Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Venice | Best Things to Buy from Venice

Venice is one of the most illustrious cities that own the incredible artistic buildings of the world. Along with the rich history and great architectural lineage of famous monuments you can find the most popular things to buy in Venice that are super classy and affordable. There are a lot of other items that are even exclusive to the city and you might not find them anywhere in the world. Such unique items are the best souvenirs to buy in Venice. You can take these items as a valuable gift for your precious friends back at home. Sometimes, you can even chat and have fun with the local sellers to call for extra discounts(they are generous in some cases). But if you want the best use of your money then follow up the given below list which I have curated, comprising the top 10 things to buy from Venice that are completely affordable and classy to take back.

List of Must-Buy Things in Venice

1. Murano Glass

Things to Buy from Venice

Murano glass

A small island of Murano, near Venice, is famous for its exclusive glass making techniques which you might not find anywhere in the world now. These extraordinary glasses are some of the most adorable and unique glasses that you will ever see. These famous things to buy in Venice are sold out in larger amounts especially when the tourism season flourishes through Venice city.  And, observing the Murano glass-making process, is itself a very fascinating experience. The process of manufacturing starts with workers melting two or more pieces of different glasses together to create these beautiful mosaic patterns of Murano glass. Oftentimes, some precious materials, such as gold or silver, are also added to make the product more classy and expensive.

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2. Burano Lace

Things to Buy from Venice

Burano lace

Well, a layman would say it’s just a piece of adornment for clothing but most of the women can easily tell how expensive laces are? Laces are always elegant and chic that make any fabric extremely breath-taking. Venice is known for its lace-making art since the long olden times. Lace has been manufactured here for over 400 years and is still exported nearly all over the world. Therefore, if you want to give the best souvenirs to buy in Venice to your female friends or lover this is the best chance. You can visit the famous, Merletto shop, situated nearby San Marco Square selling the most authentic laces coming straight from their well-known origin Scuola del Merletto in Burano

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3. Door Knockers

Things to Buy from Venice

Door Knockers

Door Knockers are very general in Venice ancient houses. You might have seen them in classic movies when there were designer door knockers instead of musical doorbells. You can find such a variety of vintage door knockers in the Veneto region, particularly in Venice that you might feel like you are walking within the set of some old classic Hollywood movies. You can easily spot many doors of the local historic buildings in Venice having these fashionable ‚Äėdoorbells‚Äô hanging in the center of the doors. These are one of the popular things to buy in Venice especially if you are looking for a takeaway gift for your classic lover friends. Door Knockers, made of metal, often feature with an animal head which is specifically a figurine of lion‚Äôs head in Venice due to their traditional rulings. The most famous place is available for buying doorknockers in the production of Venetian foundry, called Fonderia Artistica Valese.

4. Handmade Wooden Puzzles

Things to Buy from Venice

Handmade wooden puzzles

You might own a habit of either taking some good chocolates or toys for your kids back at home but courtesy of a wooden puzzle depicting some of the landmarks of Venetian buildings is one of the best things to buy in Venice, which is not only a fun toy but an academic anchor to keep your kids interested in academics.  There are, lot of puzzles coming from famous landmarks like Rialto Bridge, the Doge’s Palace etc. You can buy the best puzzles in a shop called Signor Blum. They carve the puzzles by hand and each one of them is really unique. In fact, you can even order a customized puzzle made specifically for you, that can even hold your most beloved memory from Venice.

5. Bellini

Things to Buy from Venice


Bellini is a cocktail invented in Venice about 80 years ago. This is one of the famous things to buy from Venice that you should take for your drinking buddies. This famous cocktail was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, who is also the founder of the world-famous Harry’s Bar in Venice. Bellini consists of peaches and Prosecco (an Italian version of Champagne). The peaches are squeezed and the juice is mixed with Prosecco. The glasses in which the Bellini is served are kept very cold to sustain the flavors precisely. You can take the whole bottle, available at many shops around the Rialto Bridge in Venice. The price of one bottle of Bellini is about 10 EUR.

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6. Handmade Shoes

Things to Buy from Venice

Handmade shoes

Who would deny the classic and royal feeling of wearing something that is handmade in today’s world? Shoes are some of the best accessories that everyone loves to take care of. The handmade Italian shoes are something really noble and worth every penny if you get these from Venice. Such shoes are not only showcasing a classic impression of your disposition but they also put forth the long-lasting qualities of such shoes. If you want to get yourself some of these must-buy things from Venice then visit Giovanna Zanella’s shop, which is run by Venice’s most renowned shoe-maker.

7. Marble Paper

Things to Buy from Venice

Marble paper

If you are a fan of art and craft you are going to love this product from Venice. As this is one of those exclusive things to buy in Venice that you might not find anywhere else in the world. Venice is in fact, home to one of the finest paper marbling techniques, which date back to the 15th century. People all around the world even adore their art of unique skills in making marble papers. Legatorial Piazzesi is the oldest paper marbling enterprise of both Venice and a major part of the western world that you can find to take the finest quality of marble papers along with you. Otherwise, Ebru is one of the iconic shops in Venice to get a variety of designer marble paper masterpieces.

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8. Gondolier slippers

Things to Buy from Venice

Gondolier slippers

Well getting slippers seems like a very lame and weird idea. But not the Gondolier slippers, these are highly comfortable slippers which were originally worn by peasants living in the nearby countryside of Venice until the Venetian gondoliers began to wear them.  These rubber soles of these slippers were perfect for keeping a grip on the gondola. These are in fact the best idea for what to buy in Venice? The soles of these slippers are made of waterproof canvas jute bags and cardboards, while their soles are made of old bicycle tires that offer great comfort and utmost stability on slippery surfaces. The best fact, these are the most eco-friendly slippers you can ever get.

9. Baicoli

Things to Buy from Venice


Baicoli is a typical Venetian biscuit. If you are thinking about taking some of the best delicacies that are edible then take Baicoli. The shape of this biscuit resembles that of sea bass, hence the name ‚Äď ‚ÄúBaicoli‚ÄĚ means ‚Äúsea bass‚ÄĚ in the Venetian language.¬† Baicoli is typically vanilla-flavored, and are sold in metal boxes, easy to transport and keep fresh for a longer duration. These are even the most vintage souvenirs to buy in Venice that their packaging metal boxes carry a picture of Venetian men and women in the traditional clothing of olden times representing ancient Venice.

10. Gondolier’s Hat

Things to Buy from Venice

Gondolier’s Hat

There are very rare people now who do enjoy wearing Hats. But whoever loves desire the most vintage and classic style hats. For them, this is one of the top things to buy in Venice.  Gondolier’s hat is a certain type of hat, that is made of straw, making it more pervious to air and allowing you to keep the head cool in high temperatures. A ribbon (mostly black, blue, or red) encourages a very beautiful touch to these hats. These hats are easy to maintain, just protect them from too much humidity.

Hope you enjoyed this amazing tour of things to buy in Venice. There are tonnes of products that are handcrafted in Venice that you can take back home at very reasonable prices if you have complete knowledge of what to buy in Venice? Hence for such purposes, I wish as per discussed shopping ideas from our top 10 list of best things to buy in Venice will be helpful for finding the splendid souvenirs for your loved ones. Head on to our other blogs for more engaging info like these and please don’t forget to comment below your precious views.

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