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In this article, we tell you about the best cities in El Salvador. This land of volcanic eruptions and devastating earthquakes was occupied by indigenous Indian factions as early as 1500 BC, and the remains of their civilizations are strewn across the land. The Spanish arrived in 1524 and the native tribes aggressively fought back; those invaders retreated, but they returned the next year and the locals were simply overpowered by Spanish military weapons. Over time the Spanish colonial system flourished here, and quite typical of all regional colonies, the indigenous Indian population was stripped of their land, and through abuse and repression were relegated to a rural, lower-class status. 

Cities to visit in El Salvador is quite nostalgic. After the overthrow of the Spanish King by Napoleon, El Salvador and others declared their independence from Spain in 1821. Across the Americas, all of the newly independent states experienced power grabs (revolutions), mostly fed by land-greed and for control of natural resources; El Salvador was no exception. Hurricane Mitch paid a surprise visit in 1998; widespread flooding and landslides were the results, infrastructure was washed away, hundreds died, and over 50,000 Salvadorans were rendered homeless.

El Salvador City List

1. San Salvador

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador and considered in the top 10 cities in El Salvador. This capital city is located in the central plateau region of central America.  it is the second-largest city in all of Central America after Guatemala. Despite its massive area, visitors are generally surprised to find laid back locals, a relatively slow pace to the city and an easy-going atmosphere.  If you see the infrastructure of this city, you will how this city suffered from natural and man-made crises like civil war and earth-quake, their scars throughout the city. From the crumbling remains of original Spanish colonial architecture to the large gap between rich and poor, San Salvador has a long road ahead. There is still violence in the city, however, it’s mostly concentrated in the poorest neighborhoods, far from the tourist sectors, where inter-gang violence is high, you can visit to Republic of Congo Cities.

2. Santa Ana

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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The second-largest city in El Salvador after San Salvador, Santa Ana offers visitors an urban appeal with a slightly more tranquil environment when compared to San Salvador.  It is considered in one of the famous cities in El Salvador.  early 20th-century neo-Gothic cathedral, elaborately decorated theatre, and the picturesque main square also known as Parque Libertad have won the attention of tourists, making Santa Ana a worthwhile day trip. For those seeking a more in-depth experience in Santa Ana, the aforementioned theatre, Teatro de Santa Ana is a stunning visit both inside and out and still holds the occasional live performance. If you’re a lover of the arts, be sure to check its schedule when in the city.

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3. San Miguel 

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

The country’s third-largest and most populated city, San Miguel is a popular, though slightly less developed, tourist destination. Its historic downtown offers some noteworthy landmarks, from the 19th-century, best cities to visit in El Salvador is a good experience of a lifetime. Cathedral and Francisco Gavidia Theatre to the San Miguel Market and bustling Avenida Roosevelt. Hugging the country’s small eastern coast, it also offers close proximity to several beach towns boasting some of Central America’s best surf. A major center of trade, San Miguel’s coastal locale also provides some of El Salvador’s highest quality seafood. One of the hottest destinations in the country… remember to pack light clothing as summer temperatures reach 109 degrees Fahrenheit, read more Major Cities in Djibouti

Beyond surfing, several other outdoor sports are available around the city. The nearby San Vicente Volcano offers some of the country’s most challenging trail-less hikes and the highly active San Miguel Volcano offers breathtaking views… however, hikes should not be done without a credible guide due to reports of bandits on the mountain. Lake Olomega, another of the country’s largest, provides a less strenuous visit, with casual nature treks and local boating tours available.

4. Apopa

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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Apopa is a city near the capital of San Salvador and considered in major cities in El Salvador. It probably is considered the seventh biggest city in El Salvador with a population of more than 150,000 people.   This city has now mixed with San Salvador and Soyapango, making it part of the Great San Salvador Metro with a population estimated of 1,900,000. The people of Apopa, quite loving and friendly by nature. Tourists across the world come here to visit the culture of El Salvador here. Every year you see lots of travelers come to this city to explore the beauty of this city.

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5. Perquín

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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An El Salvador city list is incomplete without Perquín. It is the most popular stop on La Ruta de Paz. It was also the heart of rebel resistance. Accommodation is more readily available and there are more options than the other pueblos lining the road. Once the capital of the revolution, Perquín is now a site of peaceful reflection. The main site of the town is Museo de la Revolución, located in Perquín’s town center. The vast majority of the material at the museum is in Spanish, so it’s worth contracting a guide for a tour. Many of the guides are ex-guerrillas with experiences and wisdom to share that will touch your heart.

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6. La Palma

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

If you want to visit popular cities in El Salvador come La Palma.  Two hours northwest of San Salvador, La Palma is famous for being the town where national artist Fernando Llort taught. Utilizing bright colors, childish images, and religious themes, Llort captured the hearts of the El Salvadoran people, making La Palma a nationally recognized artistic hub. Even today the vast majority of its residents make a living by practicing Llort’s artistic style.

Due to its close proximity to the Honduran border, many visitors choose only to stay in La Palma for convenience purposes. With a vast array of galleries and workshops, however, visitors should definitely spend some time soaking in the town’s beautiful artistic heritage. From wall paintings and town murals to workshops, quaint Llort-inspired souvenirs, and the mosaic Central Park, a visit to La Palma is definitely worth the stop.

7. La Union 

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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La Union is known in major cities in El Salvador, with the actual port being just over a mile from town. It is located 12 miles from the department of San Miguel. It is not a large town and is easily navigated on foot. Please note that while the city center is safe for daytime wandering, this area can turn sketchy at night and tourists should not wander here alone after sunset. From La Unión it’s easy to get a boat to one of the nearby islands; Isla Conchaguita, Meanguera, Zacatillo or Martin Perez. Here tourists can enjoy tranquil beaches and fresh seafood. Of these islands, Manguera and Zacatillo are the most popular. Zacatillo is an archipelago opposite the island of Martin Perez. The private beaches are shaded by palm trees and outside of the high seasons of August, they are relaxing sites for a day of indulgence and tanning. In Meanguera, a few resorts and hotels line the coast. It’s slightly more developed and geared towards tourism than Zacatillo, so most tourists will opt to stay on Meanguera and take a day trip to Zacatillo.

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8. Suchitoto

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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Suchitoto is amongst the few towns in El Salvador that still retain its colonial architecture. This town in El Salvador offering a laid back ambiance, beautiful panoramic views, and quaint cobblestoned streets, this town is one of the country’s most charming. One of Suchitoto’s most popular sites is the Museo de Los Recuerdos Alejandro Cotto. Here visitors can explore beautiful grounds, colonial architecture, great views, and classic fountains. Also boasting one of the country’s most impressive art collections, this museum is like a town in and of itself, and the museum opens daily. 

For those seeking a dose of the outdoors, head for the 39-foot Los Tercios Waterfall, the hot springs of Agua Caliente just 2.5 miles further down the road, or the nearby tourist-friendly towns of Palo Grande, El Sitio, and La Mora all rich in natural beauty.

9. Joya de Cerén

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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Joya de Cerén is an extraordinarily well preserved El Salvador town to visit.  The town was abandoned in a hurry as residents fled the eruption of Laguna de Caldera in 640 A.D. The whole town was buried in volcanic ash and leaving the city hidden, but intact. It wasn’t until 1976 that Joya de Cerén was discovered.

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10. El Tunco

best cities in El Salvador, top cities in El Salvador

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El Tunco is one the most popular of the northern coastal and beautiful cities in El Salvador for tourists. Named after the “pig-shaped” rock located off its coast, it’s a craggy, powerful region not conducive to swimming, but a surfer’s dream come true. For those looking to hit the waters, surf classes and board rentals are available through local surf shops.

Because El Tunco is such a popular tourist spot, it’s also it’s a great place to meet other travelers and exchange stories and favorite cities in El Salvador. It offers plenty of boutique shops, restaurants, and cafés, as well as a plethora of entertainment options. One of the best nightlife scenes on the northern coast, just asks your hotel’s front desk for the best places to go when you are in town.

El Salvador City list is letting us know all the best cities in El Salvador to visit as it is providing a brief description of the top cities in El Salvador to visit and some El Salvador major cities. I hope this article would be beneficial for you as it provides the name of cities in El Salvador and shares your views.

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