Best Beaches In California | Top Beautiful Beaches In California

California is known for its Best Beaches. In this article, we will inform you about the Best Beaches in California which will help you if you want to take good Sunbathing and enjoy the Beach Outdoor Activities like Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Swimming, and Fishing. These Beaches are well known for their activities, where you will definitely have a good time with your friends and family. Here you can spend your weekends having great fun and capture the enjoyable and priceless moments of life.

List of All The Best Beaches in California 

1. Coronado Beach

Best Beaches in California, Top Beaches in California, Beautiful Beaches in California

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is also known as Central Beach. It is a 1.5-mile long Beach. Coronado Beach is also famous for its iconic Hotel Del Coronado which is located at the Southern End of the Beach. A Mica Mineral here makes the sand glimmer. Some of the popular activities which you can enjoy here are, in front of hotel Cornado you can do Tide Pooling, Boogie Boarding in front of hotel Coronado, there is a surfing academy which provides the surfing lesson. Coronado Beach also offers  Restrooms and showers nearby Central Beach Lifeguard’s Tower. Here Lifeguards are available for the whole year from 9:00 am to Sunset. All these features provided by Coronado Beach Make him come under the category of Top Beaches in California.

2. La Jolla Shores Beach

Best Beaches in California

La Jolla Shores Beach

The Californias San Diego has many of the beautiful beaches which come under Top Beaches in California and La Jolla Shores Beach is one of them. It is a popular beach which attracts many tourists and even locals, which makes it a totally jam-packed Beach many times. This beach comes under the Best Beach for Picnicking with family and friends where you can have a lot of fun.

3. Santa Monica State Beach

Beaches in California, Best Beaches in California

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is in California which is operated by Santa Monica City itself. It is a well-cleaned beach. Which is located with  Santa Monica Pier and Amusement Park and some great shops which makes it comes under the Unique Beach in California. It has many hotels nearby which allow the visitor to stay here on weekends and even for a week.

4. Carmel City Beach

Best Beaches in California

Carmel City Beach California

Carmel City Beach is located in Californias Carmel City. It is a long wide beach that is mostly packed on Sunny  Days, but this beach is often cloudy and cool which allows you to find good space there, so you can hang out there with your friends and family and enjoy your picnic completely. It has White Sand which makes it look Stunning.

5. Moonstone Beach

Best Beaches in California

Moonstone Beach California

Moonstone Beach is located in Cambria City, California. The beach’s name Moonstone is set because of the shiny gemstones that can be found on Beach, Whenever sunrays contacted with them, they shine,  which makes it look beautiful view. The Gems Are not expensive but you can make good jewelry of it, which looks more natural. Here you can also enjoy the Beautiful Sunset. All these beautiful things make Moonstone Beach comes under the category of Unique Beaches in California.

6. Salt Creek Beach

Best Beaches in California

Salt Creek Beach

Salt Creek Beach is a Beach plus Park located at Dana Point, California, in the Country which is known as the Country of Orange. It is one of the Top Beaches in California  The main activities offered by this Beach are Beach Volleyball, Basketball Court, Surfing and we can also go Fishing and Swimming. At Salt Creek Beach we can have a good picnic on large grasses lawns. here  Lifeguards are available to check everything. It is a big beach which is good for having a lot of fun.

7. McClures Beach

Best Beaches In California

McClures Beach California

McClure’s Beach is in Inverness, California a unique beach of California. McClure’s Beach is known as a hidden beach because it is not known to tourists. This is a beach where you have to walk Half-Mile down to the sand. It takes a long drive to reach the northwestern shoreline of National Seashore to reach the parking lot .it’s a large beach where we can explore the nature and wildness of McClure.

All the Beaches which are mentioned above are the Best Beaches in California. You can visit there in your free time to enjoy the magnificent atmosphere with a good crowd. If you want to visit the Top Beaches in California you must try them out for sure. Please give us your valuable comments about these Beaches and if you like this post please share it so that  it will help others also who want to visit the Best Beaches in California

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