Top 10 Beaches in Salzburg Austria | Best Beaches to Visit in Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the best cities in Austria which has a finite combination of natural as well as modern areas to explore. The Austrians have been so creative with their natural gifts that they even created some spectacular beaches in Salzburg that are just lake shores for any laymen but if you explore these places you will find the best beach sports that are not even offered by the typical beaches in the world. Hence I have mentioned such 10 famous beaches in Salzburg that are not only sandy shores but have some weird and interesting architectures holding their lineages.

List of Top Beaches in Salzburg

1. Salzach River Beach

Top Beaches in Salzburg

This i. s one of the most popular beaches in Salzburg Austria, which has a diversified longest stretch of the city’s beach sand. It lengthens over many kilometres throughout the most varying neighborhoods of Salzburg. But you can enjoy the historic Old Town only here. You’ll find countless places, meadows, gentle hillsides and bridges where you can enjoy summer to the fullest. The Hustle and bustle of the city prevail here all day long in the nearby cafes and restaurants. The Salzach River Bike Path resembles a pulsating lifeline due to its eco-friendly surroundings which is maintained for a very long time in Salzburg.

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2. Alm Canal Beach

Top Beaches in Salzburg

You might find it very weird that a beach is located near the Alm Canal. There are no cliche sandy areas but you can find some of the best beach sports here like surfing over the waves which are no less than the best beaches in Salzburg. These are very scenic and beautiful and have supplied the city with fresh water from the Untersberg region for a very long time. This place was regarded as a technical masterpiece during its construction at the end of the 13th century. Now you can visit this masterpiece for fun and enjoy your summers in the best way possible at these kinds of beaches in Salzburg.

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3. Konigsseeache Beach

Top Beaches in Salzburg

This beach in Salzburg Austria is more of a lake house vacation you can spend near the mountain stream which is a veritable paradise for all sun-seekers who feel comfortable in cool water. After it channels its way from Lake Königssee in Bavaria over the border into Salzburger Land, it flows into the Salzach river. The water is very fresh here as it comes from

Watzmann mountain range, which is a perfect place for an extremely refreshing summer trip in Salzburg. There are countless spots near the water where you can chill with your friends or spend a romantic evening at the beach resorts of Salzburg.

4. Volksgarten Weiher

Top Beaches in Salzburg

The harder you try to pronounce this beach’s name, the more time you are losing to experience the only real sand beach along the shores of the Volksgarten (public garden) in Salzburg. You will even find volleyball courts and beach soccer fields on which fun games are continuously held in Salzburg. This is one of the most-visited beaches in Salzburg which is an active zone for a course of runners and a chill zone on the northern shore ensures pleasurable comfort for the best beach vacations you can spend in Salzburg.

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5. Lieferinger Badesee

Top Beaches in Salzburg

This might be the smallest of the three artificial lakes next to the banks of the Salzach river but it offers some of the famous beaches in Salzburg.  They have the largest recreation areas in the metropolitan zones and attract people from all parts of the city, especially in the summer. There are two kiosks at this beach which provide fabulous comforts for guests and wonderfully round off the variety of activities at Salzachsee.

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6. Alpenseebad Mondsee

Top Beaches in Salzburg

Your kids will love this swimming and water slide place in Salzburg which is no less than a proper beach in Salzburg that also has a large grass area to play on. You can even do water skiing. It’s a bit less fun than on the real beach but still, lots of fun can be achieved if you visit this place with right buddies who are always ready for adventurous rides and hiking. There are bathrooms and changing stalls, too, so it’s easy to spend the whole day here with your complete family.

7. Litzlberg Outdoor Swimming Pool

Top Beaches in Salzburg

Attersee is the main queen of this popular beach in Salzburg which embellishes this spectacular place with its clear and pure water. This lies in the state of Upper Austria which is located between Seewalchen and Attersee. You will find large lawns, volleyball courts, toilets and changing rooms all available at this beach in Salzburg which also has large parking spaces available for travelers. This place is open from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and the ticket costs around EUR 3 per car and can be easily obtained from parking ticket machines.

8. Lido beach

Top Beaches in Salzburg

This is one of the most beautiful Chiemsee shore beaches in Salzburg that is perfect for a beach-cum-picnic experience. As the extensive lawns, covered by trees that provide sufficient shade in summer behind this beach are amazing spots for a picnic after basking in the sun. Everything is very clean and neat wherever you settle. There are also a few park benches to sit down, table tennis tables and a volleyball court for your sophisticated friends who can’t just lay down and relax at this famous beach in Salzburg.

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9. Wossner see

This lake is like a dream as all the scenic views you catch in your DSLRs are exactly similar to the real-time images of a moving landscape from any artist’s collection of paintings. The restaurants nearby are beautifully situated nearby the lake’s most panoramic zones. There are good snack stalls available nearby this known beach in Salzburg beautifying this small artificial swimming lake into a wonderful landscape best suited for nature lovers.

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10. Weyer

Top Beaches in Salzburg

A lot of people don’t know about this place in Salzburg but some reviewers suggest that local kids love its playground, there’s even a basket-swing to spend some sporty time with your kids. So yeah this is a must-visit Salzburg’s beach which you must explore to have the complete fun of summers in Salzburg.

Hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 Beaches in Salzburg Austria. Some of them are not even like typical beaches but hopefully, you will enjoy their beach activities which are creatively adjusted at these scenic natural zones of Salzburg. You must be aware that not all the beaches are perfectly lying into the border of Salzburg. Some beaches or lakes are situated outside the Salzburg city but they are worth a visit for the best beach vacations in Austria.

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