Top 10 Food Restaurants near Vatican City | Best Restaurants of Vatican City

Vatican City is famous for its independent state administration run by the Bishops of Rome. But the location of this smallest city serves a great deal of cuisine served by the top restaurants in Vatican City. Their versatile dishes range from Spanish delicious pasta, authentic Roman square or rectangular pizzas, paninis, and other well-known cuisines. You can explore these amazing restaurants not only inside the city but also in the famous food restaurants near Vatican City. These places serve some of the best foods near the Vatican City, Rome along with hospitable service from early mornings till midnight.

Famous Restaurants near Vatican city 

1. Tre Pupazzi

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This restaurant in Vatican City is situated in a building dating back to 1625. They serve the best food in Vatican City while their speciality includes typical Italian dishes. Alongside such delicious cuisines they also serve traditional Roman specialities, such as saltimbocca(rolled veal and ham), ossobuco (stew made with knuckle of veal in tomato sauce), and abbacchio(roast lamb). This famous restaurant in Vatican City is run by a family therefore on special days especially Fridays and Saturdays the owner’s Portuguese wife prepares meals centered on her own national cuisine. So, you can explore Spanish, authentic Roman and Portuguese cuisines all at the same place. You travel to a Christian city and don’t find wine anywhere is impossible but this restaurant serves the best food of Vatican City along with rustic Portuguese wines.

Address: WF36+FQ Rome, Near Vatican City Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy 

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2. Osteria delle Commari

restaurants in Vatican City, restaurants in Vatican City Rome

This restaurant belongs to a well-known family worldwide and dates back to 1959. This popular restaurant in Vatican City, Rome always belonged to the Maggi family, who moved to Rome from Abruzzo in the second half of the 20th century. Along with delicious pasta meals at reasonable prices they several kinds of meat and fish courses.  It would be a humiliation for restaurants if you are in a city bordered with Spain and you can’t find pizza in any restaurant but this restaurant in spite of their genres serves fresh pizza after 7 pm. They also prepare desserts daily which are served hot and fresh. Some of their top desserts in Vatican City include tiramisù and crème caramel.

Address: WF53+5G Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


3. L’Isola della Pizza

restaurants near Vatican City, famous food in Vatican City

The signature name might have given you the idea of what they serve but that’s not the only dish that is served at this restaurant of Vatican City Rome. Their famous foods in Vatican City enlists pizza, steak, and various other cuisines. Hence, you can call this a place which is an amalgamation of restaurant, pizzeria, and steakhouse. It was founded in 1985 and started as a small scale pizzeria but now their unique taste and versatility serve various best foods in Vatican City. They even prepare the pizza in an oak-wood oven which provides a rustic and aromatic taste to their pizza. Their meat courses include Danish beef which is grilled and served steamy hot with balsamic vinegar and potatoes.

Address: Via degli Scipioni, 45, 00192 Roma RM, WF54+9V Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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4. Papa Rex

best food in Vatican City, top food in Vatican City

If you are a fan of consuming dinner with classic background music, this can be your place to visit. Along with offering Roman and Italian cuisine including pizza, this artistic restaurant in Vatican City, Rome provides an evening dinner with a musical show played by a pianist, a soprano and a tenor who sing some of the most remarkable arias in Italian opera. This restaurant serves top best foods in Vatican City which is also themed in their dinner parties conducted in the basement. These dinner parties are based on ancient Roman times, where everyone is dressed in Zeus or toga gods enjoying their typical food and beverages while consuming the old classic wines in Papa Rex


Address:Via Aurelia, 87, 00165 Roma RM, VFX2+VC Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

5. Pizzarium

best food in Vatican City, top food in Vatican City

This isn’t a typical restaurant in Vatican City instead it is more of a little street-food shop that combines a bakery with fresh seasonal products and an attached pizzeria. They serve some of the best food in Vatican City and also specialize in preparing the authentic Roman lunch with their versatile toppings which are an intense combination of porcini mushrooms and salted pork fat. But don’t expect a generic circular pizza here, which is among the places that serve top foods of Vatican City as they are the only pizzeria who sell square pizzas that are authentic to Roman street foods.

Address: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma RM, WC4W+MM Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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6. Feffo

food in Vatican City, best restaurants in Vatican City

These nearby restaurants of Vatican City are not situated inside the borders of Vatican City but are usually suggested by top tourists along the way while traveling from or to the Vatican City. This restaurant even resides in the way of the famous tourist spot- St Peter’s Square and the Vatican. They are reviewed appreciably for their disciplined and extremely helpful staff along with their wide range of breakfasts, meals and desserts. They provide very good assortment of options for coffee and a light breakfast. They have great wine selection and appetizers. They also serve delicious Italian pastries. You can try their pistachio tart which is among their best foods in Vatican City, Rome. They acquire a splendid quality of the pies and cakes


Address:Via delle Fornaci, 2–6, 00165 Roma RM, WF24+2G Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

7. Borgo 139

food near Vatican City, restaurants in Vatican City

This is more of a local public hub that serves some of the best foods in Vatican City, Rome. Along with tonnes of tourists coming after a long 3-hour tour from the Vatican, you’ll find all courses of meals ranging from breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. This popular restaurant near Vatican City also has some customized vegetarian-friendly vegan options. Their staff is very nice and friendly while they even serve free exemplar food for tasting to a lot of first-time travelers. They specialize in serving delicious sandwiches, a very spicy panini, and pork at very reasonable prices. You might end up from an expensive tour of Plaza San Pedro which is 2 minutes away from this place and can fill your tummy with only about 7 euros for a filling meal. So add this restaurant to your list of exploring the best foods of Vatican City.

Address:Borgo Pio, 139, 00193 Roma RM, WF35+HV Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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8. Station Pizza

restaurants in Vatican City, restaurants in Vatican City Rome

This is your spot if your hunger can only suffice with big slices of pizza or you want to explore some new experimented tastes besides pineapple pizzas! This pizza station which has been recently renewed lies in between the route for Vatican City, therefore, it can be a good break for lunch. This restaurant near Vatican City serves some of the super new and authentic Roman-style pizza in Rome. If you see the roman style pizza written anywhere you must know that this means no boring circular pizzas. The delicious food near Vatican City is more tempting when it can be served by weight, especially a blockbuster offer for the foodies. This exact theme of serving the pizzas by weight is followed at this amazing place. The staff here is often bi- or tri-lingual which will be a great aid for the tourist who can’t speak Spanish or Latin. Cacio e Pepe is awesome and a must-try cuisine here. Out of all the best foods near Vatican City, you must try their supplí and arancini which are excellent and fried at the moment to serve fresh


Address: Via della Stazione di S. Pietro, 6, 00165 Roma RM, VFX3+RP Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

9. Alice Pizza

restaurants near Vatican City, famous food in Vatican City

This is a great takeaway restaurant near Vatican City, Rome. The locals or the tourists all become fans of this small place. It might not rank up in the fancy restaurant’s list but it serves some of the best food near Vatican City. They also serve pizza by weight, you choose how big of a slice can fit in your mouth and enjoy as you prefer. It can be the best place for a quick bite from Vatican City. All the amazing pizzas are even offered at very low prices that you might want to fill in more. But, due to its takeaway theme, you can’t sit inside the restaurant as there are no arrangements for sitting. People often sit outside the restaurant stairs to enjoy their pizzas instantly.Due to the heavy crowd, they have very fast service. You can even get two pizzas, including drinks for just € 15.

Address:Via delle Grazie, 7, 00193 Roma RM, WF35+V5 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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10. Homebaked 

best food in Vatican City, top food in Vatican City

This famous restaurant near Vatican City serves the top best American breakfasts in the entire Rome. This place lies close to St Peter’s basilica. They serve only breakfast, lunch and brunch. On being a morning serving meal restaurant they open early at about 8 am. This place can be your early morning hop-in place for tasty American breakfasts and more while traveling near the Vatican City. Most of their dishes are prepared fresh and served with a great smile. Even the Mimosas are made with fresh-squeezed orange juice. They serve the popular foods near Vatican City in the daily mornings including their great coffee prepared with fresh beans. They even have an ATM for the tourists to easily handle their cash struggles. Yummy cream cheese bagel and Cappuccino are a must-try at this place


Address: Via di Porta Cavalleggeri, 25, 00165 Roma RM, IWF 24+27 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

The mentioned restaurants near Vatican City, Rome are among the top best places which serve with a great deal of interest in all courses of meals. Some of the restaurants mentioned as par might not serve dinner or late-night foods but their other courses rank among the top food near Vatican City, Rome. So, hop-into these delicious aromatic places to experience the best foods near Vatican City along with their artistic monuments and famous landmarks in Rome.

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