Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Delhi | Famous Things to Buy in New Delhi

Delhi the capital city of India which has been shaped into a world’s famous centre for Indian tourism providing people an intimate touch of authentic experience through the core of the city. Indian architectures become more popular when the best souvenirs to buy in Delhi replay the nostalgic experience once again. To gain the high-spirited services of Delhi’s must-buy things you might struggle in the city therefore I have curated a brief list of popular things to dwell upon in New Delhi that are refreshing and classic, providing exuberant and artistic ride through the Indian culture. If you explore their respective places you will find the best shops and top accommodations that can even beat the leisurely offerings beating world famous stalls. Hence go through the below mentioned  10 best items to buy in Delhi that is not only cheap but has some interesting sports holding their heavy tourisms.

List of Things to Buy in Delhi

1. Indian Spice Box

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Indian Spice Box

As most of the world is well acquainted with the spice love of Indians which can be seen in every household of this country as well. The Indian spice box is one of the most wanted things to buy in New Delhi especially from Asia’s biggest wholesale spice market, boasting all types of spice known to man along with steel boxes that last longer than any other container. Delhiites take classic pride in their spices and spicy food therefore it’s hard to leave the market with some aromatic spices in your bag. Khari Baoli is constantly filled with spice enthusiasts and the market is jam-packed with a huge selection of stores to get these extraordinary takeaways from the city.

2. Embroidered Handbags

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Embroidered Handbags

If anyone needs a fabulous shopping spree of affordable and classic handbags then Delhi is the first choice. When you do decide to visit Delhi, don’t forget to pick up embroidered designer clutches or hand-bags as you won’t get such popular things to buy in Delhi at cheapest rates. Experienced craftsmen provide it an Indian touch to these bags using beautiful fine thread embroidery. Filled with glitter and jazzy beads these artisans take advantage of elegant laces to make sure that your bag sets you apart in the crowd.

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3. Madhubani Paintings

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Madhubani Paintings

With a Mughal lineage and Indian artwork, you can buy the top souvenirs to buy in Delhi that is super stunning. Out of these Madhubani paintings are an ideal way to decorate any art connoisseur’s house with vibrant Indian patterns, artwork and designs. Various fabric colors that later acquire staining of fascinating colors are used to make these paintings. From expensive Silk to cotton, floral, and also different types of textures you can find desirable products easily in Delhi. Drawings range in everything from Hindu mythological gods Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Durga to all kinds of Hindu themes, and animals.

4. Silver Handicraft

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Silver Handicraft

Delhi is famous for its local silversmiths works all over the country. Some people especially visit Delhi to buy the top accessories for their typical Indian wedding. Silver art, like silver tea set, silver jewelry, and also showpieces are another realm of this jewellery that sets an entire vibe apart converting it into a royal delicate experience. Delhi is filled with distinct locations where you can pick different designs at a very cheap rate without any hassle. With a variety of designs, it is a much sought after accessory to spend money upon. These are fabulous things to buy from New Delhi, India wherever you go over a shopping ride.

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5. Gold Jewellery

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Gold Jewellery

Well in spite of such silver delights Indians have a special place for Gold. Every occasion, especially weddings, is the best time to show off these famous things to buy in Delhi.  Going through all the Meenakari and Kundan jewelry in Delhi. There are unique, cool, fashionable as well as trendy pieces of designs that can fit your occasions as well. Innovative designs in pendants, bracelets as well as rings to select from can impress anyone with golden glitter charm.

6. Aachar (Indian Pickle)

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Aachar (Indian Pickle)

One of the instant food game-changers are the Indian Achar or pickle combinations that maintains its consistency of being the most popular souvenir to buy in Delhi. Delhi offers a range of aachar ranging from fruits like mangoes, lemons, limes as well as veggies brined in oil, salt. You can choose your preferable taste after tasting from the given palettes which is common in Indian stores while buying Achar. Since it is created with the use of preserved fruits, bringing it home even after a couple of times won’t deteriorate the spicy or sweet pickled flavors of the product.

7. Books

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi


For all those bookworms who save their money to buy their favorite books, Delhi is like a treasure because the availability of used books in good shape and cheapest prices can only be found here. Some of these famous locations measure books by utilizing a weighing scale well what better than that for a book freak. You can buy your favorite books from Mark Manson, Gandhi or Marquez- whatever you want they have all of it!

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8. Silk Sarees

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Silk Sarees

If you wanna impress your loved ones with typical Indian attire then one of the best souvenirs to buy from Delhi are the intensive laboured and aligned handwork of silk saris that are both a special item according to Indian customs. Yet if you have to repossess something, choose the beautiful and light silk sarees that are available in New Delhi easily. Even after being expensive their quality is worth every penny. Silk saree is an extremely labor-intensive process so don’t hesitate while paying as it justifies the hard work of the artists spending their time and energy to make a masterpiece. 

9. Pashmina Shawl

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

pashmina shawl

These are basically Kashmiri shawls that are made from pashmina wool but since there is no wide consumer cast in Kashmir lots of sellers head towards Delhi to sell these elegant and classy shawls that are spectacular in designs. You will love the variety of shawls and their designs. Nowadays even small scarves and other products are also available in the market. But try out the original Pashmina shawls as these are the best thing to buy in Delhi if you aren’t heading to any other state in India. Be aware of the fake versions as they are already abundant in the city. If possible, take some experienced person with you for identification.

10. Indian Tea

 What to Buy in Delhi, Things to Buy in Delhi

Indian Tea

Sipping tea in the traditional mud cups is one of the generic things that you can spot anywhere in India. Therefore, buying tea or chai is like taking the hardcore spirit of Delhi with yourself. You’ll drink some famous versions of this everyday morning beverage. There are some truly delicious and also traditional Indian teas offered throughout Delhi. The popular ‘masala chai’ is a must-buy thing in Delhi that you should try once. So buy some to recreate the experience of your hangout in Delhi.

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Hope you like these top 10 things to buy in Delhi that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Not only the above mentioned famous souvenirs to buy in New Delhi are useful but they set the perfect atmosphere among your friends to chill and talk about all your amazing stories back in your journey. You can also lookup for the best of these items with the help of our guide where along with perfect suggestions, you get the best advice to survive the extra spice nation with ease. Follow up our blogs for more engaging info like these and do check out our new Adequate Travel app adding more amazing features in your traveling experiences.

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