Panama lifts all travel restrictions, allowing normal tourism

Synopsis: Foreigners arriving in Panama will no longer have to go through mandatory quarantines or any other travel restrictions after Panama lifts all travel restrictions.

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Panama in Central America is a popular tourist destination, with Chitre, Santiago, and Penonome being some of the best cities in Panama, but since the pandemic started the country has closed its doors to all international tourists. But recently, the Panalan Government made an announcement to lift all previously imposed COVID restrictions and allow tourists to enter the borders more conveniently. 

Evidently, it took too long, but Panama, a gem of Central America, has finally removed all of its COVID travel restrictions, which prevented thousands of tourists from arriving during the pandemic. 

The past two years have been the hardest times for most countries due to the sudden outcome of the communal disease. Most European countries have blocked their borders for international arrivals during this time. But as the situation is getting normal and Border curbs have fallen, economies have reopened, and it seems like the countries have now forgotten these stringent rules. 

Many countries, including America, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand, who were the most restrictive during the past two years, have now opened their borders and started allowing international arrivals. 

Panama turns to lower its administrative barriers in the same manner as its forebears. According to information provided by IATA, as of September 15, no valid Covid or other vaccination proof is needed to enter the country. Previously, this included either a valid vaccine certificate or a negative test.

Despite heavily relying on tourism and maritime trade, Panama has historically imposed stricter controls on the unvaccinated. We can understand why the Panamanian government would take a much-relaxed decision in spite of knowing that Panama is one of the favorite travel destinations across the world for youngsters.

According to the Latest Travel Guidelines, Americans can now freely rediscover Panama in the coming months, regardless of their COVID status:

  • No vaccine requirements
  • No post-arrival tests
  • No pre-departure tests
  • No quarantine after landing in the country.

Before, unvaccinated travelers had to present a current vaccine certificate to cross the border. The non-immunized previously had to abide by much stricter regulations and present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test that was issued up to 72 hours before arrival, or else take a test once they had landed.

Those who tested positive upon arrival will have to stay in isolation for 10 days at their designated accommodations. The only way to escape from quarantine early is to present a negative PCR test done on the 4th day of quarantine (but not earlier). 

American citizens are permitted to stay in Panama for 90 days out of every 180 days without applying in advance for a visa. Those who intend to stay in the nation for an extended period of time must speak with the Panama Embassy to learn more about extended stays. Panama may be open for business as usual, but as of right now, no word has been made about the country’s own Digital Nomad Visa.

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