Best Romantic Places, Getaways in California

Peaceful, palm-bordered shorelines, spectacular sunsets and the glorious mountain landscape give the ideal background to a Honeymoon or romantic getaways in California. Travel with California’s State CA-1 also knows as Route one and highway One, for the best scenery of the state’s pleasant coastline, crescent-shaped bays, and charming beach towns. California has many special places for romantic escapes with scenic and natural surroundings. This State is known as the Golden State because it has wonderful  Getaways for spending precious moments of life.

List of All Romantic Getaways in California

1. The Scenery of Big Sur.

best romantic places in California, best romantic getaways in California

Big Sur

Incredibly beautiful and immeasurably one of the romantic places in California, Big Sur makes feel better the soul. In the 1940s this brilliant area enlivened Henry Miller(novelist) and furthermore, keeps on awing tourist with its stunning setting. Big Sur is the most spectacular area of Highway One. A few spots don’t have cell phone service. Without being affected by Remote Location, This place is famous for its gourmet restaurants, Luxury Hotels, and Perfect Spa Resorts. The main attraction point of Big Sur is its natural scenery.

2. Santa Barbara

 romantic getaways in California, romantic places in California

Santa Barbara

Tucked behind the lower regions of the Santa Ynez Mountains, with a palm-fringed coastline, Santa Barbara is the “American Riviera” on account of its lovely coastline view. It is an absolute California Destination, finish with a picture-perfect sandy beach, historic Spanish Mission and great Spanish Architecture. Shopping and eating are well-known leisure activities for visitors as is sunbathing on the shoreline and enjoying outdoor activities. The perfect indigenous habitat is ideal for sailing, biking, and hiking. Romantics will be awed by the fantastic sunsets and the calm hold back of the Pacific Ocean’s crashing waves.

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3. Santa Catalina Island

romantic places in California, California getaways for a couple

Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island has almost everything a romantic date requires: Wonderful Island Scenery, Undisturbed Beaches, and delightful Seaside Villages. The Island’s biggest town Avalon offers the broadest selection of facilities from beautiful historic hotels to modern resorts. Sunbathers will appreciate Avalon’s dazzling palm-bordered shorelines. Outdoor Adventure lover will enjoy Swimming, Snorkeling, and Kayaking at Descanso Beach. It is one of the Perfect California getaways for a couple.

4. Unspoiled and Rugged Mendocino County.

California getaways for a couple.Romantic places in California

Mendocino County

Mendocino County is a restful, windswept stretch of seashore in Northern California, where redwood trees prosper and natural life is huge. Mendocino County draws tourists who value the pristine environment, Unspoiled beaches, and Fresh air. It’s additionally a place to enjoy climbing and outside games, like kayaking on the Noyo River and sailing and angling on Lake Mendocino. Although the locality is rugged and remote, the Mendocino territory boasts numerous luxury motels. Several historic seacoast towns, including Fort Bragg and Mendocino, have interesting specialty shops, top-notch restaurants, and noticeable art gallery.

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5. The Russian River

best romantic getaways in California, romantic getaways in California

Russian River

During Summertime, the Russian River zone offers an energetic vacation ambiance and outside activities, for example sunbathing at the riverside shorelines, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and swimming. The whole year, it offers the peacefulness of its delicately streaming river and transcending redwood forests. The small historic town and peaceful country atmosphere of the Russian River zone make it best for a romantic date. The town has many museums, art galleries, and restaurants.

6. Lake Tahoe in High Sierra

best romantic places in California, best romantic getaways in California

Lake Tahoe in High Sierra

In the Sierra Nevada Mountains at a rise of in excess of 6,000 feet, Lake Tahoe wonderments visitors with its magnificent elevated scenery. It is one of the best romantic places in California. The fresh, outside air animates the body and the lake’s astonishing dark blue waters speak to the soul. Neighboring by snow-capped mountain peaks, Lake Tahoe is similarly magnificent in winter and summer. The perfect natural environment inspires relaxation and romance as well as outdoor adventures.

7. Half moon bay

best romantic places in California, best romantic getaways in California

Half Moon Bay

Half moon bay is a small city of California coast. Because of its pristine beaches and attractive hiking trails, Half Moon Bay is well known for its day trip and end of the week goal for nature lovers. Visitors will appreciate taking romantic nature strolls along the seashore at Half Moon Bay State Beach. However, the weather can be misty and windy, the sensational scenery is always inspiring. The main street offers many breakfast & bed and local boutiques to choose from. Mill Rose Inn is one of the most romantic places in California.

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8. Avila Beach Hot Springs and Resort Town

best romantic places in California, best romantic getaways in California

Avila Beach hot springs

Shielded by rolling hillsides, sandy stretch of the seashores is a jewel of the California Coast. This beach provides wonderful coastal scenery and attractive seaside charm. This shoreline resort town is 10 miles south of San Luis Obispo and seven miles north of the more swarmed and blustery Pismo Beach that is famous with surfers. Avila beach is perfect for taking a romantic stroll. A few restaurants on the footpath have outdoor terraces for eating with views of the shoreline’s delicate waves.

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These all are the best romantic places to visit in California where you will definitely have a lot of fun and enjoyment. Don’t forget to bring your camera for clicking some enjoyable and memorable shots. We hope that this article helps you to know better about the best romantic places in California. If you Like our post please share this so that it will be helpful for other people also.

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