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Located in Central Europe, Hungary is a fascinating country for traveling enthusiasts. The nightlife in Hungary is nothing less than fun and adventure. This country not only has a rich culture and heritage but also incorporates thrilling party houses which allow you to party all night. The after-party date and hanging out with friends on the streets of the major cities in Hungary are memorable. 

As the sun sets, people in Hungary relishes the nightlife in a European style and become part of the crazy party culture. From spirited clubs to exciting pubs, Hungary offers many nice places to chill out alone or with friends and family. If you are an ardent urban explorer and loves to traverse the major cities then the list below of the 8 best cities to enjoy Hungary’s nightlife. This will help you to understand the party culture and chances to make new friends. So without further ado, let straightly dive into the topic of the :

List of 8 best Hungary cities for nightlife

8. Budapest



Budapest is undoubtedly one of the best cities not only in Hungary but also in Europe to enjoy the nightlife. The capital of Hungary, this city is famous for its modern urban lifestyle and crazy night out. Nightlife in Budapest Hungary offers party houses that go on till morning. Some of the aesthetic party houses in Hungary portray the culture and tradition of Hungary. It is a must-visit city for the European people whenever they plan a trip to Hungary.   

In case you are looking for stylish and a spacious place to hang out with friends then Mazel Tov is the choicest place. For a quirky and fun place visit Szimpla Kert, where you would come across many music bands and other artists. This place also holds some of the best nightclubs in Budapest. 

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,118 per week

Best time to travel: March to May & September to November

7. Eger



Another best major city to enjoy the perfect nightlife with friends or family. This city inculcates the collection of various nightclubs and pubs that holds the ethnicity and custom of various European and other countries. One of which is Egri Pasa Sátra, where you can drink and enjoy the party on the ground floor and as you head towards the different floors of the nightclub you would come across Turkish-style decor and cuisine. Isn’t it cool?

To enjoy a nice cocktail and fancy burgers (which vary from 1890 ft to 2490 ft) visit Cortado Gastrobar for a relaxed night out. A glass of Latin cocktail with beast burgers is a great way to spend the night after the busy day.

Location: Eger, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,134 per week

Best time to travel: April to June

6. Pecs



Pecs is popular for its ancient monuments and sculptures of the Roman empires and rulers. The large tombs and the Cathedral Towers are fascinating and sketch the picture of the European culture. These picturesque make Pecs one of the most visited cities in Hungary as well as all of the European countries. For the foodie person, Muvesz Presszo is the best place to visit. 

In case you love beer and want to try varieties of them, Karavella Beer Bar includes the right varieties of beers. Furthermore, Zsaner Bistro allows you to experience the homely feeling because of its hall design and decore. The surroundings in this bar will make you feel relaxed and homely. 

Location: Pecs, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $600 per week

Best time to travel: March to November

5. Szeged



This is the third-largest city of all European nations and the hub of top universities. Most of the time the streets are filled with college and universities students which ultimately make the environment more youthful and lively. Talking about the students, the nightlife in Szeged is second to none. The happening evening events are prolonged until the break of dawn, you would meet different types of people and make good friends. 

Some of the few places that you can visit at night alone or in a group are Delirium Pub, Jate Klub, Tisza DOKK, Retro Klub, and Hardy Bar & Club. 

Location: Szeged, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $900 per week

Best time to travel: July and August

4. Debrecen



Debrecen is one of the major cities in the Nothern Plain region. The land of huge Churches and monuments, as you visit this city you would get the sight of the history of the European era. Pince Cafe and Music Club is the place for art lovers who love to be a part of great music shows and events. Not only music, but the great dance performances will make you awestruck. 

For the party crawlers, Club 7 will suit the taste. The DJ night, food, and drink in this club are phenomenal. Most of the party animals prefer this place which is why it is often filled with people. Nightlife in Debrecen Hungary is the best place to enjoy the night outs with friends. 

Location: Debrecen, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $800 per week

Best time to travel: March to May

3. Miskolc



Miskolc is famous for the trades because of its prime location that allows this city to be the center of Nothern Europe. All the nations in Northern Europe go through Miskolc which makes it suitable for trading. The nightlife in Miskolc is the same as the other cities mentioned on this list. You can visit GeniusTours, Block Klub, and HELYNEKEM.

Location: Miskolc, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,177 per week

Best time to travel: March to May

2. Keszthely



Keszthely is a small town of Hungary situated on the western shore with a population of 2,895. The hub of culture, economic, and academics, this city has a lot to offer in terms of livelihood. However, the nightlife in Keszthely is limited to a simple night out with friends and family at the restaurant or bar. If you love to spend your time in peace then this place offers you a suitable environment. 

Location: Ksezthely, Hungary

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,330 per week

Best time to travel: May to September

1. Siofok



A small town and friendly people are what make this city beautiful and loving. If any stranger greets you on the streets of the Soifok, don’t get confused it is their way of showing the sweet gesture towards you. The decision Lane incorporates many bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy the live music venues. 

Location: Siofok, Hungary

The average cost to visit (solo): $994 per week

Best time to travel: March to May

These are the 8 best cities to enjoy the nightlife in Hungary. Whether, you want to visit with friends or alone, nightlife in Hungary would never make you feel bored or alone. The people here are welcoming and friendly. If you have already visited the aforementioned places then comment down below and let us know. 

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