first opened in 2003, and it is an extensive interest for bird lovers. During winters, the region is flooded by transient birds while the landscape is full of pasturing animals. The park is also famous amongst skywatchers who love a clear sky with lots of stars to observe. The river Lauwers, running to the Wadden Sea, forms an inlet in the north of the country. There is a freshwater lake in the region called Lauwersmeer, which led to an exceptional modification in the plants and animals of the region

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4. Veluwezoom National Park

The oldest national park in Amsterdam, This national park was first settled in 1930. It covers over fifty sq. km. a region in the Gelderland territory of the country. The park also is dissimilar in the sense that its highest point lies at about 360 feet from the sea level. The park is owned by a private entity, with rich plants and animal species. You will find opaque forests here full of cattle, deer, and boars among other animals. You can take long walks and investigate the countryside well.

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5. Biesbosch National Park

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One of the important entries in the list of national parks in the country, this is a famous tourist place. The park is popular for its different activities from walking, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, canoeing, and bird watching. This is an ideal place to refresh and calm. Full of inexhaustible wetlands, the park has rich plants and animal species. You can take your kids and family to this amazing park for an enlightening and educational yet fun trip in the wild.

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6. Schiermonnikoog National Park

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Situated in the North Sea, this distinct national park is one of the best national parks in Amsterdam and is on the island in the Netherlands. Full of dunes, beaches, polders, forests and marshes, the park sees over three hundred various species of birds drift every year. The island has unique plants, sea-creatures, and mammals, making it an ordinary and natural inventory. You can spot various seals, goose, curlew, spoonbill, honeysuckle, sea lavender, in the area. The area is also full of cycling routes, which means you can easily bike and walk here 

7. Oosterschelde National Park

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This is the biggest national park in the Netherlands and is also one of the wettest. It is an ever-changing tidal zone at what used to be the estuary of the Scheldt River. Coming to the Oosterschelde means putting on a pair of wellington boots and seeing what wildlife you can find on the mudflats and in the marshes. Big patches of the landscape are completely submerged at high tide, only to dry out when the tide goes out

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8. Zuid Kennemerland National Park

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Zuid Kennemerland National Park is one of the top national parks near Amsterdam, this is the perfect place to explore the Dutch countryside away from the city. Located near the sea, the park has gorgeous beaches and dunes with a lot of things to do vary from hiking, camping, riding, biking. You can even go for a helicopter ride over the national park so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of its varied landscape, shifting dunes and frothy waters


9. Drentsche aa national park

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The National park takes in a varied 10,000 hectares of old fashioned field, deep woods and contaminated heath that eruption into purple bloom in late summer. Cycling through this bell-shaped area is magnificent. This landscape is very distinct because much of the area is cultivated the land, with little villages and branched by hedges.

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10. Alde Feanen – Friesland

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This National park is a marshland, around 2.300 hectares large. It is situated in the heart of Friesland. The landscape is highly flexible, including lakes, forests, sticky lands, peat holes, and brushwoods. Also varied are the plants and animals. Here You can find approximately 450 different kinds of plants and grounds for over 100 types of birds


So these are the best national parks to visit in Amsterdam. You can plan according to your comfort. I hope you will love this article as I have tried to provide you as per your concern and kindly share your views in the comment section.

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