Guide to Amsterdam Light Festivals | Best Ways to Experience the Light Fest in Amsterdam

Every year the Amsterdam Light Festival is held for seven weeks from December to January and the canals of Amsterdam are illuminated by the best and famous light artists from the country and abroad. You can enjoy the great works and art establishments in Amsterdam’s inner city for weeks. Amsterdam’s city center is lit up by numerous creative and excellent light art installations from National and international artisans during the Amsterdam Light Festival. All of the works are descend throughout the period, and you can select and vote for your preferred light installation. The Amsterdam Light Festivals is best relished on a canal cruise, a guided walking tour or a bike tour. Amsterdam gets transforms into a fairy tale, scintillating and vibrant with around more than 30 pieces of lighted artwork. The installations adorn the canal ring, the River and various other spots around the city, taking the city’s gorgeous night-time views to an entirely new level. 

History of Amsterdam Light Festivals

During 2009 Winters, Mr. Horbach and Mr. Buchel felt like something different should happen during the winters in Amsterdam. Regardless of finite assets, they together arranged the first Amsterdam light festival Christmas canal parade in order to build a new winter culture in Amsterdam. A few years later this resulted in the first light festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands around 2012. This festival was for all people that includes both citizens of Amsterdam and people from outside the city. Light artistry and handiwork were arranged all over the city. The works along the Amstel river assembled the “Boulevard of Light”. The city’s marching track with a large number of handiworks is called “The Illuminade”. In terms of social involvement, a particular program has been started under the name of “Socialight”. These three elements are present every year at the light festival. Every venture in Amsterdam is encouraged to contribute to the festival. Every management related to this was to benefit from this giant event. The first edition of the festival was considered to be a big hit. 

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Themes of light festivals

The Light Festival in Amsterdam has a different theme every year. The handiworks are all based on the theme. This year the theme is Disrupt. Disruption not only defines rivalry and chaos but can also give positive and occasionally crucial momentum to change. Earlier the themes of light festivals in Amsterdam were Building with light, A bright city, Friendship, Biomimicry, Existential.

Best ways to Enjoy Amsterdam Light Festivals 

1. Amsterdam Light Festival Canal Cruise

 themes of light festivals in Amsterdam, Amsterdam light festival Christmas canal parade

The most accessible and easiest way to see the Light Festival is by Canal Cruise-in Amsterdam. The primary canal boat tour during the Light Festival takes you through the view of the light sculptures and there is an audio guide on boat. Take your festival understanding to a new and higher level and try a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam with cozy and extravagance boats. Each of the boats furnished with pillows, blankets and other luxuries making it a very classy and exceptional house on the water. The 75 to 90 minutes long cruise which is guided by a friendly captain you will definitely enjoy astounding art pieces passing by but also you will be welcome by drinks.

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2.Wandering around the streets of Amsterdam

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The light installations set in Amsterdam during the light festivals can be cherished in distinct ways. You can walk alone or you can hire a guided tour with one of the festival’s authoritative partners. They offer cycling and walking tours. The Festival is organized in the center of Amsterdam, on the canals in the inner city and the river. There is a lot of opportunity for shopping also


3.Bike Tour

 light festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam’s city center

Daily during the Amsterdam light festivals, A-Bike takes you on a 2-hour to 3-hour bike tour, passing through both the boat and walking routes. The bilingual guides will guide you with everything about the light handiworks. The tour starts at Dam Square


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So here in this blog, I have described all about the light festival in Amsterdam and also briefly the best ways to enjoy light festivals.  I hope you will love reading this content.

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