Top 10 Things to Buy in Vatican City | What Souvenirs to Buy from Vatican City

Vatican City is a completely independent state run by a Pope even in this century and they are doing pretty well! Isn’t it great along with being the smallest country in the world which they have provided for being headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church? Well, it clearly states there are a lot of famous things to buy in Vatican City that are super classy and very Christian of course! But when you explore the smallest city having the largest owner of a religious authority you might feel a bit of awe. So rule out such an uncomfortable vibe you must lookout for the best souvenirs to buy in Vatican City you will realize they are not ‘that’ serious as we expect extra-religious people to be. You can even chat and have fun with the local Pope or just buy some vintage bibles and make them blessed by the cool priests(not like the Fleabag’s priest of course). Here I have curated the top 10 amazing items that you can buy from Vatican City as the best memory back at home for you.

List of Things to Buy in Vatican City

1. Vintage Time-keeping objects

What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Vintage Time-keeping objects

Since the country already gives you a vintage feel due to its surrounding monuments and ancient working churches you can have lots of famous things to buy in Vatican City that are pretty useful as well just like these time-keeping objects which are either small globes with fitted ancient time measuring tools or distinct vintage watches. There are plenty of vintage shops and stores that sell time-keeping objects nearby the monuments ranging from astrolabes, telescopes, globes and hourglasses especially for those looking for a fancier kind-of souvenir. You might even catch up a few old times with the people running the shops as well.

2. Ceramics and Glassworks

What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Ceramics and Glassworks

After visiting grand churches in Vatican city it would have been very lucid that they do own some great artistic generation of workers who are very good at ceramic art and glassworks. As ceramics always fit into the popular souvenir to buy in the Vatican City category you can completely trust most artistic items made from ceramic and glass here. Sometimes, you encounter a few artists working on national projects that involve restoring windows, marbles, and other items in the shop that is just another indirect way to experience history with such a closer lens. You can choose from their wide range of glasses, dishes, bowls, vases, mugs, and other items to take home with you as most fancy gifts ever.

3. Vatican-inspired Jewellery

What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Vatican-inspired Jewellery

What better gift or a take away to bring from Vatican City that is actually inspired by the true icon’s accessories. Trust me or not but the Pope is the real celebrity in the Vatican and you gotta catch up with his jewelry trend that’s why you can buy various jewelry inspired not only from The pope’s works but from various famous landmarks of Vatican City. There are numerous shops along the streets that offer handmade yet original unique pieces of jewelry. It’s not just about taking back jewelry but you’re also taking a little architectural history with you. These are the best shout to all those hustles about what to buy in Vatican City? For a beautiful woman. Some pieces are inspired by the “Square Colosseum” Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana and the Palazzetto Dello Sport in Flaminio. So don’t miss out on that.

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4. Pope Francis’ inspired Socks

What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Pope Francis’ inspired Socks

It’s kind of creepy wearing Pope on your legs especially if you are buying it for a kid( I mean we all have heard tonnes of fake rumors about paedophile fathers!just kidding). Still, you can find good designs in these incredible souvenirs, especially for guys. Finally, it won’t be a disastrous belt or cliche wallet. It’s so hard to decide what souvenir to buy in Vatican City? That might not offend unmarried bachelor guys(you know like ‘virgin Mary’ figurine!) So, just take back a pair of Pope Francis’ favorite socks! Let’s see how your kids find them? There is a famous store in Gammarelli, which sells all kinds of religious attire including the personal favorite socks of the Pope as well.

5. Engraved Marble Tablets

 What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Engraved Marble Tablets

There’s been a long tradition of writing popular bible verses or quotes over these tablets. But now you get uniquely engraved Italian sayings such as “In Vino Veritas”, “Ciao Core”, and so on openly in the street markets in Vatican City. Therefore, these top things to buy in Vatican City are not limited to religious sayings as you can also have a tablet customized with your own words or phrases for a little extra Euros here as well. But generally, the ancient script in this tablet makes it a wonderful souvenir to gift someone. The marble tablets cost more or less than 15 EUR and just be prepared to bring a bag with you to carry them.

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6. Holy-water bottles

 What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Holy-water bottles

As you might have understood how Christian the whole country is, you might not miss the classiest things you can get from such a religious world. Yes, you get these unique holy-water bottles that are usually moulded plastic bottles in the shape of the Virgin Mary, after the ‘Lady of Lourdes’ apparitions in the 1850s. These are sometimes sold in glass moulded bottles as well but it isn’t amazing to carry the most sacred water in a bottle that is shaped like Virgin Mary who also carried the most sacred thing on this planet according to the Bible. It is also said that the water comes from a spring cleared by Bernadette Soubirous in the Grotto of Massabielle so it must not miss out on this amazing thing to buy in Vatican City.

7. Pantheon leather goods

What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Pantheon leather goods

You might have experienced a lot of leather products in the closest neighboring country of Vatican City that is Italy. Therefore, it’s obvious that you can catch on the best Italian leather spot in this country where you’ll find numerous shops selling different artistic leather products. Especially the shops selling leather goods from the Pantheon are the best place for having famous souvenirs to buy in Vatican City. Leather goods are classic, chic and always stay in fashion form hardcore carry bags till leather bold boots everything lasts long, worth its price, and feels ancient at the same time. 

8. Vatican books

What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Vatican books

If you are a hardcore Christian or just a curious person you can stop by the bookstores and check for the bibles and literature on Popes, Vatican City, and Roman Catholicism here. Of course, it will carry that strong vibe of bringing something that can instantly make everyone realize the aura of the actual books/bible from the seat of the Catholic Church. It makes it more special and unique. If you’re up for it, you can even have it blessed by a priest nearby. This all makes them a must-buy thing in Vatican City.

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9. Italian cheeses

 What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City

Italian cheeses

How come you encounter the Vatican City food and do not fall in love with their cheese coming straight from Italy. This is quite popular for its cuisine and there’s no other place to get your cheese than from the city itself. These are some of the best treats to carry homes and figure out what to buy in Vatican City? That everyone can eat and enjoy daily. You can stock up on some fresh Italian cheeses and eat them back home whenever you like. Oh! Don’t be worried about it spoiling during traveling as most of your food purchases will be placed in vacuum packs. There’s no way we’re letting our favorite cheese go to waste.

10. Postcards 

 What to Buy in Vatican City, Things to Buy in Vatican City


I know it’s a bit cliche but commonly don’t you love to collect postcards with the distinct buildings of Vatican City? and trust me there are many! Even after being the smallest country in the world, Vatican City owns and manages the best postal office. The Universal Postal Union has even called them “one of the best postal systems in the world”.You can have these postcards at any stationery shop selling vintage postcards. They even come with the Vatican stamps. So do cherish these popular souvenirs to buy in Vatican City as one day they are going to be in the top ranking antique items for sure. You can make dollars with that.

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I hope you enjoyed this amazing tour of things to buy in Vatican City. There are tonnes of artifacts that are handcrafted in Vatican City that you can take back home at very reasonable prices if you have complete knowledge of What to buy in Vatican City? But if you couldn’t find any then get some great shopping ideas from our top 10 list of best things to buy in Vatican City which will easily guide you towards the splendid souvenirs of Vatican City. Head on to our other blogs for more engaging info like these and please don’t forget to comment below about your precious thoughts.

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