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‘Sydney never ceases to surprise you’ and its features some of the famous things to buy in Sydney that attracts heavy tourism and keeps on providing a unique take away which always keeps this city on the edge of creativity. You might experience a lot of weird and historic traditions or items that will leave you in surprise. Hence, it is nearly impossible to stay unimpressed from any of the features of this city. Ranging from unique opal accessories till street items you can find your genre of interest in Sydney for sure. The popular souvenirs to buy in Sydney can be found especially near the famous landmarks of the city and if you want to find out more interesting things to buy in Sydney then read out the given below list and find your personal favourite items to take back from this city. So, follow up guys!

List of Things to Buy in Sydney

1. Camphor Cutting Board

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Camphor Cutting Board

For any cook or kitchen utensil geek, Camphor Laurel’s product is the best option to impress such friends. The cutting boards are not only beautiful additions to the kitchen but their supreme quality features natural, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that make these top things to buy in Sydney one of the safest cutting boards to use for anyone. If you want to find the best versions of these products you can visit The Wood Life boutique woodworking company in Sydney. This company produces some of the most refined kitchen essentials, along with various other hand-crafted wooden homewares and accessories.

2. Opals

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney


These are an amorphous form of silica that is majorly used in the accessory making. Entire Australia is famous for the quality of its opals and Sydney is home to a large variety of designer opal products. For impressing your beloved partner these are famous souvenirs to buy in Sydney. In fact, the investment for these gems and delicate jewellery having hypnotising colours that shift and change with the light to reveal new dimensions are a great use of money. The prices start around $AU 79.00 and increase depending on the gem size and its quality. If you want, more expensive options like a bracelet set in gold then it will cost around AU$250.

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3. Akubra Hat

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Akubra Hat

For all the hat lovers who will be well acquainted from the famous 1980s film franchise ‘Crocodile Dundee,’ the Akubra hats are always in fashion for the Australian staple. They are crafted from rabbit fur felt and are later paired with a “Driza-bone” oiled leather coat to give its signature shine. Akubras are classic Australian stockman’s outfits. You will love these things to buy in Sydney, especially for any ‘Aussie’ fan. Sometimes, these are substituted with a bullet belt by the real outback “Aussies.” You can picturise a full cowboy look which is more Australian than American.

4. Penfolds Grange Wine

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Penfolds Grange Wine

If you are looking for something classic or high-level popular souvenirs to buy in Sydney then you must know that this city boasts some of the finest wines that are adored all around the globe. One of the most famous Penfolds Grange wines ranking among the top wines in the world is a favourite gift taken away by a lot of travellers. Penfolds is one of the oldest Australian wineries, and early vintages of the Grange are now considered top collector’s items. This wine owns a distinct deep aroma, with slight flavour tones spiciness, blackberry and dark chocolate tannins. All these extraordinary touches give you an intense flavour length in these wines. 

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5. Cricket Bat

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Cricket Bat

Besides Indian craziness for cricket sports, Australia is another continent which takes this sport as their national sport and a cricket bat is a great gift for any sporting enthusiast. These are one of the best things to buy in Sydney along with a great quality of wood that is manufactured in Australia as well. If you are looking for the best brand then go for the Kookaburra cricket bats that are world-renowned and used by the cricketing elite teams as well. Kookaburra has been in this business of cricket bats and manufacturing other cricket gears since 1890 in Australia. Therefore, all the products of this brand are worth your valuable money for sure.

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6. Gold-Plated Eucalyptus Leaf

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Gold-Plated Eucalyptus Leaf

Like other national flowers of countries, eucalyptus trees are native to Australian culture. While Sydney is surrounded by ancient eucalyptus forests therefore skeletons of these eucalyptus leaves are collected by Bush Art Australia and gold plated to form one of the best souvenirs to buy from Sydney. These are beautiful, delicate and thoughtful pieces of jewellery that can be nostalgic memorabilia for your Sydney trips when you return home. You can have Necklaces with a single leaf costing you around AU$25.00.

7. Macadamia Nuts

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Macadamia Nuts

For bringing edible things from your trip in Sydney macadamia nuts are one of the best options. They stay alike and don’t degrade with time. The sweet, buttery flavour of macadamia nuts is the pride of Australian nuts makes it a must-buy thing in Sydney. You can find it almost at every shop in Sydney’s Chinatown district. They even own some of the great varieties of macadamia nuts. You can buy them canned, roasted, honey-coated, chocolate-coated or spiced according to your preferences. Macadamia nut’s butter, oil and cream are also available in the market, just that they will cost extra from regular nuts.

8. Emu Oil

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Emu Oil

It might seem weird but this oil is used in Australian culture from thousands of years a medical ailment. Most of the healing ointment, by the Aboriginal Australians, are manufactured from the fat of emus. The oil is used for healing all sorts of skin and joint conditions ranging from eczema to arthritis, rashes and bug stings. This is one of the perfect useful things to buy from Sydney, Australia. Some consider this oil to be very helpful in treating fine lines and wrinkles. Emu oil is anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and anti-microbial in nature so it’s a definite multi-tasker in the medicine usage.

9. Boomerang

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney


Not the filter of Instagram but the idea of that filter is influenced, from this tool which was used as a hunting tool. Just like the filter when the boomerang tool was thrown in any direction it came back to its source. In fact, Boomerang is a symbol of the aboriginal Australian culture. Much like Frisbee, you can take this as a popular souvenir to buy in Sydney. As the unique crescent shape of this tool makes it return to the spot it was thrown away you will never lose this toy as well. They are now typically painted in vibrant colours, using traditional dot painting techniques to spot them from distance. They cost around AU$7.50. 

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10. Ugg Boots

 What to Buy in Sydney, Things to Buy in Sydney

Ugg Boots

If some of you are ‘friends drama fans’ then you might know the iconic boots of Jenner Aniston or ‘Rachel’ are Australian footwear. These are made from the highest quality sheep’s skin known as ‘Ugg boots’. These are warm, comfortable, and are a staple in most Sydney households during the chilly winters. They are commonly intended for inside use only but you can prefer to wear them outside. As, after ‘Rachel’ wore it, Ugg boots have become a fashion statement even outside the house. You must get these famous things to buy in Sydney for once.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions stating the top 10 things to buy from Sydney that are royal, classic and useful as whenever you wonder what is cheapest to buy in Sydney? You can easily follow up as a par list to provide you with a range of products from cheapest to expensive. With intricate items from every section ranging from food to fashionable accessories, you can find anything that is trendy and is super intricate in their designs in Sydney through the above-mentioned list. Follow our other blogs for more engaging info like these and don’t forget to comment in our sections below about what more you would like us to write about?

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