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Here we recommend you some Vatican City Facts. It would be easy for you to discover the Vatican City history. The Vatican City is a religious sight, home to the Pope and some breath-taking architecture. Before visiting Rome you should know these interesting facts about the Vatican city which will create interest to explore more about the Eternal City ie Rome.

Interesting Facts of Vatican City

1. The Vatican City is commonly known as the Vatican City State or State of Vatican City

2. It is located within the Eternal city ie Rome

3. The  population of Vatican City is approximately 1000 people which are the strange fact about Vatican city facts

4. Recent statistics have shown that only 32 of these citizens are women

5. 100% population  of the Vatican City is Catholic

6. It is the smallest country in the world by population and area both

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7. The Vatican City is completely ruled by the Pope and is the only state that is governed by a monarchy

8. It is an independent state that is not part of the United Nations.

9. The official name of this City in Italy is Citta Del Vaticano or Stato Della Citta del Vaticano

10. It stands on the Vatican Hill

11. The gardens occupy more than half of the land in the Vatican City

12. Italian is their  official language

                                                    The flag of Vatican City

13. The flag of Vatican City is yellow and white. The yellow supposed to represent the popes’ spiritual power and white represents his worldly power.

14. The doctrinal residence is the official residence of the Pope. which was opened on 30th April 1589

15. The Vatican City is known for its yearly wine consumption, with the estimated average  of 54 liters per year per person

16. Approximately 5.5 million people visit the Vatican City in a year

17. There is no hospital in the Vatican City

18. It is so small that it is the only country unable to host embassies

19. One can gain citizenship only if they work there. When they stop working there, they will lose citizenship

20. It has its own football team ie  the Vatican City team

Vatican city history tells you that the Vatican City and the Philippines are the only two countries that do not have the laws for divorce. A divorce is not permitted, only you are only allowed to annulment.

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21. The Vatican City employs nearly 2000 people

22. The economy is supported by the tourism industry. It relies on the sale of postage stamps, tourist souvenirs and the entry fee to the museums and the sales of publications

23. The Vatican City first came into the entity on 11th February 1929 by the Lateran Treaty

24. Vatican City is home to the largest Catholic Church in the World

25. Vatican City is known to have the highest crime rate in the entire world, due to it being such a small state with a lot of people.

26. The Vatican City has no lockup

27. The Swiss Guard is the proper guard of the Vatican

interesting facts about the Vatican city,Vatican city history

28. The Vatican City contains its own post office, telephone system, flag, national anthem, bank and also it issues passports and license plates

29. The ATM in Vatican City is the only ATM in the world which could also be read in Latin

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